The one reason Dani Ceballos may not stay at Arsenal

There is one big obstacle that Dani Ceballos must overcome to remain at Arsenal

There are actually multiple reasons that the Spaniard may return to Real Madrid at the end of his loan spell but there is one sure way of ensuring he heads back home. Lack of playing time.

Ceballos is far from an automatic starter for Arsenal, he is in a mix of players fighting for just a couple of spots.

If we assume that the front three will generally be Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette and Nicolas Pepe we can then exclude Ceballos as a forward.

Midfield is the most likely area the 23-year-old will be deployed and there are in reality, just two places up for grabs.

Granit Xhaka at this time is a certain starter and Matteo Guendouzi is fast becoming an Emery favourite. So. in all reality there is just the one spot free and multiple players vying for the place. Joe Willock and Lucas Torreira are both right in the mix and competition is fierce.

Emery likes to mix his selections up but even then it means that opportunities are limited even further. Ceballos just cannot be sure of regular first team football.

He has started five of eight Premier League matches and been a sub in the other three but at the same time, he has been substituted every time he starts.

Maybe as time goes on Ceballos will establish himself as an automatic starter but if he does not then converting his loan into a permanent deal will be so much more difficult. I mean, if you were Ceballos would you want to sign permenently when you are not a regular starter?


  1. There is no option to sign at the end of the season. He goes back to Madrid whether he’s happy or not.

  2. Emery likes to just complicate things so that he remains in the eye or the storm. He wants to be a numpty “in his way, in his capacity” and does not care that he is killing a few careers to play his favourites.
    Ceballos had one good game against Burnley after which Emery did his best to undermine him, so he is better off going elsewhere. He is a #8 and nowhere near #10 talent requirement.

  3. Emery is proving what some of us know, heโ€™s a average club manager who played defensively

    I honestly cannot see him being here next year

    1. John0711, following on from your post that I agree with, there seems to be a problem for any player except Xhaka, Luiz and Soks who will be guaranteed playing time and Cebs will see this first hand as the season unfolds – from what the player said about our club, we should be looking to be in the driving seat if Madrid decide to sell him.
      The problem will be, how has UE managed him and what Madrid ask for him…in my oinion two negative situations and I just hope I am wrong, especially if the Ozil rumour proves to be true.

    2. Defensive??????? His biggest weakness and a tactical coach is defence. Extremely poor. Beautiful entertaining football at the highest level 20%, defence 10%, creativity 20%, players developments 30%, Man management 10% (he picks enemies everywhere he goes) tactical football analysis after a football match 20%. (He doesnโ€™t see what he does wrong during football matches) his player changes during games are mostly awful. I wish Arsenal Football Club well.

  4. Strange angle on this article. Daily Mail has an article, where Ceballos himself is telling how happy he is at Arsenal, and how his decision to leave Real for Arsenal has meant he is now selected for the Spanish national team.
    So, apparently coming here playing for us under Emery has done him the world of good ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway, as far as I know, his contract was deliberately without an “option to buy” clause, so it seems getting ceballos was made very difficult even before he arrived.

      1. I am quite happy to let the coach select, who his best players are.
        With all due respect, I think he is more qualified than most, and for sure more qualified than all of us in here ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. AnderS, well good luck with that then, because I’m not sure he knows himself who his best players are, even though, as you quite rightly say, he is more qualified than all the rest of us put together – just as our previous manager was, but with all due respect, that didn’t stop fans giving their opinions on matters.
          Let’s see how the season unfolds and I hope your optimistic views bear fruit.

          1. Thank you, then ๐Ÿ™‚
            I am also quite happy, if we now have a situation where the manager/coach is only here as long as the results are satisfactory.
            As you say, let’s see how the rest of the season unfolds.

          2. ken1945 Emery unlike Wenger he is giving our young lads a chance Wenger gave them away at our expense get behind the manager he wants his team, not Wengers cast-offs so wait and see then you can moan if he does not deliver


    Well I think Ceballos will leave next summer cause we have too many young midfielders already.

    Willock, Guendouzi, Torreira, E. S-Rowe this players should be able to handle the midfield in the future.

  6. From your analysis, you clearly have a coaching badge and huge football management experience! You should put in your application, when Emery is sacked.

  7. Admin Martin,

    Your premise that only “two places” in Midfield is available, following your assertion that the forwards are “Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe” is conspicuously disingenuous and somewhat corrupt; Emery generally uses a 4 2 3 1 with Lacazette upfront with Saka, Aubameyang and Pepe behind or Emery “Tinkers” with Aubameyang up front with Saka, Ceballos/Torreira and Pepe behind; where neither Ceballos nor Torreira are effective or efficient as No.10s.

    Ceballos is an established efficient and highly effective No.8 as he exhibited in his MOTM performance against Burnley and Torreira was bought in as a No.6 where in this position he excelled against the game at Craven Cottage when the Arsenal Fans Sang a Song in his name and ” we got our Arsenal Back”

    Unai Emery “The Tinker Man” bereft of effective tactics and not yet, after 55 games, sure which players to use in which position or which formation to use against any given team and allowing his “Personal Relationships” to hinder “Player Selections” is the pivotal detriment to Arsenal.

    It is patently clear that even by Emery “The Tinker Man”s recokning of “High Energy” “High Press” that Xhaka does not fit in the scheme as Xhaka is slower than a “Sloth” as without Xhaka Arsenal excelled against Forrest. and Only scraped through with Xhaka against Bournmouth.

    As Ceballos cannot last 90 minutes, then Ceballos/Willock with Guendouzi/Torreira will make up the two positions.

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