Newcastle v Arsenal Review – Gunners make extra man count!

Arsenal started off in brilliant style and Newcastle had great trouble even getting a touch on the ball. Theo Walcott had a few promising chances in the first half, but most of the action came from the referee’s card pocket!

Sissoko was the first in the book and Newcastle came close to more yellows until Aleksandar Mitrovic was sent off for a clear stamp after just 16 minutes. Arsenal carried on the control but Mbemba and Thauvin were both given yellows in the next ten minutes, and we had a clear penalty ungiven when Bellerin was scythed down in the box.

Krul responded well to the Arsenal pressure and despite all the possession the Gunners couldn’t make the extra man count and we went in to the break at 0-0.

Just five minutes into the second half and Newcastle had already picked up two more yellow cards curtesy of Anita and Wijnaldum, while Cazorla was given a consolation booking for the Gunners!

Finally Arsenal’s pressure paid off but there was a smidgeon of luck when Coloccini turned Chamberlain’s cross/shot into his own net in the 52nd minute. The Gunners kept on attacking and Krul stopped shots from Sanchez, Ramsey, The Ox and Cazorla until Wenger decided to switch the tired Walcott to bring on Giroud, who scored four goals against Newcastle just last season. Sanchez seemed to increase his energy levels and came close a couple of times, and Cazorla had a long range free kick easily saved by Krul.

Arteta came on for the Ox with ten minutes to go to shore up a defence that shouldn’t have needed it if the strikers had done their job better. As the commentator said, Petr Cech could have brought a book with him and despite the Newcastle fans chanting “1-0 to the referee” Arsenal fully deserved the three points.

They could have been a bit more convincing though…..

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  1. vish says:

    Lacklustre win thanks to a deflection. Barely scraping it. Felt like a training ground game.
    Walcott offers us NOTHING up front. Against physical teams he is zilch. There is no point providing crosses to him. That does NOT mean giroud is good. Out of the two i would pick Giroud anyday but. Atleast he took some shots when he came on.
    We couldn’t score an open play goal against a team with 10 players for like 70 mins.
    We need a striker who is mobile and has a physical presence too.
    Having said that sissoko and wijnadlum would be perfect back ups to Coquelin.

    Note- Saw Santi getting white hair today. It’s inevitable that we need to sign a long term replacement for him next summer. Arsene better start looking at options now. Isco perhaps?

    1. muffdiver says:

      top 4 is gonna be tough- we should do it tho.
      same as every season, pretty football but not ruthless

      1. muda says:

        MATCH REPORT: 3 points, Clean sheet, need STRIKER. #COYG

        1. kenyanfan says:

          this West Ham is nuts. West Ham 2-Liverpool 0…27th minute

        2. kenyanfan says:

          this westbrom is rotten..stoke city (2red cards..Affally and C.Adams .got 59%bp while westbrom got 41

          1. immanuel says:

            Lol, just when we thought newcastle were the new rugby team, all of a sudden stoke proove them wrong

        3. kenyanfan says:

          morinho struggles against managers who their names start with a P! pooh…liverfools are loosing this

      2. sevenitti says:

        Quiet frankly: the football Arsenal have displayed this season (CS + PL) has not been pretty either. Wenger has regress far too much from his era with the invincibles.

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      WENGER OUT!WENGER OUT! WENGER OUT!………..OuT with ur Boring Football

      1. Charlie Nick says:

        not sure what you mean….

        1. Darlingbudsofarse says:

          Let me spell it out to you what he means, “WENGER OUT”! I hope you get it now thicko!

          1. Charlie Nick says:

            haha you don’t do irony do you?

          2. FT says:

            Irony – he probably thinks it’s some sort of rusty mental

      2. luvdaguns says:


      3. johnsouttar says:

        Boring post my friend. We overwhelmed Newcastle and 3 valuable points swept us up the table. Meanwhile at half time Chelsea and City are struggling against Crystal Palace and Watford while Liverpool are being pasted by West Ham. Are they screaming for their managers to be removed? And who do you want to replace Arsene? You do not say. The goals will come but we really need our fans to support us not attack and undermine as soon as an opportunity arises. If you are a fan that is.

