Newcastle v Arsenal preview – Feeling confident….

On the face of it you would put Arsenal´s trip to face Newcastle United in the early kick-off down as three points in the bank for the Gunners. Not only do we have a fantastic record against the Magpies in recent years, with seven wins and two draws from the last nine meetings, but Newcastle´s record at home in 2015 is pretty shocking as well, with just two wins.

But things might not be quite so cut and dried as all that, even though our away form is much better than our home form. For one thing, Arsenal are struggling to find the fluency and threat that was so evident from us in the second half of last season. That same cut and thrust saw Arsenal win every game in pre-season, including a first ever win for Arsene Wenger over his tormentor-in-chief Jose Mourinho.

But for whatever reason, that form has been elusive and if we do not find it tomorrow, the home side could increase the pain for Arsenal fans. With a new manager in Steve McLaren and coming off the back of a battling performance that earned a draw with Man United at Old Trafford, followed by them putting four past Northampton in the League Cup, Newcastle are already looking a different team.

Add to that the doubts over the fitness of both of our first choice centre backs and all of a sudden this banker win is looking like a potential banana skin for Wenger and his players. I would not expect any more changes to the starting XI, as I think the boss will want his team to gel and sticking with them is the best way for that to happen.

Despite him looking a bit rusty, Giroud will start as his record against Newcastle is better than against any other club. Walcott´s is also good but I see him being saved as a super sub. Ozil, Ramsey and Cazorla are creating chances and Alexis Sanchez is nearing full match sharpness all the time, so we should still feel confident.


Newcastle have just one injury doubt in Sissoko, so I expect roughly the same team that played last weekend, perhaps with their new signing Thauvin coming in after starring in midweek.

I think we will get an open and exciting game and as long as we can find some sharpness in front of goal, I can see Arsenal winning by 3-1.

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  1. We are willing to take a gamble.

    Evweryone thinks that means spending big on a big name player and hope he continues his good form in epl.

    What Wenger means by gamble is, going to the last day and see if we can find anyone that becomes available.

      1. even though Wenger is a cabbage I don’t expect his magic to fail on such teams like confident that we will win at 3 against 1 for them..but who cares about Wenger? I care for AFC and pray that we get 3points tomorrow..about MR.Bean, even if we win 26-0,Wenger out

    1. we keep hearing shits like……..ARSENAL ALL SMILES IN TRAINING………. Carzola scores a free kick from 30yrds in training………… But at the competitive Level, there’d be no fight and grit……. They are a shadow of their actual self …….Rubbish!

  2. Cech
    Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal

    Coquelin Ramsey/Cazorla

    Ox/Walcott Ozil Alexis

    If Wenger plays Ramsey ahead of Ox/Theo and Mertesaker ahead of Gabriel the I hope he dies.

  3. Is “Super Sub: a politically correct way of saying , “Not good enough to start”.

    Is difficult to explain why you would pay a guy 140k per week and start him in either his best position, or the position that he fantasizes about. I think Giroud will start at CF because he really is this the only CF that we have. Not WC or anything but a pretty good CF. TW is not.

    1. I don’t know about you guys but I am already in high spirits for the season. 😀 😀
      Gear up folks it will be an enthralling, exciting and turbulent season in the race for the 4TH place trophy.
      But I am sure we will come out 4TH and victorious at the end of the race.
      To my idol, Wenger, thank you for another great season. 😀

      From your faithfully,
      AKB K-ool.

  4. Pretty sure we’ll beat Newcastle. Probably reasonably comfortably. We always bounce back after poor results so they’re forgotten about, and because they’re forgotten the problems aren’t addressed, and because the problems aren’t addressed it happens again. Transfer situation is beyond a joke now.

  5. If Wenger plays Ramsey out of position again while leaving Walcott/Ox on the bench I will scream!!!

    I can understand Wenger wanting Ramsey on the pitch – he is an awesome player, and Arsenal are still a decent team even with the disrupted formation, but not a great team we all want to see.

    No single player is more important than the club as a whole. If Wenger wants Ramsey on the pitch, fine – he will then need to sacrifice/rest another player (Cazorla/Ozil) through some kind of rotation system.

    Best Attack 6:

    Coq – Cazorla or Ramsey (not both).
    Ox – Ozil – Sanchez
    Walcott or Giroud up front (you decide).

    1. I’d go…


      See how we’re doing at half. Give Walcott and Cazorla a good chunk of time (25 + minutes) if things aren’t going well.

      Prediction: 2-1 Arsenal.

  6. Strikers: higuain , cavani, icardi , alcacer ,reus are the only class strikers that could be available ,two of them are highly unlikely though

    Dmf: wanyama ( has put in a transfer request ) , witsel , lars bender

  7. My prediction: newcastle0-Arsenal4. Walcott to score 2, Sanshez to score 1 and the Ox to be brought down in the 18yard box and Cazorla to calmly score the Penalty. Ozil with Two assist, sanchez with 1 and le-cog to get his first Arsenal assist. Then on Monday Arsenal confirms the signing of the-LIoN(Cavani)! COYG.

    1. Newcastle 5 arsenal 0 Wenger to be fired Klopp in on deadline day and Arsenal sign Krychowiak and Benzema.

  8. Wonder why during the start of a season’, we don’t win games convincingly. The fans are always tensed when watching games even when we play teams that we expect to defeat comfortably….

