Newcastle ready to battle Arsenal for two transfer targets

Newcastle United has flexed its financial muscles in the last two transfer windows and the Magpies want to disrupt the traditional Premier League top four.

Their new Saudi owners and manager Eddie Howe seem like a match made in heaven and the North East outfit could become the next side that buys its way to success like Manchester City.

Newcastle beat Arsenal to sign Bruno Guimaraes a year ago and could sign more stars under the noses of the Gunners in the coming transfer windows.

A report in The Sun reveals Howe’s team holds an interest in Arsenal targets Youri Tielemans of Leicester City and Ivan Fresneda of Real Valladolid.

The Magpies have shown they are not afraid to splash big money on new signings and this makes them a suitor Arsenal should worry about.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arsenal remains one of England’s traditional big clubs and we shouldn’t be afraid of Newcastle in the transfer market.

Although the Magpies are having a very good season, players should still choose a move to the Emirates if we offer them the same terms.

In a bid to buy their way to success, Newcastle could offer some ridiculously high wages and transfer fees, but we must not be tempted to break our wage structure for new signings.

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  1. We really dont need any bidding wars….our most reliable players costed almost nothing compared to what other teams bought, look at oleks(32m), Martinelli(6m), Saliba(27m), Gabriel (22m), Saka(0m) Odegaard (30m), Tomi (18m), KT (25m),ESR 0m, Ramsdale (30m), …..
    Meanwhile Anthony 80m, Lukaku 89m, Lisandro Martinez 52m, Casemiro 70m(30 years), Grealish100m, Mudryk 110m
    We need to maintain our culture of buying cheap players as long as they have potential to excel with great coaching

  2. Newcastle United F.C. could, in theory, purchase every team that played in the 2022 world cup. However, this is not possible due to FFP rules.
    So, they are not going to be in a bid to buy their way to success and they are not going to offer ridiculously high wages or transfer fees for the aforementioned FFP rules.
    We’re you getting confused with Chelsea F.C. 🤔🙃😉🤫

  3. We just need to bid within our financial means and not get dragged into bidding wars that benefit the player, agent, and selling club.

    Fortunately for us we have a young team in ascension, CL football on the horizon, and a legit chance at the title this year, and maybe contending for next several years.

    The project is selling itself with evidence to show it works, so possible transfers can decide between a successful Arsenal or the extra wages in their pockets.

  4. Newcastle haven’t “splashed big money” so far but of course they could. Where players go depends on ambition, whether they will get regular playing time and of course how much salary is on offer.

  5. So proud of Arsenal! Integrity reality and progress “Trust the process” Pep and Arteta do 😎👍

    1. I dare say he’s telling himself that while managing to ignore the fact that the club as it is today was built using Russian money, accumulated via questionable means.

      But people do that, they justify what they want to do over what they should do. Or… maybe he doesn’t care about Russian connections. Who knows.

  6. I felt that we possibly needed an attacking fullback not too dissimilar to where Zinchenko plays but for our right side. So I hope we get this kid as we become more tactically dangerous with another option and another way of playing from the back

  7. Welcome to the future. This is how it will be going forward as the sportswashers increasingly flex their financial muscles over time.

  8. Are Chelsea trying to buy every player that comes available. I really dont get this 8 year contract thing either, it is really blocking them for the future. Massive risk and the owner showing massive naivety. Loving it.

    1. Reggie Be pleased , as a gooner, that thickhead Boehly, is clearly misrunning Chelsea on a grand scale and storing up huge financal problems by buying so many players and on long contracts.

      Think how many players will want out when they are not regularly used but whose values will have withered and how he will have to either accept very little , by selling them, OR continue paying their huge wages for years to come , uselessly and damagingly to Chelsea.

      It could not have happened to a more appropriate club. I am massively pleased that he is ruining them. Only wish he could have done it years , even decades ago!!

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