Newcastle v Arsenal Player Ratings – Definitely no MOTM

Arsenal’s fifth League away defeat in a row seems to have surprised everyone, but isn’t that just the norm nowadays? How can our home form be so good but be totally rubbish on the road?

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here are my ratings…

Cech – 5
He blamed defensive errors but could have done better himself

Chambers – 6
Our best defender in the game and he even had 3 shots. The same as PEA and Laca!

Mustafi – 3
Our great hopes in the German international seem to have been misfounded. Too many mistakes consistently

Holding – 5
The youngster probably needs more games to find some form. disappointing so far

Monreal – 4
Not his usual consistent self and hardly got forward either

Xhaka – 6
His passing is getting better but he only looked good in fits and starts

Elneny – 5
Our best passer on the day, but not up to his usual standard

Willock – 5
Not bad for his start but missed a sitter and faded away after the break

Iwobi – 6
A standard performance i.e. Not as bad as usual. In fact one of his best!

Lacazette – 6
Great goal and should have had another if he hadn’t erroneously passed to Willock

Aubameyang – 6
Didn’t score for a change but a brilliant assist for our only goal

Subs too late as usual N/A


  1. Trudeau says:

    Mustafi does my head in. He’s a German international so clearly can play but virtually every game for Arsenal he has at least three brain farts where he watches players run circles around him and then flaps his arms when something bad happens.. If he could cut out those mental lapses he’d be quality but I’ve got no confidence he can. Remind me what Steve Bould does…

    1. jon fox says:

      Uncle Bouldy? Why, he sits with a glum face on the bench next to a man he doesn’t like or speak to and the feeling is mutual. And he gets well paid for doing “all this work” Then he goes home., to count his money and gloat how rich he is Great scam , isn’t it! Almost as good as the one Walcott perpetuated on us for twelve years, courtesy of the man Bould never talks to. Watch other top clubs and notice how their managers and coaches communicate. Then watch ours. Now weep and feel suicidal!

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Hey jon any contacts to get me a gig like Steve Bould’s got, please?

      2. Ozziegunner says:

        Admin I think it is wrong to slate Lacazette for playing in Willock (into a clear scoring opportunity and in better position) rather than shooting for goal himself. It ia team game after all and the criticism should be of Willock for fluffing the chance.
        From my perspective Arsenal have missed many scoring opportunities this season, because players have, due to selfishness or lack of vision/awareness, shot on goal rather than passing to a team mate. Iwobi in particular has been guilty of this.

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    wheres wilshere, ramsay, ozil, mkhi kos amd bellerin?

    this look like our league cup teaml

    1. Sony says:

      sums up our team in PL now.

    2. Shinoda says:

      Were they not on the other lost away matches? Stop being ridiculous with your childish excuses.

  3. Phil says:

    How about a 10/10 for the 3000 travelling fans who despite watching the expected collapse against an obviously inferior team continue to follow ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB on their travels.This is despite the majority of games being played on a Sunday due to Europa League fixtures on a Thursday.The fans were supporting the TEAM ON THE PITCH until the very end.The Manager and Owner did not quite receive that same support.I wonder why.

    1. jon fox says:

      I seriously wonder how much longer these devoted, wonderful and woefully treated fans will continue enjoying being masochists? I am deadly serious and cannot conceive that ALL these fans will go on paying out big money for all away trips, when you include, as you need to, ALL the travel expenses, food, drink, programmes etc. And for what? For regular kicks in the teeth from the club they are besotted about. Even a worm turns eventually and battered wives who live with a brutal monster eventually either leave or perish. These guys are not fools. They have good brains but their sheer passion for the CLUB OF THEIR HEART overcomes all this brutal treatment the club dish out EVERY away game. But nothing in life lasts for ever. Our home games are now regularly half empty but they include fairweather fans, tourists and corporate jolly types. When the AWAY DIEHARDS, stop going, the lifeblood is dying. We all know the overnight solution that will instantly revive the club. What the hell are they waiting for? The death of Arsenal FC?

      1. Phil says:

        JF -I believe the overwhelming majority now go IN SPITE OF WENGER and not BECAUSE OF HIM.We all know his time is up.The day cannot come soon enough.But like me the Away support will still be there for the final few games.We follow our TEAM.Always will.Over Land and Sea(and Leicester).

