Newcastle v Arsenal review – PHEW as Giroud double JUST enough

For the first 20 minutes or so of this Premier League game it looked as though Arsenal might do another Monaco in the first leg, as we were a bit off the pace and were being generally out fought and outplayed by a Newcastle team that everyone expected us to beat with ease.

Gabriel, Koscielny and Coquelin were alert though and aggressive in the tackle to help make sure that the home side did not get the goal that would have really made the fans believe and put the Gunners under big pressure. Getting towards the halfway point of the first half we were becoming more of a threat and Wenger was getting frustrated about the persistent fouling breaking up our attacks.

But one of the free kicks from those fouls led to our opening goal after 24 minutes. At first I thought Welbeck had headed Cazorla´s whipped ball straight in but Giroud got a vital touch. And just after some super skill from Alexis had only forced a corner, Giroud headed his second from the resulting set piece to give us clear daylight.

Arsenal had chances to score again before the break but the Magpies were not done yet and also threatened but it stayed at 2-0 at the break.

Arsenal were caught out again after the break as Newcastle came back with renewed vigour and amazing desire. They made it pay this time with an excellent Sissoko goal in the first five minutes after which they just pummeled us for the whole second half.

We couldn´t seem to win a tackle and became penned in our own half. Our defenders and ospina had to be at their best while we rode our luck a bit to hang on for a crucial and hard fought win.

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        1. @mesult, silent stan extra shirts… u joking
          Why do you think emirates was built ? So expensive footballs whre not smashed over the clock end, football are expesive for stan, players get fined!
          I’m drunk, i needed to be ha

      1. i know but couldn’t they give him a shirt with his number on. Why am i getting upset over something so menial? wohoo up the Arsenal!!!!

      1. DAT PACE, u must have of blinked, he nearly did a Henry but without flair and goal (charragerher, looerpool)

    1. And still some of you think giroud is not world class? If it wasn’t for Ramsey he would have got his hat trick.his hold up play and passing was awsome. He managed to get in the right positions all the time and thanks to Ramsey and welbeck he didn’t get a third or fourth. I’m starting to get symptoms of heart attack in recent week,but job done. An away win and a vital one.thanks to ospina for that late save.job done,just done. Happy gooner, not totally satisfied with the performance

      1. hes on fire at the moment , having a great season.

        but yes i still believe giroud is not world class.
        people throw term world class around like its a frisbee at the park

          1. World class is easy to define, the word world says it all. World class is a player who can fit into just about every top team in the world and do just as well if not better than the player you put him in ahead of.

            Obviously replacing someone like Messi is the exception as hes not only best but can be compared to all timers.

            1. Messi is from another planet,that is a fact. And I think giroud can fit into any top European team. For instance he would fit in a team like Bayern or at.Madrid in the place of lewandonski or mandzukic. And I’m pretty sure there are at least 20 world class strikers in europe and giroud is among them. Let’s start from england, aguero is world class although he has not been in form lately
              1.aguero. Shitty
              2.Costa. Shitski
              3. Giroud. Arsenal
              4. Suarez. Barcelona
              5. Benzema. Real Madrid
              6. Mandzukic. At.Madrid
              7. Zlatan. PSG
              8. Lewandowski. Bayern
              9. Bas dost. Wolfsburg
              10. Messi and ronaldo are just simply from another planet
              Now these are world class strikers, I think the world has the right to have 10 world class strikers. Add cavani and Sanchez to the list

            2. In which dictionary is the definition of world class player found? Who standardised that definition? I always see people purporting to define world class in such a clumsy manner that I get disgusted with the whole thing. The reality is that there is no such thing as world class player; it is only in the minds of those who use it. If you think Giroud is world class then he is and if you think the reverse then he isn’t. Why should anyone wasted our valuable time over vague terms with no standard acceptance? What is not in dispute is the fact that this season Giroud is on a roll and that’s what matters. If you recall that he lost three months injured and now has 13 Premier League goals you cannot help praising him. This is more than he scored in his first season. By the way there is another very interesting fact about Giroud wherever he has passed. He improves every season. We should, therefore, expect him to do even better next season. Does it matter whether he is world class or not? All we know he is Arsenal class.