    3. gamer says:

      dont forget giroud miss 1v1 in the last min its routine for the donkey

      1. Kay123 says:

        AT LEAST GIROUD SHOOTS!!! Either way Giroud and walcott both are not good enough,,, THEO HAD 8 TOUCHES IN THE WHOLE OF THE SECOND HALF AND 10 IN THE FIRST,,, ?!?!?!

        1. Kay123 says:

          Walcott always either gets Shoved off the ball or panics and becomes erratic when he gets a chance,, tooo INCONSISTENT!

          1. muffdiver says:

            it really bugs me how everyone is so nasty to giroud an keep saying theo is better as cf- an everytime he shows hes not
            hes had so many chances to prove it- hes no cf

            giroud is first choice this season unless wenger buys

          2. Kay123 says:

            Agreed. Giroud is a striker, Theo is not. His best bet scoring when he drifts in from a wider position into the box, the CB’s are focused on Giroud and enables Walcott to poach a goal.

        2. Kay123 says:

          till he came off late on*

        3. Jim A says:

          One is on £140 a week the other£130. Don’t see adding another at £150.

      2. seancali says:

        Theo missed an empty net. It was an unbelievable miss. Theo was shiiiiiiit. At least giroud was more involved when he came on. I know its sad but giroud is the best striker we got.Gabriel was great today. Great partnership between the boss and gabi.. All around happy with the win. It’s the 3 points that count

      3. tatgooner says:

        we should have lost the game i really pity newcastle.if this goes on we will surely lose
        8 0to chelsea
        5 0to manure
        9 0 to man city
        5 0 to looserpool
        and for the first time ever we shall recieve a hefty beating from bayern 12 0
        no top 4 this time round
        no progressing to the group stage of champions league
        only sanchez cech and coquelin have passion in the team the rest should just kindly leave

    4. Honest Opinion says:

      Our finishing is a big big concern.20 shots and 1 own goal…….I mean that is ridiculous…….Without a top striker we be pathetic like this.

      1. YingYang69 says:

        WTF, last week our keeper puts in a great performance and everybody slated the crap out of us in here even though we could or should have won that game, but everyone went on about liv chances. This week it is the other teams keeper who put in one hell of a performance but yous are not going on about all of our chances, typical catch twenty two with you guys ..damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

        Enough with the over the top insults’s beneath us. Our away form or on this occasion results is the stuff of champions.

        1. muffdiver says:

          agree about the insults 100% bro
          our results away are good, they were last year also

          but stuff of champions haha not quite

    5. galaxygooner says:

      This team needs a total overhaul.
      A poor West Ham had us
      Crystal palace should have at least earn a point
      And a poor Newcastle , even with a man down , made it look like they had 10 men on the pitch .
      We need
      2 midfielders
      1 striker
      And a DM .

      I am discounting Ramsey and Wilshere . Theo should accept a role on the wing or be shipped out . Ideally , the ox deserves to go on loan for a season.
      Ramsey and Wilshere are not going to win you the league or champions league . There are barely better that Jon Jo shelvey and Ross Barkley.

    6. rd_gunner says:

      I think you nailed it. Watching both of them is such a pain. they have to be the 2 worst strikers in the PL. God forbid – an injury to Sanchez and we will struggle to make it for 4th.

      It’s over! with De Bryune, Man City has all but sealed much quality all around !

      Arsenal just does not seem to have the quality to challenge the top sides!

      4th and CL pre-quarters exit! same story. Did not want to be negative but watching the game today; the players look disinterested , no drive no passion..just knocking the ball around and waiting for things to happen. How I miss Arsenal of old.

    7. usama afc says:

      How i missed ozil today, wld have torn up the defence, dis is the silent importance of r MO11

  2. Greg says:

    3away points i’ll take it!