    Anyway, Hopefully we defeat Newcastle 2:0 in a tense game.

    1. We need a New stadium…….. Sell it off to the spuds or some other bidder…….double the price……Buy Wembley or build somthing New at Highbury………. Sick of the “Emirates” #DreamTaLk#

    1. @FT…….there’s no bright side to be looked at…….We are in the Dark with uncle Wenger!

  9. “NewcastLe fans have it far worse than we do” ………. For a side which claims to be a Top four European team comparable to a Mid/bottom tabLe team …….. Should i call the Para-medic sir?

  10. In overall terms, is Ramsey a better footballer than either Oxlade-Chamberlain or Theo Walcott? I would like to have your opinions.

    1. Yes, he is in my opinion. That’s not to say he is a more dangerous attacking threat. He is a better passer and defender than Theo. He is a better passer and better shooting than Ox. But the two wingers have better pace, and Ox is the better dribbler. Its a difficult one as it all depends on your needs ..and what sort of opposition they face.

      1. maybe we can put ramsey at false 9. what if giroud wasnt in front of ramsey? we have to learn to play w/o giroud. sanchez on L, ox on R. ozil behind.

    2. @Twig
      I think AR is less disciplined than both TW & AOC. I think Ramsey is the more “adventurous” of the 3, with a better vision of play…

      1. Only because he has now been given the license to get more forward…. Put him back in central midfield and tell him to do his basics, he will show us what he really is…

  11. A large part of our excellent second half season ending was down to how good our away form is ..or was. It’s a real shame that our home form is struggling as we seriously have had the type of away form you would associate with champions. Goes without saying but Ill say anyway that I am praying our away form stays intact. Then if we can sort out this home turf prob well that can only be a good thing. I’m still very nervous all the same, very fine line between looking much better off / to a total disaster.

    1. the solution to the packing teams are doing versus us at home is to play wide and not always go thru giroud (too predictable, too clogged)
      dont keep doing what you’re doing . (insanity). use a false 9, or 2 CFs or walcott as CF at home.

  12. You “moan merchants” should start a “Wenger out” blog and go there to circle jerk each other. Take your sad, weak and negative mentalities elsewhere…

    1. Indeed hahahah, maybe then they can blow off stram and ome back with ss pessimism.
      Hey NY, Yankees or Mets? Giants or Jets?

    2. @NY really NY I thought of all the AKBs you had some class. I guess not.

      The Arsenal board, and Arsene are happy with mediocracy. An FA cup here, a third place there, etc.
      If we had the history of Spurs, i guess most fans would be like you happy with the outcome, but we are ARSENAL, this team were invincible, now we are struggling between 3rd and 4th place for the last decade. Not good enough for me, and not good enough for most of us.

      You and your kind, who for some strange reason are happy with the transfers and the tactics and the results are a tiny minority, so why dont you all get together in one of your dorm rooms and circle jerk each other.


      1. Hahahahaha…..yea they circle jerk…….and circumvent arnd emselves like crows or hawks arnd a rising smoke from a burning pig!

      2. @JimBeam
        You got all the buzz words in order, but you still wind up sound weak and impotent with a touch of negative thrown in…
        Keep hope alive though.

        1. Whatever turns you on.

          Never forget though, acceptance of ones fate and mediocracy is what makes one weak and impotent.

          By accepting everything, you are the weak and impotent and to be honest brainless moron who thinks doing more of the same will have a different result.

          And hope my moronic friend, hope dies last…

          Enjoy sucking Wenger’s limp old c*ck all night _Cheers

    1. Yea……..Beat NewcastLe and feel Like a god!……… When it comes to the likes of chelshit, manure, citeh or pool….. Fret and pee in ur p*nts!

      1. you mean the Chelsea we beat less tan a month ago? or is it Pedro the only difference that will do it?
        Wait he scored vs who? any of the list above?..

        Pool who we just played and won even if the lineman was a red?….

        Manure….meh…citeh….the only one that can be

  13. Transfer window will close in 4 days and the rumours of players coming in is slowly going away. I have given up on wenger long time ago and now he is proving me right that he is not good enough for us.

  14. I am Still hopeful that Wenger will get us great signings by Tuesday ie. Cavani, Benzema, Lewandowski, Ibrahimovic, Reus, Greizmann, Draxler, Krychowiak, Bender, Carvalho, Wyanama

    Not Cheryshev, Blaszczycovich, Kokorin, Llorente unless it’s an additional

  15. If Wenger doesn’t sign any top players, I will heavily criticise him for a few days then concentrate completely on our season (until January).

  16. In as much as um not an AKB…. l just think we Gunners fans are getting obsessed with signings…. It’s painful to see yo team getting beat by Worst Ham l know…. But hear this…. We ended first weekend right at the bottom…. let’s rally behind our team…. That was a good Omen…..

  17. I don’t know why everyone seems to think that we will beat Newcastle away in a EARLY kick off! ?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we are 3nil down within the first 15 minutes!
    Especially if wenger starts with the same team as the last game.

    1. I think we’ll win because we have world class wingers like Aaron Ramsey *cough cough* on our team.

  18. Hope they are not over confident. This is a game I expect Arsenal to win, but it won’t be easy.

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