          2. Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan, Zidane…. That is world class, don’t mean to take away anything from Giroud’s recent good performance but he is not world class lets not be delusional

        1. Muff ive got to disagree for the first time ever, if it wasn’t for giroud, we would have had a shit season (pplaying ever y game)
          Now he’s banging goal every game, what is world class, arsenal walk balls into the net, Giroud pics up scaprs that we kind of pass around for 20 mins none stop, plus he’s setting players up.
          I think because “Arsenal need a wolrd class striker” has put tremendous amount of stress on the man… he’s scoring… if he was in a madrid shirt, with the same record he’d be top ? Media
          He’s strong as an ox, but delicate on the ball, scores every game, give that lad some support and you don’t know what that lad can do.
          Confidence is the key for him and arsenal
          p.s could have had an attract

      2. Is Ramsey a midfielder or a striker and why is he too concerned with wanting to score goals? I can understand the selfishness in strikers (Welbeck) but I do think in such situations the TEAM comes first so Wlebeck & Ramsey should lookout for better positioned players like Sanchez and Cazorla would.

    2. Tony pullis, quality manager, really honorable… but hang on same thing happened to us, no ref apology against CHELSKI what what what
      Thats double standards.
      Good result again, bu ti still dont feel confident, we lack it big time when the opponent takes it to us, Wenger learn this, you float whilst winning, but under pressure us Gooners suffer hair loss.
      Confidence is a big issue, we have the players to conquer the world.

    1. i agree people under value newcastles fighting spirit.
      in this league anyone can lose to anyone on any given day
      disagree about title race. chelsea have in the bag , an will lie cheat dive an bully referees to maintain it

    2. I think it was during the time of those when we Newcastle came from 4-0 to draw with us 4-4.

    3. It WAS awful in the second half!! What I cannot understand is why, and this has happened to the team on numerous occasions this season when they were leading by just one goal, they cannot settle down and just keep possession for a few minutes. This will firstly frustrate the opposition and also give them time to compose themselves and get out of panic mode. In spite of all the seasoned internationals in the side, there seems to be no communication, which does not say much about the captain on the day. Even when they had the ball with players to pass to, they hoofed the ball upfield, only to be put under pressure again and again. Naturally there are times when a long clearance is absolutely needed, but there were many times when the long ball, which was inevitably intercepted by a Newcastle player, could have been avoided. Of course I am glad and very happy for the win, but the Gunners make it difficult for themselves and it does nothing for their confidence. Is this not what a coaching is all about?

    1. vital win, Newcastle needed the points as they’ve been awful recently. They had to step up, they did fair play to them. We held on, happy for the three points.

      Also, what do you think would be the best result in tomorrow’s game for us?

      1. Manure win = Good
        Draw = Better
        LFC win = Best
        Because if lfc win that will give us a chance to even slip one game and maintain 3rd position.

        1. No – I think a draw would be best for us. We don’t want either of these two to get three points, and I think LFC are more of a threat than manure ATM.

            1. If liv win both of them are very much in the hunt still, we need a cushion like chelseas. A draw gets us better cushion and a utd win gets us the best cushion. Utd would still be close to us but like i say liv win will have both still too close for my liking.

  1. hector 5 min much better than chamber 95 min
    we need walcot
    giruod showing his class day by day

    1. u mean same walcott who doesnt track back an help bellerin- in this case chambers- yep thats what we need

      agree about bellerin, calum looks bit lost with his defensive duties

      1. I think Walcott will be sold at the end of the season – he’s following a similar pattern to Pod. I only hope Wenger uses a bit of sense and doesn’t sell him to a direct rival.

