Next Arsenal transfer will probably be a player leaving

It is starting to look like Laurent Koscielny will be leaving Arsenal this summer and it could happen within the next few days if the latest reports out of France are accurate.

According to L’Equipe, Bordeaux executive Hugo Varela and sporting director Eduardo Macia have travelled to London to discuss a deal with Arsenal for the 33-year-old.

The French outfit has accepted that a fee will have to be paid but not the £9 Million that Arsenal is demanding and are looking to persuade the Gunners to accept a lower figure.

This is in actual fact an advance on what was being touted previously with the French clubs hoping to land Koscielny on a free transfer, at least now they will be paying some sort of fee.

It is clear that Koscienly will not play for Arsenal again and it is in the best interests of everyone if he leaves but the club will not be rolled over again and will only allow the Frenchman to leave on their terms.

The fact that Bordeaux has sent over two high-level club representatives shows they mean business and they do appear to be determined to get a deal done.

I would suggest that means that we are getting closer to a conclusion on this and that a deal could be done within days.

Other clubs are interested notably, Rennes but Bordeaux must now be considered the clear frontrunners.


  1. I really wished he had handled everything differently. He is a man who gave his all for the club. He was supposed to leave a legend now he has ruined all his reputation and the good he did for this club. With what you have done for Arsenal and winning three FA cups I say thank you..

    1. I don’t think his reputation is ruined at all. I see it as a small difference of opinion. Is not like he went on to sign for man u or Tottenham. This is a retiring player who wants to play the last few years of his career in his country. Yes I do agree he could have handled the situation better but I don’t agree with erasing all he has done for the club because of this one thing.

    2. Let’s get this a Legend cult in perspective-Kos was a good CB.He was,with Vermalen two of the better CB’s bought by Wenger.But when you consider how atrociously bad most were it wasn’t hard to be better.But Legend status?Never.

      1. I agree with Phil. The word “legend” gets bandied about far to often. Adams is a CB legend, so you cannot put Kos in the same category as him. Solid CB for me.

  2. For 2019-2020

    Torreira. Ceballos

    1. INNIT, Rugani Coutinho and Zaha are mere figments of your overactive imagination. Why not add Messi and Ronaldo and go the whole hog into your private world of fantasy?

        1. Then why not indicate so? Just writing your own team is what so many do who believe it will happen.

  3. Good bye Koscienly. Hope we can use the money for a good replacement. Still hoping for some exciting new incoming signings

  4. It appears we desperately want to get rid of some of our defenders so that we can buy a shiny new one.

    It seems we’re already making plans as if the departures of messirs Koscielny and Mustafi are imminent.

    Let’s have a bet Admin, who will go first, Koscielny, Mustafi or someone else??

    (I think Koscielny by the way)

    1. Even though I am against what he did it isn’t close to what Van Persie,Fabregas,Nasri and co did to us.
      He has given us his best years and played through injury lots of times.He also rejected Bayern Munchen and one of Barca and Madrid. If anything this is only a blight on his service but can’t erase all he has done.
      It is clearly that the club are pricing him out of a move by asking for £10m.If we lower our valuation I’m sure he’d be gone quickly.However, I’m amazed as to how Arsenal are wating time with him.This is an injury prone defender who is past his best and though he’s our best CB he can’t be relied upon as before.We should be cashing in quickly.Our business makes no sense at times.

      1. I so completely agree with you Kev, he has been a great servant to the club. At his peak he was among the world best defender. He had everything pace, good passing n ball distribution, tackle, good in air n also very good interception rate. How quickly people discard everything some one has done and jump on band wagon against some one. Was he not the one cazorla said is de best player in the team. I think he is justified to be annoyed because after so many years of service and never created any issue for the club he should have been granted his wish to leave. He is annoyed not because club is not letting him leave on free but because greedy arsenal board are pricing him out of any logical move away. Who in the world would pay rumoured 10 mil for 33 years old injury prone player.

        1. @Mohsan Everyone knows he wanted to leave on a free, stop defending him. How can a captain behave like that.

  5. You know what, with the decent window we’ve had so far you’ve still got Talk Sport (Sky’s radio sister chanel) pundits Tony Cascarino and “Tosser” Jamie O’Hara telling everyone Arsenal are worse off this year than last year. They just never give up giving us stick and negative reports. Both of them were lucky to get a football careers considering their limited ability and even luckier to be pundits on a cheap radio station like Talk Sport

  6. Can you please tell me why he should have left a “a long time ago@Quantic dream, are you saying he should have left because he’s not good enough?Koscieny has been our best defender for over 5 years now and to me he’s a legend regardless of what anyone have to say about him, goodbye boscieny and thanks for everything.

