Newcastle wants to keep an Arsenal loanee in the Premier League

Matteo Guendouzi may have played his last match for Arsenal, but the Frenchman could still have a career in the Premier League.

After falling out with Mikel Arteta, he has spent the last two seasons out on loan away from Arsenal.

The Gunners would be delighted to cash in on him at the end of this season following his current fine run of form at Olympique Marseille.

However, they might have to sell him to a Premier League club with reporting that Newcastle United wants to sign him.

The report says after deciding to make Eddie Howe their next manager, the Magpies have now turned their attention to signing players and they have made Guendouzi one of their early transfer targets.

Guendouzi is clearly talented but has an attitude problem, and Arteta is fed up already.

All Arsenal can do now is to make as much money as they can from selling him.

It is sad to see him leave the Emirates at such a young age, but the current Arsenal squad is packed with quality players and it doesn’t need a player whose hot-headedness may cause division in the dressing room.

Arsenal could sell him to Newcastle because they are not a direct rival. However, it would be interesting to see if the midfielder would want the move.

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  1. It would be wonderful to actually get a decent level of fee for this hotheaded player who seems to have a certain level of ability, though how much is up for debate.

    But, who is useless to our club that recognises the vital importance of a harmonious dressing room.

    WE HAVE A WONDERFUL RTEAM SPIRIT NOW and notably better than for some years past too.

    This is IMO , down to sensible planning , importing a great number of younger and hungry players, both from within the club and bought in.

    AND the extremely wise decision to exclude a hotheaded arrogant young trouble maker. Well done MA!

  2. Firstly is this article correct? Im of the understanding that Arsenal have agreed a deal with Marseille after the loan for them to buy him for €9mil if they aren’t relegated. Which means we wont be selling him to Newcastle but Marseille could for a supposed big profit. If that is true then the handling of this fine young player, playing in the CL, captain of the French u21s, called up to the French national team and made captain of Marseille in the absence of their regular captain. Is rank bad management of a telented player by us. So this so called hot head who has proved while away from Arsenal, most definitely is better appreciated by better judges than he was blown out by. Plus if we haven’t inserted a clause into the loan deal, how short sighted of Arsenal to sell a talented player to a club like Newcastle, who will be trying to buy all our targets from under our noses and trying to take our position in the league and higher. It would be first common sense to find out if this article is correct before deciding what we may or may not do with Gouendouzi, we may have took it out of our own hands.

  3. Until recently, I’ve not really followed the progress of Guendouzi as I didn’t have much cause to as he wasn’t active in an Arsenal shirt. But having read reports about him via Just Arsenal, about well he was playing at Marseille and how he was getting into scraps with team mates and calling the shots during games like a stalwart captain type of figure, I was intrigued.

    So I have watched quite a few Marseille games to see just how transformed this play er has become. Now, unless I’m having a run of bad luck and just happen to tune in to the wrong games. I don’t see anything particularly special about Guendouzi than what I already know. Ok, he’s committed, passionate, knows his way around a football game. Does good things, does bad things. But from what I see of him he’s not any more improved technically or matured than he was when he was with us. As much as the cameras have allowed me. I have watched him vigilantly during Marseille games and he pretty ordinary !

    I don’t know what he would have become at Arsenal, nor what he’ll be at Marseille but at the moment, on his current performances, we don’t miss him and, as far as Newcastle being a potential suitor, I think they’ve already got players like him in the side at the present. Therefore, he’s unlikely to improve their fortunes.

    I don’t mind Guendouzi, Elneny, Xhaka, Pepe, Nketiah. All nice guys, plying their trade. But they’re all pretty ordinary. Nothing that will improve us as a team ! Newcastle can have them all, on mass and would probably still be in a relegation scrap!

    1. His ordinary performances got him picked for the French national squad, so someone sees it differently but you are entitled to your opinion of course.

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