    1. Absolutely terrible when we come up against any half decent teams that press and hurry us.. I don’t know why we have not addressed this. Last seasons 6-3, 6-0, 5-1 etc all came from teams that play at a high intensity level, we just don’t seem to know how to handle with it.. smh

      1. We just earned 3 valuable away points, and all you can do is refer to previous losses???
        Grow up you knob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. How have they not addressed it? We definitely would have lost this game seasons ago. And remember boys looked very tired from bc of monaco game but we held on. Just to prove wat im saying about improvement, look at the games u mentioned that we were out classed last season. Liverpool away 5-1 in 2013/2014 2-2 in 2014/2015 mancity away 6-3 2013/2014 2-0 2014/2015 chelsea away 6-0 2013/2014 2-0 2014/2015 Yes we lost away against chelsea but we were always in the game before their 2nd goal. Based on these results, there has been a massive turnaround.

    2. woow not sissy. momentum swing. did you see giroud and lecoq dig in? was a weak performance but this is an underdog performance with nothing to lose and the homecrowd behind them. we weathered their storm.

      1. Agreed it was a good win. The only problem i had.. Cazorla should have been taken off earlier, you could see we were visibly jaded and he was knackered altogether. The players were tired and credit to them they dug deep and fanned the flames of a quick strong and rested newc. Good win.

  2. we won, 3 points, thats what is important, next liverpool, and only 4 points from chelski, i hope they lose tomorrow LOL

    1. and that is really what is important. We can now go into the break knowing that we will still be in 3rd.

  3. what a walk in the park…if that park was filled with muggers

    crikey lads nice to see your preserving our health as always with a non stressful game

    1. Our fitness went in the second half, I have been saying that that Monaco game took so much physical and mental energy out of us and that the Newcastle game was going to be a tough one. You can clearly see that players were running on empty while Newcastle were fresh.

      But I kept hearing people saying things like 3-0, 4-0 predictions.

        1. Honestly think Wenger wants to get rid of Walcott. As he had so little playing time during the week, irrespective of his debatable defensive frailties, he should’ve been started today.

  4. A game of 2 half’s can’t take anything away from Newcastle they played really well in the 2nd half.

    Bitch and moan but 14 wins out of the last 16 games.

  5. Chambers is waisted at RB…the players looked tired in the second halwhich is understandable after the week we had….but anyway 3 pts big 3 pts and am thankful….come on gunners

    1. City and Arsenal play first two games on Saturday after traveling away midweek in the Champions League, while Manure and Fool rest for tomorrow. Makes sense.

  6. Horrible 2nd half but a few years ago this is a game we would’ve buckled under from the pressure so credit to the boys for getting the 3 points. Let’s just say that 2nd half was an anomaly and move forward.

  7. That was so so bad.. Ramsey did nothing, The Coq had the worst game I have ever seen, Cazorla looked tired as hell, Chambers I don’t know why we even play him, Sanchez has been so poor since he got back from injury and Welbeck is just a headless chicken, he ain’t got a footballing brain at all..

    Poor poor performances, never seen us give the ball away the way we did today..


      1. I’m sure he is in the street with his AFC pom poms as we comment.

        I know I am…

        (Give me a A…)

    1. yet we have 3 points. I dont mind when we fight for victories, though wayy too many stupid mistakes from everyone this game, besides for Giroud honestly.

    2. i thought coquelin was majestic in first half, giroud did very well.

      but second half- shit happens i guess 🙂

      we won!

    3. Did you lose money because Arsenal won????
      You’re awfully negative.
      Did you bet on a 4 – 0 win, and the team didn’t meet your unrealistic expectations???

    4. After playing a very demanding game midweek where we had to give all, we play agaist a very fresh Newcastle team at home and we got three points. I am very happy. Let all those arsenal haters say whatever but we beat them in their courtyard. Well done Arsenal.