    1. You use “legend” far too cheaply. Kos was not remotely a true Arsenal legend. Those are names such as Alex James, Eddie Hapgood, all thirties era. Also in more recent decades Adams, Bergkamp, Henry even Pires! As for Koscielny, don’t make me laugh with derision please! I’d love to know how young you are! In reality proper legends are such as King Arthur, Robin Hood BUT true top players are allowed to be “legends”, in modern speak . But as for Koscielny…! Hilarious! What next, IWOBI PERHAPS?

      1. If you want to share your point of view then share dont get personal with statements like how young you are, do you hold a position on Arsenal board or have they given you some kind of trophy to show you are the most loyal and best fan? I agree with Lenohappy he has been amazing defender n probably one of the best players to have put on Arsenal Jersey. Do you think you know more then wenger and cazorla who deemed him on of the best he ever played with. That’s why Arsenal will never have class like man United or liverpool because of fans like you. Who do not respect their own players.

        1. Mohsan, respect of a player is one thing; however I agree with Jon fox that the legend status should be reserved for the exceptional player.

  7. A great shame but entirely for Kos himself, that once he goes, which now looks to be only days away, his name will now be mud with many loyal and worldly wise wise Gooners, after his betrayal of the club that made him captain and stood by him in his injury troubles, only to be treated as dirt. He was never remotely as good as many naive fans tried to make him out to be(when fooling themselves, mainly because many of them have never seen a true WC CB in the flesh playing for us, since most are far too young to remember Adams, though some have seen Campbell). Campbell was, in my considered opinion the only true top class CB ever brought in by WENGER(as distinct from those he inherited from Graham) Gallas Toure and Kos were all half decent players and Kos was a very good player, when at his peak, years ago now. But never WC, AS SO MANY YOUNGER AND NAIVE FANS TRIED TO MAKE HIM TO BE. I am sad that he has chosen to make himself a pariah but that was his choice. I WILL NOT MISS HIM, AT LEAST NOT IN A POSITIVE WAY. MEANWHILE, OUR DECADE PLUS LONG WEIGHT FOR A TRUE TOP CLASS CENTRE BACK LENGTHENS YEARLY!

    1. we haven’t had a proper top class CB in over a decade. Our fans forget what that looks like. Kos has had a good/great Arsenal career but all our rivals have had better CB’s than Kos over the years too.

  8. What a talent this Sancho boy is, getting past 4 Bayern players to create that wonderful assist and capping it of with a delicious goal. I believe if given the chance our own Saka can do more thanthat he has the pace the skill the only thing really lacking is the physical strength.

          1. I loved the sheepish, puzzled look on his face when Xhaka’s long ranger which could only be described as speculative,at best, went right past, with him diving the opposite direction. Even my utd friends couldn’t find an explanation from their deep bank of excuses for that.

  9. Think it was Oscar Wilde who said some people bring happiness when they come … Think he had Pepe in mind… Others when they go …sadly kos is now in the latter category … Not a good end to a loyal servant and more than decent footballer

  10. It’s funny how some people class Umtiti, Varane, Pique as WC and yet saying Kolo Toure is only an Ok CB and not WC.
    Even Diego Costa was classed a WC and yet Kanu was just an Ok player.

    Give me a break on this WC rubbish and the earlier you realise some of this current players can never walk into the oldies team the better.

    I believe if the peak Kolo, Gallas and Kanu are still playing, many people will be rushing to sign them because they are WC.

    Everybody has his time. KOS is WC at his peak.
    Let Van Dijk walks into the exact team KOS walks into at his peak and let see if he’s WC.

    1. Are you suggesting VVD would not improve us tremendously? He literally solved 90% of Liverpool’s defensive issues the second they signed him, so yes, I would consider VVD world class. And Liverpool have an amazing defensive record, and they just won the biggest club trophy w/ him being a vital part of the side. So your argument kind of falls apart. And no, Kos at his peak was never world class. Very very good, never world class.

      1. Ok I will just sit back and accept VVD solved 90% of the issues without Allison on form, Arnold on form and Robertson on form

        1. one player cant save the team….this is a team game….liverfool has a number of players on form

          thus an excellent run…

    2. When was this alleged Koscielny peak? What did he win individually and what did he help the club win collectively? I can tell you what he didn’t help the club win though, the Carling Cup!

  11. Pat rice….liam brady….tony adams….keown….dixon…winterburn…..oleary….berkamp…henry….thats what you call legends…

  12. It may be next transfer but a wrong ending for him and wrong move to lose him.

    We are 6th of August tomorrow and transfer window closes 2 days later; right.

    So; we sell our best CD to be worst than last year, and we bring player Juve dont want, to pair him with mustafi or sokratis.

    Borsmouth beat Lyon first team badly, we lost against.

    We sign Pepe and not Koulibaly as priority! That’s why Kos is mad; a scary empty defense he was alone in, for years.

    Wish him best but pepe wont change nor solve that disaster in defense nor Ronaldo or Messi, mbappe or couthino; they not defenders; football game opposes attack & defense; takes both to have a game and a team.

    Liverpool had an attack on fire for years; until Klop solved entire defense; attack was useless!

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