    1. kenyanfan says:

      this is funny… we can’t even score a goal against ten ? since the season began its four games and arsenal players are yet to score.benefiting from own goals
      poor..Wenger out
      every one can see we need a striker

  3. Mick The Gooner says:

    Arsenal goals this season:
    Arsenal players: 1
    Other teams’ players: 2

    Rubbish. But let’s kick on.

    1. muffdiver says:

      someone should make a counter of how many poor games we have a season compared to good games-

      last 3 years… the ratio was around 80-20 (poor-good)
      game changers is why we won games, last year sanchez, before then ramsey.

      for all of you expecting us to suddenly become this cuthroat vicious team…be patient

  4. juhislihis says:

    Pathetic display. Gutless.

    75 minutes against 10 men and 1 own goal to show for it. Defence was great, especially Gabriel. What a player.

    We can add RW to our buying list, OX looks like Championship player. Walcott was useless, so was Giroud.

    So summa summarum, we need a ST, DM and a RW.

    4th place trophy here we come.

    1. muffdiver says:

      ox is ruthless, not his best game, but compare him to theo…exactly
      i rate ox, put all money down that he an sanchez will be our go to players this season
      gabriel proving wenger again he is a first team player not mert

    2. KickAssFan says:

      It’s not easy to score a team when they are one man down. When we are a man down, you expect us to defend very well and make things tight at the back; well that’s what every other team does. Personally, I can’t complain about how we played, I only wish we could be shooting more often from outside the box

      1. Lethal Prince 9 says:

        Finally some logical reasoning….

    3. juhislihis says:

      Oh but I have to say Marriner was great. Didn’t take any shite from the Toon players, great stuff.

      1. GoonerG1 says:

        If anything he was too lenient. Newcastle tried to play rugby.

        1. YingYang69 says:

          For once the official protected our players, it sickens me when you here other teams and ex players say that when you play Arsenal you should kick them. It’s about time refs realised this tactic is hardly what you call fair play. Well done Marriner, maybe next time players will challenge with the intent to only win the ball.

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    MAN OF THE MATCH : The Toons

    Shame on u WENGER!……..Shameee!

    1. Tidan2 says:

      Yeah, I wish our team would get 6 deserved yellows and a red and then manage one shot on goal straight at the opposing goalkeeper in 90 minutes in a home match.

  6. gooner4ever says:

    And again an unconvincing perfomance, don’t know what’s wrong with the lads.
    Hope now you all can see how vital Özil is to our game.
    1 goal and 2 own-goals in 4 games. Our finishing is really bad!!

  7. Dan.M says:

    Can’t even score against 10man Newcastle

    Need a striker desperately

    In the last minute what on earth was giroud trying .. Walcott finishing is poor

    Need a striker with qualities of both but a striker hwk can actually finish is the most important .. How we going to fare without 1 in the big games in the CL and bpl

    Not optimistic this seaso. .. We are going to grind thru it .. Haven’t played attractive football with a convincing win in years

  8. Shah of Arsenal says:

    It’s like we had, 11 artetas on the field… So much sideways passing ultimately leading to nothing

  9. fred cowardly says:

    A win is a win and 3 points. I will take it.
    I am ALWAYS Happy when we win, especially an away match at Newcastle which is always notoriously difficult

    Walcott isn’t a CF. He is a winger
    Enough experimentation.
    Just sign a Top CF…….PLEASE

  10. RWRW says:

    I would personally sack Wenger on the spot purely for not signing a striker! If he doesn’t see how lightweight we are in terms of Centre forward, he is absolutely no way the right man to lead Arsenal anymore. He should be ashamed of himself for not addressing this problem sooner.

    1. Bigvalbowski says:

      I really hope to be wrong and will eat a lifetime of crow if I’m wrong but I cant wait for the excuses from Le Frog when the transfer closes and Cech is the only notable addition.

      “Top, top players are very difficult to sign in any window…..
      Vidal to Bayern
      Sterling & DeBryne to City
      Somebody to Chelsea
      Martinez to Atletico

      “We are working around the clock for only top, top players…
      No bid for Cavani or Benzema
      Wanyama, Bender, Krchowiak all potentially

      “I’m content with our attacking options this year…
      Walcott not a striker
      Giroud has his moments but just not good enough
      Campbell never plays
      Chamberlin doesn’t score enough
      Ozil never shoots
      Santi shoots but rarely scores

      Hey Wenger STFU and spend some of OUR money or get the F out of our beloved club.