  8. Can someone tell our players that in away matches you have to play full 90 minutes?

    Chambers, Sanchez, Welbeck, Cazorla, Coquelin (2nd half) and even Flamini just for 10 minutes were horrendous. Giroud disappeared after 60 minutes, Cazorla lost possession few times IN OUR DEFENSIVE END and rather than winning the ball back he just waved his hands around. Welbeck, well all he really does is run, but we already knew that. How he starts before Walcott is beyond me. Got nutmegged by Williamsson (lol) and as a result we conceded.

    Thought Ramsey was the only midfielder who was defending the whole match, too bad he blundered our attacks in the first half. Kosc, Ospina and Gabriel were solid.

    Rant over.

    1. Forgot to mention in my frustration, Giroud heroics. Those 2 goals were world class! Great reflexes in the first, and in the second pure muscle holding defender with two hands and scoring with head. MOTM for me.

    2. I think Cazorla and Coq weren’t at their best in the 2nd because they both got injured.

      1. They were tired, Cazorla has played so many games and has been playing at a high intensity level. Even Matic looks out of it right now.. The Coq’s legs has gone too in the second half..

        It was a nervy performance but it’s understandable after the Monaco game.

      1. @bigvalbowski,

        Well, regarding 2nd half he was the only one who didn’t lose possession all the time. Guess that in our standards counts as ‘good defending’ hahah. I mean everybody was just gifting the ball to N’Castle. I thought he was the only one who didn’t panic and got the ball away from our half.

          1. Did you see how much Cazorla in the Monaco game? He gave it all for the whole 90 minutes. Definitely a case of tired legs from him in the second half. Same with Coq I believe. Alexis needs a game off but I don’t think he’s going to get it. At least his friendlies with Chile are in Europe only. Giroud’s goals per ratio this season is immense. I hope he keeps scoring like this.

  9. Chambers has some talent but is so apprehensive in closing down that he doesn’t use his large frame to its best advantage.
    On a positive though we have found our defensive pairing at CB for quite some time.

  10. Giroud, Alexis and Ramsey are the only players who like scoring. The rest need to work on finishing. Even Cazorla, Ozil, OX, Welbeck need to score more.

    1. Welbeck’s brain just switches off when he’s in front of goal, he shouldve scored today. I don’t know how he can consider himself in contention to be our 2nd striker if he can’t put some of these chances away. Had a Gervinho-esque performance today.

  11. before everyone goes apeshit – that was a momentum swing. the good teams hang on for the win. we did.
    when an underdog gets a sniff of blood, they get a jolt of energy and the crowd gets right behind them. it was nervous, but we managed. if this was chelsea, everyone would say it was a good victory.

    it was a shyte half, but keep in mind there were 11 other players totally up for it! giroud is becoming a consistant beast.

    1. Funny aint, when the same was done by MU we called them lucky. I said the other day , all that matter is victory by hook or crook.

  12. Ppl who followed my posts will know im not too big a fan of giroud. But I tink credit should be given when due hes been really impressive over the last few months. Keep it up n we may not even need a top class striker next season, seeing as we have one in the making already.

    I dont tink flamini should ever play for us again. Everytime he was on the ball it looks as though hes about to give it away. It may sound harsh but I tink its best we let him go in the summer.

    Lastly credit to newcastle for playing amazing in the 2nd half. Cabella has been nothing short of sensational

    1. Half your comment is good… the other half meh.
      The same could be said for our entire midfield second half, newcastle pressured well and didn’t let us out of their half. Singling out Flamini and suggesting ‘he should never play for us again’ is ridiculous.
      Although judging by your comment about not being Giroud’s biggest fan i’m sure you’ve said similar statements about him also previously?

