News of Khedira to Arsenal transfer BLASTED by Madrid boss!

THere is a great deal of confusion surrounding the Arsenal transfer rumours about a January swoop for the Real Madrid and Germany international star Sami Khedira. And his current club manager Carlo Ancelotti seems to be just as in the dark as anyone, if not more.

According to an ESPN report there have been strong rumours that Arsenal have already held tals with Madrid and their central midfielder and have reached an agreement to bring him to the Emirates in January. But Ancelotti is either being very coy about this deal or he knows nothing about it.

The Madrid manager said, “”I’ve heard nothing. They’re just rumours. He’s our player, at least until June 30.

“Khedira is a player of Real Madrid and I treat him as such.”

There is some hope for Arsenal fans, though, as Real Madrid and many clubs around Europe often do a lot of their transfer business from the top and it is the president not the manager who does the deals.

The report also claims that Khedira has told the German media that he is willing to extend his stay at the Bernabeu, with his current deal due to expire in the summer to leave him available on a free transfer. But once again there is confusion, as Madrid have apparently had no indication from the player about this.

It all seems a bit mysterious but it does leave the door open for a potential transfer bid from Arsene Wenger. Could this stunning Arsenal transfer move still be on?

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  1. Bloody hope so, although there was so much false speculation about it in the summer it’s just a boring, unrealistic rumour now.

      1. Got to agree, with his contract situation he’ll be a low fee and high wages….so it isn’t a good idea to have a player worth 150k per week on the sidelines.

        Schneiderlin, Gonalons, Wanyama, Carvalho would be my first choices in that order.

        Sissoko, M’vila, Cabaye, Khedira my second choices again in order. Based obviously more on just talent alone.

        Either way we need 1 midfield acquisition that has a different profile to our current pool of hobbits. And lord give me strength can I stop seeing Winston Reid linked with us, definition of bang average.

  2. I dont think khedira wud really want to leave Madrid for us after watching us struggle dis season. I wud rather shift all my focus at buying a centre back before considering other positions.

    1. Course he would!

      Id leave champions league winning galaticos for an fa cup within ten years.
      Winning league titles is overated,
      Give me an intertoto cup and a lemon muffin from greggs an I will show u a happy man

      1. You “fans” make me sick, I’ve had enough of your lot. If you exclude the two clubs with oil money we are first or second every season- not to mention the likes of Utd and Liverpool having had vast amounts more money available for transfers over the years. Even the likes of Sunderland, Stoke, Villa and QPR have been able to smash our average net spend in the last 10 years. I’d say we are doing pretty well given the circumstances and have achieved a chance of competing financially in the future by building a new, super stadium. But no- Wenger out!!!!! Simple minds. Ungrateful.

        1. i had season ticket for 9 years.
          payed highest prices in the europe to watch denilson, squillaci and senderos.

          you seem so content with our low net spend 🙂
          thats cute. im sure that will keep u warm at night, while chelsea city and man u win trophies.

          im tired of coasting. i dont want wenger out – i want him to spend- as i have for 10 years, but hes not willing to- so better he leave in may.

          im north london born an bred supported them my entire life, an have a right to voice my concerns-

          im tired of u armchair toughguys, who act like arsenals accountant, an act aghast because fans want more than fourth every year so we can be knocked out by a euro elite team.


          1. Of course I wasn’t “content” with the net-spend but the fact is that it was a long-term necessity to increase stadium capacity. The point is that thanks to this we are now in a better position, instead of being left for dead completely by Man City and Chelsea and their unlimited resources we will now be able to buy players commanding transfer fees like Sanchez or Ozil every season or two, we achieved this while staying in the Champions League year after year. However, that won’t bring instantaneous success nonetheless – we are playing a game of catchup on the field- despite increasing our financial resources. You saying Wenger isn’t willling to spend is absurd, the money wasn’t there before- now it is, and now we have started to spend- I repeat: Ozil, Sanchez. This January I expect a quality centre-back and this Summer a top quality DM. If you fully appreciated the impact of the billionaire investors in City and Chelsea, you’d know that we reacted very well to an ominous situation- and we don’t really have a lot to complain about. Use your brain a bit.

            1. City and Chelsea will hav greater spending power den us mayb forever, but we cant use dis as an excuse everytime we fail to challenge for d title. Wenger has given d club d stability dat other clubs crave for but we must not rest just here. At d end of d day its dose 11 players on d field , and not d money wich decided d match. Against westham we had numerous chances to kill d game but we cudnt, nd almost conceded a last minute equaliser. I will not get carried away by 2 or 3 wins, players need to step up dere game.

        2. the club is in a great position and it is in part due to wenger, no-one argues that point, but unfortunately world class players don’t look at what your stadium size is or how financially stable you will be in the future, they want to win big trophies (and make dolla).

          I just dont want the end of next season to come around and we start to lose players like sanchez and ozil because they want to win trophies, like we lost fabregas and van persie. Until we start winning major trophies again we cannot convince wc players to stay, the fa cup was a good start but we need to show improvement this year

  3. If a player is strongly linked with us, we won’t sign him.. Reid, Carvalho, Van Dijk, Khedira.. no.

    Sooo… Krychowiak and Höwedes? (Nastasic is strongly linked with Schalke).

  4. That’s why I hate rumors, I’ll only believe such “signings” when I see it on the arsenal website

  5. He is not injury prone. Just had some bad luck 2013-2014. Before that had no problems

    People who say Khedira is injury prone are complete MORONS with no sense to just do a quick Wikipedia search.

    1. Yes but is the injury he got not one of those that really weaken his structure making him vulnerable in future especially if in the prem.

      When Ozil arrived Khedira missed him more so than anyone and at time it was said he would follow a year later which i believed to some extent… im sure he must of thought it through, but then the cl medal and his team being most feared came into thinking if he hadnt of already had those train of thoughts in first place that is… And now with a serious injury and his age risen moving to a league which has a reputation for shorter careers and higher physicality must come into his thinking no matter how tough he thinks he is.

      Either he is just trying to get himself a bosman deal with Madrid or without them, i dont think he will move in jan unless madrid cancelled his contract and i dont see them doing that. We in my opinion will bring in one cb and then Wenger will wait til summer for ins and outs. After seeing coq and flamini play together and not too badly i cannot see Wenger even considering to bring in a holding mid. Not only do we have those two cdm’s but we have also Arteta our captain returning, with those options alongside Wengers routine we have Diavby… then Chambers and maybe even Debuchy or Jack? Wenger will not buy a holding player anytime soon.

      Lastly i just want to say… those were crucial points away at a ground which wouldnt have suprised many people if we had lost. He went with two holding mids. Why does he not use this tactic against even tougher opponents than wham ie top four especially che.

  6. Dnt worry about any new signings, Arsenal will win wenger’s holy grail. #4th place trophy……..embarrassing!

  7. Cavani rumour won’t go away, PSG want to sell him, he wants to come to the prem, wouldn’t surprise me if wenger makes a cheeky 35 mil offer, I know we don’t need another striker but against West Ham he would of finished one or two of the chances,
    I’m still hopeful wenger will surprise us all and spend big on a DM a CB and also Cavani

  8. I wanted him in the summer has shown anything that makes me feel like we missed out. especially if it was over wages. smh never understand over greediness of players. Think now that pardew left if we can get sissoko for cheap it would be a real coup for us.

  9. How many times do we have to clarify this to the retards out there, we don’t need him!! We need a fast, heavy weight UFC murderer/tank in the middle, not another ticky-toed lamb like Khedira.

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