Next four league games will determine if Arsenal are in a relegation battle

As ridiculous as it sounds Arsenal are very close to being in a relegation dog fight.

As things stand right now, Arsenal is on 19 points after 15 games. There is every chance they could pick up no points in their next four games. That means they would be behind schedule to reach 40 points at the halfway stage of the season.

Now, before anyone starts claiming I am being overdramatic, think about it like this.

Last four Premier League games

Leicester City away – title challengers – no points
Southampton home – bottom three, conceded nine goals at home to Leicester City – one point
Norwich City away – bottom three – one point
Brighton hone – mid-table – no points

So, just two points including against two bottom three sides and a team that barely survived relegation last season.

Now, look at our next four games

West Ham – recently beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge
Man City home – no comment required really
Everton away – revitalised under Duncan Ferguson and stuffed us last season
Bournemouth away – always capable of beating top teams on their home patch.

Now, a quick disclaimer, I have deliberately put those comments in to highlight the dangerous position we are in and how it is far from a given that we pick up any points.

I could easily have written how poor West Ham have been, that City is not the City we saw last season, how one good result for Everton could easily be a fluke and Bournemouth themselves are not in good shape.

But in all fairness, Southampton, Norwich and Brighton were in bad shape when we faced them and the point that I am trying to make is a simple one. Arsenal could easily end that four-game sequence still on 19 points.

Now, if we do beat West Ham this evening, get a positive result against Everton and Man City, let’s say draws for an example and beat Bournemouth then we would be on 27 points and no longer in serious danger of being in a relegation dog fight.

That would mean the club could focus on the Europa League, accept the Premier League is done for a season and work on getting it right for next season.

The next four games are absolutely critical. Lose tonight and the pressure will be on massively. Win and that pressure will be significantly eased.


  1. Would Kroenke still want to own us if we went down. A full blown catastrophe might be the answer to alot of problems.

    1. He won’t sell even if we get relegated. Arsenal’s value as an asset is still quite high at the moment as compared to when n how much he bought it for. If we stay in lower division for maybe 4-5 years then he will start panicking as his profit margin will get quite thin untill then he won’t loose sleep over it.

  2. Scary though it is, the reality is that we might find ourselves competing at the very bottom of the league before the board wakes up to the disturbing reality. We need help in January, especially in defense and in midfield. Many players need to be moved on. This team is unbalanced. we have no striker who can bully opponents especially in away games. A Giroud or Sanchez type up top is needed plus a midfielder who can glue things together like a Carzola type. Finally, we need help in Central defense. January cant come sooner

  3. Well Admin, I have posted enough now so people know I am gloomy on Arsenal. However, I really hope that your optimistic scenario reveals itself today with a win and then some decent results over the other three games. I would be very happy to be laughed at in a few weeks for being too negative, crying wolf and such!

    1. I believe the way things are going n the loss of confidence n bad vibes surrounding the whole club it is not easy to come out of. So we are for sure in a relegation battle. We have quality n name not to be involved in lower position survival battle but things don’t look good. We seem to have domino effect at de moment n I really fear before we get hold of the situation it will be too late. All the blame goes to owner n board they should have reacted sooner when UE was stringing along all the bad results n even now they should have appointed a proper manager but again they are sleeping. We are running on bandages for some time because of lack of footballing interest n poor managemnt on board level. I am afraid wound is open now n there is no quick fix.

  4. Owner n de board should have been pro active not reactive …they r hardly even reactive they r just busy counting their money n value of their shares. Our position in league table today is all down to the ppl upstairs, all they can think about is not spending anything n putting the money in their bank account.

  5. Despite not winning for a long time we are still just 4 points of European places.
    If Arsenal lose all the next four games,teams below us will lose most of their games also.
    Then we have a softer run of games and could still challenge for top 6.
    Relegation talk is just click bait.
    Expecting a good Arsenal win this morning kick off 9am Tues (our time)
    Freddie is da man to take us forward.

  6. The lineup is out. No Luiz. Much better all round.

  7. I like this line up just 3 players I would take off, Ozil, Xhaka, Sokratis for Lacazette, Guendouzi and Holding if fit respectively.

    I hope we win today

  8. Pity Holding is still unfit to take over from Sokratis .Regardless of the result I give FL credit for taking the decision to drop Lacazette who has been a shadow of himself this season.I think our front three will cause them real problems.

  9. Apologies for yet again talking about what to do with Auba’s transfer money.

    I just saw that both Verthongen and Alderweireld are out of contract in the summer.
    Who thinks it would be a great idea if we nicked at least one of them? They’re both in their thirties, they shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, even when a fierce rival is shopping. I’m not saying let’s get both of them, but one of them definitely.

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