      1. You are the typical idiot arsenal fan who suffers from amnesia. Ok see, the Spuds took 4 points off us this season. Do you know Flamini In the same context the above user mentioned, gave the ball away as a back pass for the spuds 1ST goal at the Emirates this season?? Then we equalized and drew with the spuds at home!!!! Please add those 2 points to what we currently have and see what happens! Flamini has been a liability ALL season! He should even be kicked out before Diaby!! He is not our standard even for the bench! Don’t have a loser mentality

  13. 8 games left. Should be 5 definite wins. And home to Liverpool, Chelsea and away to Man U. Its possible.

  14. I know Chambers is still learning his trade BUT he is no way a right back. WHEW!!.. 3 bloody points…. Time to go the doctor now, my Pressure must be high.

  15. everyone was a bit off today.. particularly Coquelin and Cazorla who were caught in possession a lot for their usually high standards. Credit to Newcastle, their pressing and tempo lifted dramatically second half.

    3 pts though, keeps our running going and the G-Train scoring!!

  16. Watch the Newcastle most of our players were at the right side of our half and sisoko in the middle was in no man land

  17. May be I will give the team a benefit of the doubt for today’s performance and hope it was due to us being tired after that high intensity MONACO game in midweek..

    1. After watching Harry Kane week in and week out score from the spot I don’t understand why OG is not taking our spot kicks. He has power and touch. If he was allowed he would have a few hat tricks to his name. I remember Arteta taking them last year.

    2. harry kane got the hat trick instead
      no doubt he will get all the plaudits , no one will mention olly

      1. I know I agree, but giroud is a selfless player and santi’s conversion rate is probably still second to arteta’s for pens. But I think a striker needs confidence in his ability to score more than the midfielders so it could be useful to have him at least take a couple.

  18. Just want to hear something’s from ozil haters!!! Still playing better without him???? N u guys still will come out n blame somebody else r blame the manager for stupid tactical r else n bla bla bla bla…..#f-ckoff

  19. okay, underdog performances happen, 3 points, good win.

    my concern is that we consistently dip in form and momentum right at the beginning of the 2nd half. the monaco team said that s what they were banking on, and it s true – this season we dont come out of the tunnel sharp! must be fixed

  20. chamber was worst… dont know what wenger is feeding him.. he is totally lost. bellerin showed what he should have been doing all game… poor poor chamber. and ramsey was defending for newcastle.

  21. We win this match cos Giroud take his chances. If Giroud missed all those, we are f**ked. Anyway happy with the 3 points.

  22. Was a good idea for Ozil to stay back home. Would have been completely muscled out of this game. Coquelin had his worst game since his return, kept giving the ball away. Cazorla and Sanchez (yet again) were poor. Koscielny, Giroud, Ramsey, Ospina and Welbeck were excellent.

    1. Özil could have not performed any worse than Cazorla today and that’s a fact. Santi being poor is an understatement really.

    2. thank god Ozil wasn’t playing because he would somehow be blamed for our poor performance in the 2nd half

  23. Whenever we play away I’m just happy for a win of any kind. A win is a win and 3 points

    I will say we have had many matches this season where we we were cruising in first half and then have a worse second half.

    But again, I’m very happy with the result

  24. Wenger just said that we decided to start strong and get ourselves infront because he knew we would struggle physically at some stage of the 90 minutes. He said he could see that the players legs had gone in the second half after The United game, Monaco and this game.

  25. Todays game shows why we don’t win in last 16 ties of CL for last 5 years. It’s being good in one half and being bad in another. In the CL its the case of being good in one leg, and being bad in another.

    Sanchez and Cazorla are so fatigue they need a whole game break. They carried us for first half of season, now other players returning from injury need to do the same. Giroud is doing good now, but we lost control of the game for two reasons. 1 Newcastle were fired up at halftime to close things down and put pressure, and we all know Arsenal don’t like being pressured. In certain passages in 2nd half you can see Newcastle winning all 50/50 challenges. The other reason we didn’t play well in 2nd half is complacency thinking game was over. Simple as that, it was going to be easy with a 2 goal lead. Even when Arsenal have a 3 goal lead it is not safe these days.