      1. tegh7 says:

        More power to you fellow gunner!

  11. Uzi Ozil says:

    Newcastle haven’t defeated Arsenal @ their home since 2005. First time Chamberlin and Walcott started a game together in two yrs. Walcott gets into good positions but isn’t clinical. Giroud is still the best striker we have. We need a striker as teams love sitting deep against us… Own goal is our top scorer, we shud give him a new contract… (LOL) glad we got the 3pts anyway!

  12. Greg says:

    Win ugly or not this time around its by any means possible!

  13. Arsenalover says:

    Dear Wenger
    You can’t turn a donkey into a horse
    bring Striker

    1. muffdiver says:

      ffs leave giroud alone.

      why does theo get a free pass- 140,000 a week and a guaranteed shot as a cf-big time charlie walcott


      1. KickAssFan says:

        I’ve been asked to give a spade a name. Well, it is what it is: a spade. Walcott cannot play as Arsenal’s striker.

      2. Bigvalbowski says:

        Well said muff,

        Why does Golden Boy Theo get a free pass and Giroud bears all the blame for Arsenals attacking deficiencies?

        Neither is good enough and quite frankly its embarrassing and sadly not surprising that a futbol club like Arsenal spends $270K a week on these two to lead the line.

        1. tegh7 says:

          Sentiments shared; truly baffling!

      3. RSH says:

        Who is giving Theo a free pass? He’s a crappy striker and everyone knows it.

  14. Demwan Jones says:

    Pathetic display, oh and giroud missed a sitter too. Wenger get us a striker or we are finished, 3 goals in 4 games with 2 as own goals

  15. YuukiShindouGoArsenal says:

    Pathetic win…
    red card from 16″
    1 given goal…

    This is 4th place winner team force… LOL
    Giroud can’t even make a goal from that last chance, showing how world class he is by wenger logic…

    How we’re gonna win against big bus at chelsea’s station this way….

  16. Twig says:

    That was champions stuff from Arsenal – NOT!

    MOTM: Tim Krul

  17. guardian of the emirates says:

    Have we scored up to 10 goals? WE WON’T WIN ANYTHING IF WE DON’T SCORE.. The season so far has been disappointing.

  18. ThirdManJW says:

    Obviously the result is the most important thing, but another really poor performance today, and against 10 men! No tempo and desire from almost anyone today. Still so many worrying signs going into the rest of season.

    I’ve said this a lot, but Walcott isn’t an option as a striker and more proof of that today. Giroud did his usual of messing up an easy chance. We badly need another striker.

    I thought Gabriel played really well. I pray Wenger doesn’t drop him as soon as Merteacker’s back. I don’t think we’ve ever lost when Gabriel’s played.

  19. Twig says:

    MOTM: Tim Krul

    Champion’s stuff from Arsenal


  20. Bosco says:

    How many shots do we need to score. if wenger don’t buy a striker at the end of transfer market then he deserves to called a specialist in failure.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      50 shots and probably 1 own goal to score…..

  21. evans says:

    so Chamberlain doesn’t know how to apply breaks.

    Jesus,,,,,,,wat is wrong with these English guys.

    No hard feelings.

  22. sam-afc says:

    Great way to start the weekend with a win!!
    But however there’s no hiding away from the fact, Oliver Giroud has scored our ONLY goal this season….. We need to start scoring goals now.

  23. gooner100 says:

    A win is a win. Totally dominant away from home. Ox and Gab got game time and the formation looked good. Blant pen. One shot against us in the entire game. On another day we’d have knocked in at least three. Well done AFC. Gooners….you need to start getting behind the team this is going to be a crap site if your gonna keep whining all season.

    1. muffdiver says:

      whats the point being dominant if its onfront of there defenders-
      we kept the ball against 10 men like it was a training match.

      we need to be ruthless-were saving this every game .

