Next five games the key to Arsenal winning EPL title

Being held to a draw in the local derby yesterday could have inflicted some real damage on Arsenal and our quest for the Premier League title this season, but thanks to Aston Villa managing a draw for their new manager and former Gunner Remi Garde, we find ourselves still level on points with Man City at the top of the table.

As well as getting a big favour from his former player, Arsene Wenger will be relieved that the latest unlucky blow, namely the mysterious dizziness that hit our key man Santi Cazorla, did not affect us too badly. With all the Arsenal stars currently out of action, the fact that we have got to the international break still on target is great news and sets us up for the next five games with great optimism.

In a report on the Arsenal website before the game against Tottenham, the Frenchman suggested that Christmas and our position in the table then could provide the telling fact of of whether this would be our year.

Wenger said, “We have to be in the fight at Christmas. The desire is there. We need to show it in all our games.

“What is good, positive for us, is if you look at our fixtures until now we have played all the big teams and the teams fighting at the top apart from Man City.

“We have played Chelsea Liverpool, West Ham, Leicester, Man United. When we were top two years ago we had not played for a while all the teams fighting at the top. We had only played the teams in the second half of the table.

“This time we are in a strong position and we have played many teams who are in the top half of the table.”

Arsenal have five games before Christmas and the last of them, on December 21st is against Man City at the Emirates. Then we will have played all our big rivals and if we are top or level at the top it should mean that our campaign really is on target.

We should have all the players with injury problems either back or close to a return by then and the boss and squad will be able to look ahead to a strong second half of the season and a nice shiny trophy at the end of it. The big question is, will our heavily depleted team be able to get to Christmas in a position to push on?

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  1. arsenalkid1970 says:

    We won’t win the EPL unless he buys a DM CB and a CF. this needs to be done and deals need to be in place now for the start of the new year games

    1. BabyPlease says:

      Not necessarily baby please

      We may have enough total fire power with Alexis, Theo, Giroud, OX, Ramsey, Ozil to make up for not having a Top CF like Aguero

      Also, Coquelin may be injury free rest of the season with Flamini/Arteta handling FA cup

      I think Gabriel and Chambers can adequately back up Koscielny and Mertsacker

      I’m not saying, I don’t want to sign in January. Getting a top player or two would be awesome.

      However, Ramsey, OX, Walcott, Wilshere, Rosicky, Welbeck, Ospina, Bellerin coming back should be enough to challenge

      1. josh37 says:

        I’ve really liked Wenger’s January purchases in previous years. Monreal and Gabriel were pretty unheard of. But giving half a season to adjust with limited appearances and the next season in mind worked great. There’s no gaping holes in our first-team (depth and injuries aside, which, fingers crossed, will be looking better come January), so I’m hoping we make a similar move.
        Top players aren’t generally looking to move in January.. Unless it’s a playing-time, current team struggling kind of move. Or perhaps… If Chelsea cash in on Hazard with this season looking a write off and a domino effect with perhaps Isco?

    2. josh37 says:

      We have four current first-team CB’s. Three Wenger obviously has a lot of faith in and one project for the future. If you think he’s going to go out and buy another, especially with the solid performances from Gabriel it’s absolute delusion…
      DM, I can honestly see a project being brought in in January with next season in mind. But Coquelin has been a top-3 DM in the league for almost a season now and is absolutely vital to the way we play. Samper has voiced discontent for a while now… I’m actually crossing my fingers we move for him as I think he’ll be a world-beater. But no chance we move for an instant first-teamer with Arteta and Flam still on the books.
      CF.. Name me an upgrade on Giroud we could realistically pursue in January? I’d honestly prefer we didn’t buy for the sake of buying and actually pursue marquee talents up top.

      I really despise these ‘if we don’t buy then we won’t win the EPL’ comments. Cech’s quality was again on display on the weekend. No way we would have nicked that point playing so poorly for the majority of the match without him between the sticks… People put out these predictions earlier in the season. Yet somehow we’ve played nearly all the big boys and still only 2 losses!

      1. Trevor says:

        I reckon we will not pursue a new def mid in jan or next summer, I reckon Wenger will gauge Bielik possibly arriving in the first team as early as next season. He will get promoted for sure, whether it is next season or the one after is the question, an injury to Coquelin and a few good performances from the Pole is also not too far fetched, with our luck it’s maybe likely.

        He is playing in defence as of now but I wouldn’t read anything other into that than learning where a CB would want you to stand or who to have pick up ..also communication.

    3. twinny says:

      You had been an Arsenal Kid since 1970???? No wonder you’d not been positive for once in your imaginations@arsenalkid1970

  2. Greg says:

    I pray that all our gunners remain injury free as long as possible, with no new injuries to follow in the new year! Coyg!

  3. RyoSila says:

    The last time i was on this site was when the transfer window closed. Two month later i check in, and guess what, ‘Fans’ are still talking about buying players!! WTF!!!

  4. tissiam says:

    i have to congratulate@JOSH37 for his comment!!it,s great to read a post that shows knowledge and understanding !!i wish they were more like this one!!

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