  26. Lucky or not we won and thats what matters. But we need to be careful as we are playing with fire sometimes. I am not a big fan of giroud and still think we should have a better forward leading our attack with Giroud as a back up but that were nicely taken goals.

    Sanchez needs yo be doing more. He has been average for past 1-2 months. Welbeck was decent but nothing great. Ospina was MOTM.

    As for tomorrow any logical gooner will want MU to win so that the media darlings liverpool stay away from top 4. Draw would be fine but I will be rooting for MU win.

      1. He prefers Cavani and Falcao for £45-£50 million when they have been terrible since they moved to France..

        And everyone keeps talking about these world class strikers, name me 2 who are not already at Madrid, Barcelona, City etc..

        1. Tell me which top club would prefer Giroud to their strikers. Chelsea wont trade costa for giroud, MU wont trade rooney for giroud, City wont trade aguero for giroud, Liverpool will prefer sturridge to giroud. Barca wont even consider giroud, Real madrid will not take giroud for benzema, Bayern will not trade lewandowski with Giroud, Juventus wont start with giroud at the expense of Tevez. Hell even our bitter rivals striker harry kane wont be traded for giroud.

          Ask every top manager and every sane football fan who would you prefer Kane or Giroud, you will get the answer. You may dislike my comments, call me names but I am not living in a bubble. Truth is giroud is an average striker who will need 6 to 7 chances to score goals. There is a reason why Monaco are through and we are not. Any other top striker would have buried those more than half chances that giroud usually gets.

          There is a reason even france national team doesnt rate giroud and prefers benzema. Giroud cannot win you matches on his own and thats the truth. I regard as arsenal as a top club and not some average club whose ambition is just to be there and there about.

          1. Wayne do you consider fighting for position and winning aerial duels while having knees put in your back part of a strikers job?

          2. I am not going to say OG is world class, whatever that means but I think as a group of supporters we underestimate him and over praise every other striker. The gap in quality is there but nowhere near what you are alluding to. Few of those players do anything like a similar job for their clubs. Aguero, Tevez and Lewandoski are not even playing as regular centre forwards at the moment – either wide or as second striker. Barca haven’t even got a true centre forward in their 4-3-3. Both Benzema and Giroud have traded places in the France national squad previously – how much better can Benzema be with a 0.46 goal/game ratio in La Liga playing for Real Madrid against OG’s 0.45? Sturridge or Kane? Easy to get carried away with HK – if he is doing the same next season might be in with a shout. Sturridge – nah. The Costa who played the first 3 months of the season or the Costa who has played the last 3 months? A fit Giroud at Chelsea would have at least 18 goals the same as Costa. I’ll give you Rooney – one of the few strikers around that could do the same job/role as OG but better imo.

  27. These guys actually did well…they played a high energy game on tuesday, many team won’t win in this same condition away from home….3rd away win in a roll,…

  28. Lemme know when yall are ready to acknowledge how average ramsey was, how often he gave the ball away, and how his selfish desire to score kept us from killing the game off in the first half.

    Like it or not our attack was missing one component today to make it fluid

    1. No one would have made a difference apart from Messi, Ronaldo type, our players legs had run out in the second half that they could not close down or go for 50/50 balls.. We had a very intense game in MONACO one Tuesday..

        1. I liked your fictional stories about Giroud being Wengers son and Wenger/Bould stories better. You were a lot more creative than. 🙂

          1. Art is subjective.

            Also there is a lot of serious stuff going on behind the scenes at the Emirates which I am not comfortable sharing.

  29. International break is sh*t.
    Atleast Gabriel got a call up. Brazil vs Chile ought to be interesting.
    Good win today. Upwards and onwards boys.