    2. RSH says:

      on another day we’d have knocked in 3… yeah a day where we played well! If you think today was good enough you are as deluded as our manager. Easy chances went missing, and the majority of our possession was useless. We got lucky with the goal as well. Not Arsenal standard at all. You are part of the problem actually for accepting mediocre performances like this. Some of us want to actually challenge for the title. 10 men for 75+ minutes and only 2 clear chances. Walcott’s and Giroud’s, both missed. Ox’s a half chance that wouldve been off target originally. Far from good enough.

  24. Softsteve says:

    It’s a shame Arsenal can no longer win matches without own goals.

  25. Mortall says:

    Arsenal needs 4 good quality players to Challenge for a major trophy. Getting a striker won’t solve the problem cause what i see in arsenal team is just bunch of average players.

    1. galaxygooner says:

      Gazidis and Kroenke’s men are giving you the thumbs down.

  26. evans says:

    so Chamberlain doesn’t know how to apply breaks.

    Jesus,,,,,,,wat is wrong with these English guys.

    No hard feelings. hmmmm. I don’t no wat to say about Walcott.

  27. andre88 says:

    to be honest
    man of the match : candidate 1 : referee candidate 2: ramsey

    im glad today arsenal perform all out , no burden , good to watch, not playing target man strategy, some mf/winger try shoot long range. all player is good to watch .
    but still im sad there is lack of confidence on attacking. its just like not sure who to pass, still need more response when balls crossed from side. and
    need more attention because they still have bad finishing either walcot or giroud predictable!!!

    even our goal stated as collocini OG , so sad.
    But yes we STILL NEED a striker with superb finishing , for me im missing and would to like someone with Gabriel Batistuta hardwork,pace,skills,and superb shot+finishing Hahahaha.
    and a CDM too, to backuping Coquelin, i saw before game ended , Coq feel very hurt , like having trouble in his leg/foot ( i hope not)

    hope new striker and cdm before windows closed

  28. andre88 says:

    to be honest
    man of the match : candidate 1 : referee candidate 2: ramsey

    im glad today arsenal perform all out , no burden , good to watch, not playing target man strategy, some mf/winger try shoot long range. all player is good to watch .
    but still im sad there is lack of confidence on attacking. its just like not sure who to pass, still need more response when balls crossed from side. and
    need more attention because they still have bad finishing either walcot or giroud predictable!!!

    even our goal stated as collocini OG , so sad.
    But yes we STILL NEED a striker with superb finishing , for me im missing and would to like someone with Gabriel Batistuta hardwork,pace,skills,and superb shot+finishing Hahahaha.
    and a CDM too, to backuping Coquelin, i saw before game ended , Coq feel very hurt , like having trouble in his leg/foot ( i hope not)

    hope new striker and cdm before windows closed

    1. Lethal Prince 9 says:

      I see what you did there…

  29. kam says:

    1-0 win and it is an own goal. And the title said “Gunners make extra man count!” really?

  30. fred cowardly says:

    We should have got a penalty
    Should be 0-2

    Anyway, we WON 🙂

    Next up

    1. Wednesday: New striker will be introduced
    2. 12th Home v Stoke
    3. 16th Away Zagreb
    4. 19th Away Chelsea
    5. 23rd Away Spuds


    1. Twig says:

      Yeah, because every penalty leads to a goal…

      1. fred cowardly says:

        Not every. But most

  31. andre88 says:

    to be honest
    man of the match : candidate 1 : referee candidate 2: ramsey

    im glad today arsenal perform all out, walcott staring since first minutes(im worried if giroud started ,result maybe 0-0 because all focused on giroud) , no burden , good to watch, not playing target man strategy, some mf/winger try shoot long range. all player is good to watch .
    but still im sad there is lack of confidence on attacking. its just like not sure who to pass, still need more response when balls crossed from side. and
    need more attention because they still have bad finishing either walcot or giroud predictable!!!

    even our goal stated as collocini OG , so sad.
    But yes we STILL NEED a striker with superb finishing , for me im missing and would to like someone with Gabriel Batistuta hardwork,pace,skills,and superb shot+finishing Hahahaha.
    and a CDM too, to backuping Coquelin, i saw before game ended , Coq feel very hurt , like having trouble in his leg/foot ( i hope not)

    hope new striker and cdm before windows closed
    about 3DAYS:8HOURS: left SINCE THIS POST

    1. RSH says:

      Bellerin was Arsenal MOTM. Ramsey was part of the problem. Kept making useless passes along with Santi. Both of them were slow on the ball all game. Alexis looked somewhat awake but couldnt put it all together either.

