Arsenal can afford unhappy Neymar

I don’t know if you saw it earlier this month Arsenal fans, but the details of the Brazil international star Neymar’s contract with La Liga giants Barcelona were leaked and although the fantastic forward cost the Catalan club a lot of money to sign him from previous club Santos in Brazil, his wages are surprisingly low.

As reported by The Mirror, Neymar’s basic salary is less than £4 million per year and although there are performance related bonus payments on top of that, the Brazilian is earning nowhere near what his team mate Lionel Messi gets and that could be why there are a growing number of transfer rumours suggesting that this season could be his last at the Nou Camp.

The Spanish press are saying that this is why the player’s form has deserted him of late, after a stunning first half of the season. And of course the cash laden Premier League is the favourite to be the destination for Neymar if he does move in the summer.

So although that does not mean that he will be coming to Arsenal, Neymar must have noticed how well his friend and former team mate Alexis Sanchez has done in England and if not, the Chilean will probably have told him as a report in The Mirror reveals that they were spotted together in London this week after the Barca star came to the PFA awards.

I wonder if Arsene Wenger knew they were meeting up and if so, do you think he asked Alexis to put a word in for a possible transfer to Arsenal?

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  1. Neymar can go to practically any club and he’ll certainly go to one that wins torphies. Besides the board said we can afford anybody buy Messi and Ronaldo, so I guess we’re not gonna do any trasfers!

    OT it’s funny to think 4 million a year is a low wage, considering how much of us it would take to reach that number together…

    1. Low compared to Messi, I think that’s what the author meant, also it’s very low compared to the deluded one who gets paid 8m a year to compete for only 4th and is considered a succes for 10 years.

      Neymar will go to may be City, Bayern or PSG. We are not that ambitious to attract such a top top quality who’s hungry for trophies and success

      1. I had a coffee with Neymar
        at Costas in Oxford last month
        and he said he is happy at Barca.
        If he does move it will be to Stoke.

    2. Right, I’m sorry to brake it down for you guys, but this is like the 40mil+1 misconception based on wrong facts. Not blaming the writer but this is exactly what you get when you read The Mirror too much.

      Barca are huge tax evaders and in Spain bonuses have a lower tax rate than the salary. If guys at Mirror read the leaked contract it full they would see that Barcelona is promising lots of add-ons and bonuses on top of the salary and in case Neymar wouldn’t qualify to achieve 45,9 mil EUR in 5 yrs, they agree to pay the remainder. Here you go (I’m a lawyer, I should know).

      And please, save your breath and stop dreaming about Neymar.

      1. Aldo, thankyou for the informed comment.

        Typical of the press, look at part of the information and come up with a story.

  2. Pointless article!! 50secs of my time gone! why will i wonder if Wenger has any idea bout it?
    write an informative article…this is nothing

  3. Why exactly do you think he would want to come to Arsenal again?

    Chelski, yes: Man U: quite possibly
    Arsenal: no

    Unless he is used as a tool by Stan and Arsene Ada tool to appease the foolable fans…then…

    1. Neymar would be a tool to fool people?. Well I’m all for that, if being fooled means signing the worlds very best players, well then Arsenal, please fool the crap out of me.

  4. We can keep dreaming on Neymar…

    1. Barca wont really sell him
    2. If he ever went for sale we wouldnt put in a serious bid
    3. Why would he want to go to a club that is happy with just 4th???

  5. Lewandowski makes just £20,000 pw more (at £160k pw) than Walcott and Ozil (140k pw) so we can afford him too.

    But would Neymar, Lewandowski, Aubemeyang, Reus or even the likes of Lukaku, Mahrez, Morata actually WANT to come to us, especially with Wenger in charge (if Wenger made a decent offer for any of them)

    1. When I say “afford ” I’m going by what Gadizas and Wenger said last year. They answered yes to whether we can pay a player over £200,000 pw.

      1. Of course Mahrez and Lukaku would. Lukaku must look at Arsenal chances created and think I could do well there and maybe my goals could count for something in the end. All strikers would be aware of this. The huge names though, why would they want to leave the biggest clubs to move to a not quite so big club, you know the answer already, they wouldn’t. As for the Dortmund players, we could get them but only if the giant clubs stayed out of it, and only if we began filling other positions in a like for like way.

  6. I think anyone with an inkling of how things work within football and more specifically how they work at Arsenal will know this is never going to happen. To prize Neymar from Spain while Messi is nearing his end would take allot more than Arsenal have ever spent in one season. Even if a club did offer to set a new transfer record I don’t see it happening, Neymar leaving when Messi close to retirement would mean the board and the manager among others all get thrown out of Catalonia.

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