  30. Well that should shut the French t*** up…. Quarter final quality my Arsene …. Missed first half but back from airport to settle down to a comfortable 45 to watch us outplayed and outclassed by a mid table make shift team … Positives? Gabriel looks fine and bellerin is a real find and coquellin continues to impress but that is really it …assume giroud was ok in first but him and wellbeck and Sanchez were clueless on what I saw …. Santi was terrible and Ramsey passed back and lost the ball with his usual aplomb … Sick of the idiot ozil comments on this site … The guy oozes quality even on his off days … Three points a relief ( and undeserved) April could be a hard month

  31. 3 points in the bag.
    Great 1st half/Shite for the 2nd.

    Oooooooospina Saved us. schez between the sticks would have buried us.

    G-rude boy was EPIC! The real OG!

  32. Quoting you “ateam everyone expected us to beat with ease’. I didn’t! Its naive and arrogant to think that any team in this competitive league can be beaten with ease. That’s arsenals downfall sometimes. Every gane should be treated as s tough one and a potential banana skin especially away games. 3 points gained let’s look forward now.

  33. all played well in the first half except ramsey and chambers coz he is no right back..everyone was poor and tired in the second yalf except MOTM Ospina….thank the players will rest enough in the international friendly period

  34. Credits to Gabriel and Boss for Awesome defending…
    Credits to Ospina for making quality saves and keeping us in the game…
    Credits to Coquelin and Cazorla, despite having bad moments gave their all and played well, after fatigued tireness
    Credits to Giroud for getting two goals, and holding the ball well, he is on fire….
    And also to mention he is “on level” in goal scoring tallies with Sanchez
    14 goals …
    Credits to whole team who attacked and defended as a unit and gave their all getting us three points
    Atlast credits to Wenger for barking on players and giving them instructions and getting the lineup spot on

    Up the Gunners! COYG

    1. love lil lucio,

      absolutely no nonsense.
      the boss- doing what a boss does aswell

      how different our season would have been if gabs was here from last summer

  35. Well, this was the team that beat high flying Chelsea. Proves we have matured so much as a team!

  36. Welbect excellent?im sure u’re English.he was running like a headless chicken tru owt d game.nd chambers wat can i say??anytime i say english players are average,i get slated..we cud c wat ozil offers to the team.Quality..nt a clueless Ramsey,,,

    1. Ox Chambo is the only player i feel has potential to be world class the rest of eng players are overrated. Chambers, Walcott, Gibbs, Wilshere and Welbeck are overrated.

  37. We still need 3 to 4 World class players and new manager (Guardiola/Klopp/Simoene/Low) to win
    UCL and EPL.
    Get rid of deadwood Diaby, Flamini and Arteta. Sell Podolski, Campbell and greedy Walcott.

  38. I hardly saw Alexis play today. Chambers was awful, Flamini is finished, Welbeck is good at everything except scoring and maybe control sometimes.

  39. At what point do the naysayers start believing in Giroud??

    26 appearances 17 goals; 19 PL appearances 13 goals…

    Pretty amazing stats by any standards, and he is getting better every season with us…

    So at what point do certain people admit they might just be wrong about his level of quality??

    He fits our team very well, scores regularly and it’s getting to the point where we ‘expect’ him to score, which for ME is the mark of a great forward. 😀

    1. Everyone is right. He is good but not world class to win us UCL and EPL. Its not like we think he
      is poor. We need Suarez type of striker to win titles.

    2. I’ve always said he fits into our team very well. He’s a very good player, and there’s a place for him at Arsenal. He’s improved a lot this season, but I’m still not convinced he’s the man that’ll fire us to a title, that’s what we’re aiming for, but he can certainly be part of a title-winning squad.

  40. I still can’t believe there was no yellow card in this match. To me that was a very poor performance from the ref,judging by the physical nature of the match and constant fouling of our players by the Newcastle players. As for the game, Arsenal only played in the first half as they became tired in the second half but then,one shouldn’t blame them cos of the energy sapping game they played at Monaco. Man of the match is between Gerioud and Ospina. Ramsey needs to work on his game,he is too obscessed with going forward and he denied Olly from getting his hatrick today.