      1. galaxygooner says:

        Ramsey never fulfills his role. More than anybody in the team , he gives the ball away and makes wayward passes too many times.
        For me and for now ,the ideal arsenal team would have Ozil and Cazorla as attacking midfielders with coquelin and arteta behind them . Theo and Sanchez on the wing and a tree in CF.
        I will do anything not to see ” hold up play” Giroud turning us to a one dimension team . Should I say, one direction team

  32. Hafiz Rahman says:

    We need 2 strikers….if our first choice striker get injured

    i do not think anyone will want Giroud to take over…….

    1. luvdaguns says:

      truer words have not been spoken

  33. Dianto says:

    bad win…. good sign i think…. a win is a win…

  34. Darlingbudsofarse says:

    We can’t win anything with this bunch and we have Chelsea coming up on the 19th September away! Only once we’ve scored in 4 games and that’s by our wooden striker. Wow! From what I saw today Walcott must be used as a fringe player. He’s not worth £20k a week. Honestly!!

  35. immanuel says:

    Nice try from the boys. Keep it up. We need to start taking more shots not some wayward sideway passes.

  36. Softsteve says:

    Did anyone notice Arsenal passing today without #Ozil? Average performance!

  37. That_Guy says:

    We are tactically inept. Quite embarrassing how we were tactically outclassed by Steve Maclaren, we should thank our lucky stars they were a man down for 75 minutes.

  38. El Blaze says:

    Not a very impressive game i must say but a least thank God we came away with the 3 points. After this game, i think its quite obvious that Walcot does not cut it as the top striker we need and since Giroud is not much better, i think its about time Wenger stops giving us the “not available” excuse and go out and get us a WC striker. And i just discovered that we have the worst conversion rate so far this season. So many chances created but no one to convert. Well, i guess that tells the whole story.

  39. RSH says:

    Another below par game. Clear and obvious striker problem, but nothing is going to be done to correct it. Ramsey and Cazorla passsing the ball in circles, Ox doing the same except giving the ball away more. Everything is fine from Cech to Coquelin but our attack looks worn and just out of ideas. Poor game, have to be honest.

  40. Darlingbudsofarse says:

    Cazorla is greying heavily, which means his knees are also doing the same. Let’s go get a playmaker in the next window at least!

  41. YuukiShindouGoArsenal says:

    Mighty West Ham Leading 2 goal agaisnt pool


    1. Tidan2 says:

      I guess Brendan Rodgers was right, if he can only manage a draw against Arsenal then of course he was going to lose against a harder West Ham.

  42. luvdaguns says:

    observations, corner kick for arsenal means nothing, dont think we will score from a corner all season, second observation- this is what this team looks like when alexi’s goals go dry, girouds season average of 13 GPM wont cut it, point three should have let theo go, pedros style would have suited arsenal w giroud coming off the bench. if alexi picks up scoring form we do well, if not, trouble…

    1. luvdaguns says:

      one more pount, our lack of scoring threat is casting a shadow on what is a very solid defense, with depth, every piece of the team works very well w exception of CF,

  43. Darlingbudsofarse says:

    West Ham are doing to Liverpool what they did to us. This league is definitely throwing up a few surprises!