        1. jon fox says:

          I just hope you can speak for all the diehard away fans Phil. But Our worries will soon be over. Personally I wrote off this season in early September. I have always flattered myself that I see weaknesses very early. Indeed, I saw in company with many others, the inability of Wenger to continue managing our club in the way it deserves,as far back as 2007 and have been, boringly, saying so ever since on various forums. I also saw Walcotts congenital weakness of character and fight after a mere handful of games even though he was still very young. I know through my own life experience that character and guts do NOT suddently descend on you at a given age, be that 18, 23 or 28. You either have it in your nature or you do NOT. I clearly saw that way back then and have been, again boringly, saying so ever since! Why is a so called “Professor” paid so much obscene money only to see nothing of our weaknesses and woes ever since? I can only think of this as corruption, albeit legal, but certainly moral corruption by those above who pay him, indulge him and are thus complicit.

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            As I stated in a previous post, after the shambolic performance against Newcastle, the really dispicable act was Wenger, Bould and all the players bar Holding disappearing down the tunnel as quick as they could.
            A big thumbs up to the 3000 travelling fans and Rob Holding. A big thumbs down to the “manager”, “assistant” and the rest of the overpaid prima donna pussies supposedly representing the Arsenal.

  4. Nayr says:

    Motm were the gooners who travelled.loyal guys who didnt deserve the nonsense that was played.

    also please start AUBAMEYANG as the CF.
    he is our best striker.

  5. jon fox says:

    I would like to know exactly WHAT Mustafi did to earn any marks whatever , let alone three?

  6. Chairman Gallant says:

    Who ever did this ratings probably did not watch that match .How can you give Cech 5 and Chambers 6?.I will give both of them 1 at the best. As for Mustafii, no comments.. The truth is that Arsenal need a complete clear out at the back, together with that joker of a goal tender. If Wenger put that guy between the post versus Atletico ( which he probably will), then it is goodbye to the Europa cup.

  7. Lupe says:

    Mustafi is the worst type of center back you can have. No composure, can’t read the game properly, dives in for the tackle every time even when it is not needed, makes silly errors when making vertical passes, plays the blame game even when he is at fault. We need two center backs in the summer if we are serious of top four let alone challenging for the title. But if wenger stays, it wouldn’t even matter and it will shpw he doesn’t care about the club and fans.

  8. John Wick says:

    Absolute shambolic performance keeping possession and creating nothing as usual not even a shot on target in the 2nd half.. taking the lead and then blowing it as usual and Wenger comes out and says our away form is a bit worrying.. what’s worrying is that he’s still in a 9 million quid a year job when this team has been declining for years the same mistakes, old mistakes, new mistakes, new unwanted records and now we’re a joke amongst rival fans! Any big club would have moved the manager on after an 8-2 defeat but not arsenal football club we get slaughtered 6-0, 6-3 5-0, 5-1 twice against Bayern Munich and might I add not an awesome Bayern team by any stretch of the imagination.. yet this so called manager is still manager with an increased salary! The only credit I give Wenger is he’s managed to get a pay rise whilst failing miserably in his job the man is a miracle! He’ll tell us next that the club can’t compete with Burnley but we must stick together ?

  9. ks-gunner says:

    10 for Wenger for being very consistent in the things he does.

    As for Mustafi the problem with him is that he is not a bio German, but only plays for them. People where he comes from do not have the right mentality. I can always confirm this when i see him play. Whenever something goes wrong, instead of self reflecting and trying to do better, he fakes injuries, or he looks at fault at other, as he doesn’t recognize his mistakes ever. In mind he thinks that he already has reached superstar status due of him being part of the winning world cup side, which he was part of, only bec Reus got injuried late, and by luck he was chosen to be part of it.

    Stubborn, and to overconfident. A typical Albanian trait. We need to sell him as soon as possible, or get a manager who understands how to shows him his place in the team. Till then he will continue causing misfortune. Enjoy!

    1. Trudeau says:

      ClearLyn I don’t know as many Albanians as you do so to put nationality aside for the moment, I do think there is a very good player in there somewhere (and he has shown it in spurts) but don’t think we will see it at Arsenal. Whatever the opposite of “minimal requirement is maximum effort”(Dyche’s motto) is Arsene’s approach.

  10. Sony says:

    How Chambers get 6 is beyond me. He literally jogged back every time he lost possesion and gave ball to opposition. If he was our best defender on pitch why subbing him ? Resting him for Europa or what ????? Even old blind Wenger saw it.

    I am not saying he do not have potential, but god beste defender that game hahah…….

  11. Grandad says:

    Mustafi was a German international but no longer is.Chambers is not a right back and never will be yet Wenger played him while Maitland Niles warmed the bench?.Czech and Monreal were internationals but no longer are.I feel sorry for young Holding having to play with has-beens.Is it any wonder he seems nervous?I assume Wenger does not rate Kolasinac?Will be be moved on?What a shambles.

  12. xhaka16 says:

    for me i do think holding was the best defender on the pitch come to think of it why did wenger sub chambers??

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