  41. The premier league table is a lot nice to look at then a couple of months ago.

    Liverpool at home next. From now on every game is important but we must win all our home games even Chelsea next month. If we keep on winning who knows the Chelsea match could be an extra important match.

    April (mouth watering matches)
    Liverpool @home
    Burnley away
    FA Cup semis
    Chelsea @ home

    But one match at a time
    Need to beat Liverpool first

  42. A win is a win and very happy with that, worry bout Sanchez he needs a break and he won’t get one playing for his country twice, then we have Liverpool , our squad is very thin at the moment, hopefully we can strengthen in the summer schnidelin and lacazette, plus a young defender
    Sell Walcott he’s been paid for months without playing and he shouldn’t hold the club to ransom
    Buy a young promising player in his place, he can go to Liverpool I don’t care if he doesn’t want to play for the shirt go

    1. Only Arsenal would consider negotiating with Walcott over an increase in wages and a long term deal after being injured for a calendar year.

      I find amazing the seemingly overwhelming consensus from Arsenal fans that we HAVE to sign Theo to whatever deal he wants. He isnt a guaranteed 1st team player anymore and his ceiling IMHO has already been reached. Ox and Sanchez should continue to be first choice on the team sheet and youngsters like Gnarby and Silva have the potential to feature in the lineup, especially in Cup competitions. I would hate to see Theo playing for Pool, Oil City, etc. BUT his transfer fee out would allow Arsenal to buy a Kondigbia, Schneiderlin, even. PEDRO who is a better all around player.

      This isn’t meant to be a Piss on Theo post, but @ some point Arsenal have to take off the kid gloves and be somewhat ruthless with those players that are no longer the present or future of the club

      1. Agree with the sentiments but I think Wenger/AFC have taken the “kid gloves” off re Theo – or at least it seems that way to me. And not just Ox, AS, SG and WS but Welbeck as well – even got Santi as a 6th choice (!!) wide right player. Actually when you think of it in those terms Wenger desperately needs to re-balance the team and add some more naturally left sided players to the team.

  43. Not so intelligent a comment, moreso in the wake of his match winnin contribution, stat don’t lie, every team will luv to have a striker with his stat, Giroud is on form, aguero is a great striker but he can’t lead our lie as oliver does

    1. So a player like Aguero cannot leaad our attack but Giroud can as he is better than aguero. Wow. Your understanding of the game is amazing.

      1. Don’t understand your comment – Aguero is top, top quality but he rarely “leads the line” for neither club nor country and is played off a main striker.

  44. Newcastle 13 fit players, took it to us, another nail biting game towards the end…God i love football

  45. Well said … Giroud has improved this year no doubt but that makes him a suked up Audi he ain’t no super car and ain’t going to take us to next level… I don’t believe anyone who understands the game thinks otherwise

  46. My worst player is sanches. He add nothin to d game, a defender “bellerin” play well in d attack better than some our so called attackers. Giroud gr8 performance. Anyway! Great win. We’ll done guys.

    1. Sanchez was not the worst player. The obvious truth is that he’s fatigued. The whole team is fagged out I guess due to the midweek games but that is out of it now. They were on point in the first half, but tired and weak in the second. Only Giroud, Koscienly and Ospina kept firing 90 mins. I think in my opinion, Wenger need to rest Alexis now and keep Welbeck in the right wing. He’s awful in the left. How I wish Bellerin can be converted to right wing attacker, he’s got the speed and skills for it. Chambers still need to improve, he’s far from it at the moment. Gabriel need more play time to adapt and for Ramsey, he’s too quick to jump to the attack leaving his partner vulnerable. All d same, an overall average performance blessed with luck especially in the second half. I wonder if the referee came to the pitch leaving the cards at home. He didn’t book anyone in that game today.

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