  44. ArsenalForLife says:

    This is the most boring match from Arsenal….they could not score one clean goal again 10 men with Newcastle Utd?….Guys seriously Wenger is done!….he is good for competing the team for 3-4 position…..i do not think we can win the premier league while he is the manager ..seriously i have been watching each and every game of Arsenal, I have been a super supporter of Wenger…now enough is enough…you can see even from the players movement…they are not even interested to attack…just hit the ball here and there…it’s really frustrating time…I wonder how Walcot got that huge contract???? Giroud is a way better than Walcot in the middle…..though i hate both of them in that position..I was expecting a lot from this team…but do not wanna be a fool…i’m not gonna mess up my weekend any more…thanks you Wenger and your team for killing my feeling…so sad and depressed!….I know the team won and got 3 points ..but it’s crystal clear…with this performance it is very hard to get 4th position let alone winning the premier league…Arsenal need major change starting from the board..I say Usmanov and David Dein will drive this club to the right direction……that’s my believe!!

  45. ArseOverTit says:

    3 points is good…but we are not contenders…this is CLEAR!

  46. Please Wenger, stop, stop, stop, stop playing Walcott up front as a striker. AGAIN he looked pathetic and AGAIN he didn’t score and AGAIN he didn’t look like he will score.

    We started te game with 10 men by having an inconsequential player up front while our main striker is on the bench??????

    During Walcott’s time upfront Giroud had a 30x more chance of scoring. If we didn’t get a lucky own goal we would have finished with 1 point because we had Walcott inexplicably up front.

    What does Walcott need to do to convince himself and Wenger he is NOT a striker, what a pair of deluded, blinkered and season damaging idiots. The rest of the team should take a stance and refuse to give Walcott any service when he is up front wasting all that build up to a goal time after time.

    I want Walcott sold so I never have to see him up front for Arsenal again. As soon as he is put back on the wing, Walcott will sulk and be injured until the last week of the season while on 100k+ a week. Way to go Wenger when looking to fail again in a specialist way.

    No wonder the rest of the team plays so lack lustre, what team wouldn’t when seeing a great team in place which is expected to work hard for nothing because Walcott is up front.

  47. Ks-Gunner says:

    Hafiz meeting with Wenger.

    Hafiz: We are not scoring goals coach.

    Wenger: The cohesion between us and our opponents is very good, so i expect more goals from the oppesite teams in our favour to take the burden out of our players.

    Hafiz: Spend some faking money.

    Wenger: Frankly, i spend a fortune in Cech already even though Ospina was good enough before. And dont forget that Giroud is earning 130k a week now, and our Theo useless is on 140k. Keeping players in the club is more important then going out and buy.

    Hafiz: You are deluded and crazy.

    Wenger: My head is only a forest with lots of birds in it thats all. Keep believing and i will show you the way to it.

    AKB’s in the background are in tears and applouding*

    Hafiz: Wenger out!

    Wenger: No, cant do that. Fergi has a Pony and i do have only Ramsey and a Donkey.

    Hafiz. House Rahman demands change.

    Wenger: You can change my underwear if you want.

    Akb’s in the background are jelous and fuming from Wengers proposal to Hafiz*

    Hafiz: أنا أكرهكم

    Wenger: لا تحبني

    the end.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      1 comment

    2. Lethal Prince 9 says:

      What has happened to your spellings though?

      1. Ks-Gunner says:

        Cant help it. I am a Giroud in English.

    3. Usmanov says:

      @KS-GUNNER. Nice one. Keep ’em coming.
      Loved the part where Hafiz switched to speaking Arabic, and the professor being who he is replies in Arabic.

  48. luvdaguns says:

    west ham 2-0 over pool, 38′

  49. RWRW says:

    Biggest joke of the day: WALCOTT IS ON 140K A WEEK!!

  50. GoonAR says:

    Anybody still think we don’t need a quality Striker?

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      Wenger i guess. X(

  51. Hafiz Rahman says:

    The House of Rahman Demands a Striker, DM, RW and CB….

    And Or

    Wenger OUT!!!

  52. Cathyman says:

    No new striker….hahahaha….

    Hey Admin, we are the WORST fans as we always ask for a new striker……

  53. FFFanatic says:

    Poor finishing but a dominant display. Newcastle defended well and very deep – didn’t really look to attack. We stopped them from having any chances and created plenty of our own. Terrible finishing stood between us and a more dominant win.

