Newcastle United urged to look at Wenger – they could do a lot worse

Former Newcastle United owner Sir John Hall has urged them to go for a manager like Arsene Wenger after they fired Steve Bruce.

The Magpies have been taken over by a very rich ownership group that hopes to achieve as much success as Manchester City has done in the last decade.

Bruce will likely be replaced by a top manager and as they search for one, Hall believes they could do with someone like Wenger.

He has a lot of respect for the Frenchman who was forced out of the Emirates by Arsenal in 2018 after over 20 years as manager.

Hall says Wenger was an intellectual in the game and that is exactly the kind of manager every club needs now because there has been a lot of changes in the sport.

He recalls having a conversation with Wenger sometime back when they had a game in London.

In a train ride together, he could tell that the Frenchman knows where the game is going.

“If I was looking out for a manager, in my day I had the utmost regard for Arsene Wenger,” he told TalkSport.

“I thought he was an intellectual in the game. The game has changed and you need thinkers for the game.

“I would be looking for someone of the calibre of Arsene Wenger. I travelled on the train with him once when we were playing down in London.

“I had the most interesting conversation with him, he’s just an intellectual and that’s the kind of manager we need – a thinker.

“Someone who knows which way the game is going.”

Sir John knows what makes Newcastle tick, he oversaw a fairly successful period at the club and it has to be said they could do a lot worse than Wenger.

The Frenchman may no longer be ideal for a top job but to bring calmness and serenity to a club that is in the relegation zone and also be an attraction to players, then Wenger could be a good choice, in the short term.

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    1. Who would you put forward as “someone like Arsene Wenger” then Jon?
      I can’t think of anyone else, but I’m sure others can.

      If he gets the Newcastle position, it would be a superb appointment for the club.

      Looking back at how he changed the culture at our club, he would be the ideal choice to begin their journey to the top.

      What a recommendation from Sir John Hall and I know you will agree with everything he says.

      1. NO IDEA AT ALL Ken.
        He is unique and there is no one like him. But I heard the actual words Sir John spoke on TALKSPORT AND I KNOW THIS ARTICLE CHOOSES TO MISREPRESENT WHAT WAS ACTUALLY SAID.

        IMO there is zero chance of both AW EVER BEING OFFERED OR EVER ACCEPTING THAT JOB.

  1. maybe they’re looking to build a new stadium…if so, I can’t think of a better candidate(lol)

  2. I would be curious to see what kind of team arsene would build with hundreds of millions. Though I would probably hate to see him on newcastle bench..

  3. I was wondering for clubs without european football like newcastle, wouldnt ffp not apply? I mean there would be no effect if say they ban NU from european football for 1-2 seasons

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