Newcastle is another time to ‘trust the process’

Newcastle is another time to ‘trust the process’ By Sylvester Kwentua

Happy weekend friends. Once again, we have another match day, and another time for us to see if truly ‘the process’ is on course, or just in it’s infant stage. Newcastle, like I have always believed, won’t be an easy game for us, but they are beatable. But what if they become unbeatable on Saturday, would Arsenal still trust the process?

For two years, Arteta has been building his team; he has sold or forced out players who are not a part of his plan, while keeping faith with those he intends using. The players he kept are not really the best of players Arsenal could actually get, but because Arteta deemed it fit to keep these players, he was trusted and allowed to work out a process for the team. The process which Arteta started then, is still in progress, luckily.

When Arsenal was losing games like losing was the usual thing last season, a lot of fans were angry and unhappy with Arteta. The ‘’Arteta out” banners started finding its way into the media, signifying how soon majority of the Arsenal fans wanted Arteta out. Yet, they were told to be patient and trust the process. The process was not a season’s journey, some pro Arteta allies argued. Trusting the process was a thing the fans needed to learn and savour, as the pro-Arteta allies explained then.

In the beginning of this season, Arsenal found themselves earning zero points from three games; losing without scoring a single goal in the process. At that period, a lot of fans had had enough, and were obviously starting to doubt the process that was taking Arteta two years to build. But yet again, they were told by those who believed in Arteta to’ trust the process’, because things were soon going to start clicking for the team. They had no choice than to keep trusting the process.

Then like answers to Arteta and many Arsenal fan’s prayers, things started clicking, and suddenly the process started making sense. Arsenal was winning or becoming unbeatable in games, and to crown it all, their defensive records were getting improved. Alas! The process was making sense right up to when Arsenal lost to Liverpool.

Fortunately, the loss to Liverpool has not altered anything in Arteta’s process so far, but against Newcastle, Arteta will want to win and assure Arsenal fans that his process is still in top gear, and nothing is going to stop Arsenal’s progress. So the question I would like to ask here is, are we ready to trust Arteta and his process?

We are Arsenal and proud.


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  1. Yes we are on track to make the EL.
    Next seven games. End of the first round
    Newcastle (H) Win
    Man U (A) Loss
    Everton (A) Draw
    Southampton (H) Win
    Westham (H) Win
    Leeds (A) Draw
    Norwich (A) Win.
    34 points 4th = place.
    May 68 points 5th/6th place.

  2. Every club and manager operates on a process.. Arsenal is not the only club with “a process” or do you think Solkjaers and Nuno didn’t have a process?

    It’s the ability for a board and some fans to see that the man at the helm is not the right fit for the so call process/project that is the difference

    1. Yes Man U and spurs saw they had the wrong men and sacked them. Our board can clearly see we have the right man in Arteta and that’s why he remains at the helm.

  3. Whatever happens if we end lower than 5th he should be replaced.

    We’ve proven that we can now function as a team a pick up points against most teams.

    Anything less than 5th is a regression and he should go.

    19/20 – 8th
    20/21 – 8th
    21/22 – 5th

    The bar has been very low for MA, time for him to raise it now.

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