    Shows again we do need a CF who can do both what Theo and Giroud can do. All of Theo’s chances, Giroud would finish, all of Giroud’s chances (3) Theo would have done better on. Players with only 1 dimension are too easy to play against.

    Side note: Newcastle going down did limit Theo’s space thus his lack of involvement. His finishing today was poor though – as was Santi’s as usual. We looked FAR more balanced without Ramsey on the right even though Ox was not on form today. Rambo played well.

  54. lalitsyal says:

    We should have had a penalty.

    Theo ain’t a striker, no qualities….just no…….!!!

    Coq is really a 40 million man……may be more…..but we won’t sell, no more a selling club…..!!!

    Great partnership at the back…. both look more settled and stable at the back….!!!

    Santi Carzola looks rusty to me……!!!

  55. YuukiShindouGoArsenal says:

    chelsea 0 – 1 CP 69 ”


    1. YuukiShindouGoArsenal says:

      pool 0 – 3 CP


      1. YuukiShindouGoArsenal says:

        Got mixed by Chelsea & pool miserable fate… LOL

        At least this light my day… thanks GOD 😀

  56. Bolly from Bollywood says:

    You think we have problems, Liverpool and Chelsea both losing at home!
    Stoke have had two sent off.

    1. opk philip says:

      Why do some people only compare arsenal with Chelsea when they are failing and if they are winning trophies we give excuses. Why do you support arsenal if you think we cannot be the best. We need to start having a winning mentality.

  57. Tidan2 says:

    Anyone want to come out and praise Chelsea now?

    1. Tidan2 says:


  58. kam says:

    Looks like City is going to be on top of the League for most of the season. They have quality and depth in their squad, now that’s what a title contender look like. And they are not done with their singing, De Bruyne at Manchester for medical,adding more quality and depth.

  59. Bigvalbowski says:

    How was that not a red card on Cahil? FFS.

    Impressed with Palace, amazing what happens when you have actual, pacy wingers that exploit the touchlines.

    Meanwhile Wenger is inquiring about Andre Volkorkshaviniski from Dynamo Scrotum.

    1. luvdaguns says:

      dynamo scrotum, ok thats funny

  60. kenyanfan says:

    crystal palaaaaaaaceeee2-1chelsea …today is very interesting…wooow…west ham gets a red too..3reds in one game. four reds today

  61. luvdaguns says:

    we are crying about a win on the road in st james meanwhile liverpool & chelsea being beat at home…. persective!

  62. kam says:

    how was that a straight red card for Noble?

  63. Darlingbudsofarse says:

    Has Jose Mourhino all of a sudden become a new specialist in failure? Looks like!

  64. Bolly from Bollywood says:

    Liverpool 3 down!

  65. andre88 says:

    this season looks really hard. middle and bottom teams cannot be underestimate, this season is either struggling hard till the end or die tryin .no team is can assure their easy / auto win!

    only manc city who looks like cant be defeated+ more and more mega deal coming
    and man united with mega blind spending on any player are available

    this week match clearly tell us that only 3rd-4st position that we can fight for this season with our current squad.

  66. ruelando says:

    Except for walcott starting in the forward position i felt we started a good team and i am hoping the same team is used again. They did not actually score but i feel that starting 11 can provide us with a lot of goals.

    Early this week i had said wenger should decide on Ramsay, Cazorla or Ozil, taking a seat on the bench, but all three should not be playing together, fortunately or unfortunately that choice was taken away by injury to Ozil, i am hoping he will be out for couple weeks , sounds evil but its the only way we can have a balance team and we can go on a winning run.

    Ok match is over so waiting on who is coming in

  67. drax says:

    welbeck over giroud and walcott all day long..for d cf position.

  68. Gigi2 says:

    Bob Marley would sing “No arsenal no cry”…
    How many years around!! Jeez!!!
    Do people actually know we got three points?
    3 pts plus Palace win over chelsea at their backyard plus west ham beating pool at theirs. …
    I for one am happy

Comments are closed

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