Next Arsenal player to be bought out from contract named

Sead Kolasinac could well be bought out from his contract this summer according to Kevin Campbell.

The defender was allowed to join Schalke 04 on loan in January, where he has enjoyed a regular spell of first-team football, but is set to return to North London at the end of the season.

With the Bundesliga side confirmed as relegated to the German second-tier for next term, they will be expected to reduce their wage bill, and the permanent signing of Kola would appear unlikely.

Arsenal may well have to cut their losses and agree to pay off the Serbian defender to get him off their books ahead of the new season, a belief shared by former Gunner Kevin Campbell.

“I think Arsenal may have to pay him off this summer,” he told the Football Insider.

“They got him out on loan this season and while that is one thing, he still has a year left. They might have to pay him off.

“If that is what they have to do, that is what they have to do. We cannot have a player there who is not going to play any part.

“You may as well bite the bullet and move on. Kolasinac was one of the clique. He doesn’t have a future at Arsenal.”

Arsenal recently paid off both Shkodran Mustafi and Mesut Ozil in the previous window, and the left-back could well be next.

The manager made the decision to allow Sead to leave on a temporary move despite not having a proper left-back option in the squad as cover for first-choice Kieran Tierney, resulting in both Bukayo Saka and Granit Xhaka filling in the role, which simply highlights just how far down Arteta’s thinking Kola must have fallen.

Will Arsenal be forced into paying Kolasinac off this summer?


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  1. Buying bout s players contract seems to be the trend these days as far as Arsenal are concerned

    1. Pandemic we’d of had to buy out Ozil regardless although in the summer not jan so we’d a lot of saved money there and had the wage space (FFP) to sign better quality. Kola would of got a fee of 15 mil+ (very conservative estimate) instead we paid his wages in full till jan and in part since. This is where the pandemic hit us harder than others, Mhki went for 1 mil instead of 15 too for instance (we were offered 11 or 12 mil in jan.) We were stuck with players Kola/Torreira/Sokratis/Guendouzi etc. losing value we won’t get back. A lot of things are relative but anyone with an oversized squad and number of older players needing moved on got massively hosed and it won’t be offset by the market just being lower in general because we’ve paid out extra above market wages and they have lost a year on their contracts. Absolute disaster that had nothing to do with Arteta not that you would know it.

      Really annoying me reading the media publish article after article on how we going to have a big overhaul this summer and not mentioning the pandemic destroying last summer as the reason why we have so much to do. Basically they all mention our poor season as if that is the driving force behind our overhaul and no that we got completely stuck because we simply couldn’t shift players.

      We’d of bought a LB (PSG guy, Tagalifco, Bertrand etc.), a GK likely David Raya, a creative CM likely Aouar last summer 100% guaranteed. May well even have brought in a deeper CM too like we likely will this window. Similarly not impossible we sold laca with 2 years on his contract and bought Dembele/Nissard/Daka. The last 2 not so guaranteed but you get the jist. Can’t understand why this wasn’t talked about all season it had such a huge negative impact on our plans.

        1. See my reply to above comment, the pandemic hosed us. All the players we’ve bought out bar Ozil would of been sold for fees otherwise and we’d of saved a fortune on Ozil too. Worst hit team in the league because of the make up, imbalanced squad and age of our surplus players.

          1. Everyone is affected by the pandemic so please don’t come with that rubbish excuse. What you mean is that we bought poorly plain and simple!

            No other big teams buys players out of there contracts, the players they buy have some kind of resale value but not us. Should we just buy Willian out while we at it?

  2. Makes no sense to me. If nobody will pay his salary, then keep him. He’s a fine backup. We’re going to pay his salary yet bring someone else in as a back up? When we need to be wise with our spending. What are they smoking at the Emirates is a fair question after all..

    1. Assume it would be a part payment not the entire contract. I actually don’t think we’ll need to buy Kola out. He’s desirable enough and seems willing to take a pay cut. Expect him to simply go between free and around 3-4 mil if a few teams come in for him.

  3. Transfermarkt shows his contract expires in June. Why would we need to buy him out? What am I missing?

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