Neymar to PSG the end of Arsenal’s Mbappe transfer hopes?

It has not been just Arsenal that has been linked with a summer transfer swoop from the young French sensation, although I bet there have been more Arsenal transfer rumours about Kylian Mbappe than we care to remember. And while it was always going to be tough to get him at least the chance is still there.

The latest comments from Arsene Wenger made it clear that he thought that nobody would be signing the 18-year old this summer and that he would spend another season with his current club AS Monaco. There are a number of obstacles to overcome with Mbappe and not just the mega money it would take for Monaco to sell.

Real Madrid were thought to be favourites but their strong competition for places in attack meant that the young player was put off as he feels that he must play and none of his suitors seemed able to offer the complete package, until now that is.

According to a Daily Mail report the other Spanish giants Barcelona could be about to enter the fray, using the money they receive from the reported sale of Neymar to PSG for almost £200 million.

If they do sell the Brazilian then his place will be available for Mbappe as well and that could well be that for any lingering hopes Wenger had of bringing him to Arsenal.



  1. Why are people still banging on about Mbappe?! Surely the Lacazette signing ends any idea of that transfer for years, possibly forever, especially if Mbappe joins the likes of Barcelona/Real in the next couple of years.

    Wenger doesn’t play with two strikers at the same time. The only way I could see the deal happening is if Lacazette flops hard this season, and Wenger moves for Mbappe next season. But that’s very unlikely given the fact Wenger likes to give players the best part of a decade to prove themselves.

  2. Arent you guys tired about those un realistic dreams. Mbabbe was a targed last year, but Wenger besides doing his best failed to get him, so now he is out of reach and you know what. So what. Thats life. This is not the first time we have missed on potential super stars. Wenger needs to let money speak as his french charm is rotten to the core and does more damage than it helps. No one wants to play for le frog, as his french charm means nothing at all nowdays. Let money do the tllk as the world knows that we are like….Trapatoni calls it.

    Like an emty bottle.

    1. Clearly you are a young person. I think Wenger is brilliant at what he does ‘business’. You dont know the world of football Wenger is a genuine block and plants seeds and sometimes they play for Arsenal other times they play for other big clubs but still hold respect for Arsenal with a possible chance of joining us in the future. Thats called playing a long game ‘investment’. Arsene is close to the Mbappe family and acted as more as an advisor with an offer of joining Arsenal. The football world are not all voltures Mbappe has a good head. If Madrid never come calling he will be at Arsenal one day if Wenger is manager. After all that I still think Arsene should have moved on.

      Just think before u speak!

      1. Ozil is a prime example of what you said, Ozil himself said there is only 1 number he wanted to call when he decided to leave RM and that was Wengers because he respected the man when Wenger tried to get him before.

  3. If Mbappe is sold any remaining chance we have for Lemar surely must be reduced to near zero.

    1. If they sell Mbappe then they will sell Lemar too. Man City just got a £40 million rejected for Mendy and Monaco responded by asking for the same amount that City paid for Walker.
      Monaco have a sausage factory full of young potential stars. Even their manager made a statement about regarding this. It’s all about promoting their youngsters and making a ??? load of money, whilst keeping the team competitive. That sounds like a Stan and Wenger plan but one that is actually working for Monaco. ?? I bet they’re envious?

  4. At least we won’t be facing any transfer bans:

    Bryan Swanson @skysports_bryan
    Understand Monaco’s complaint to FIFA over Mbappe relates to alleged conduct of Manchester City and PSG, not Arsenal. #SSN
    6:11 PM · Jul 20, 2017

  5. Wenger didn’t even bid on him. He said that himself. He also mentioned the word “dreams” if I remember correctly when answering whether he bid or not.

    It was over before it began

    Let’s hope Lemar comes through
    Lemar, Ozil, Alexis and Lacazette should be enough as far as our offense is concerned

    If Alexis is sold, let’s hope Wenger gets someone else.

  6. Gooners will do well this season. There will be no more signings as long as we keep Sanchez. We never spend over 100 millions in one season. Arsenal does things the right. Arsenal doesn’t have unlimited funds like man U, man City, Chelsea, PSG, Real, and Barca. Not even Bayern

    1. Well our net spend currently is 35 million pounds. Add funds from Gibbs, Jenkinson, Debuchy, Ospina, possibly Elneny and Wilshere and we are already on the plus side.

      Then adding Goretzka who’s out of contract next summer and a forward and voila, our net spend won’t exceed 60-70 million!

      1. The Elneny story is BS, not saying they wouldn’t want him of course they would. But it’s BS coming from that Daily Cannon who make up the silliest of click bait, they invented click bait.

    2. Wasn’t there a time when we buy three players for combine fees of about 30 mill ,yet last season we spent about 100 mills and we even got lacazette for 50miill now.come on mate ,things are changing ,so I beleive more players are comming regardless of sanchez situation.besides we spent 50m so far.

  7. If real do come in for the player than I think they have the pulling power and money to get him. Let’s face it, the Spanish big teams can out bid most teams in the world and if you are moving to bacca or Real Madrid you have a 50/50 chance of silverware.

    Not sure we have room for lacazette and mbappe I’d we stick with a 3-4-3 formation.

  8. The only way we could have signed Mbappe is if we bid 150m the day after Monaco season ended. They have sold so much and prices have gone so high that it might take more than 150m to get him.
    It will be very short sighted if we sell Chambers. The guy will end up a good center back and we will need those next summer. Per will be done, Kos will be 32 (He keeps talking about wanting to play for Marseille) and if Gabriel doesn’t get enough games this season, he might be pushing for an exit.
    Chambers, Holding and Gabriel will make for a good Thursday night back three. At worst, please loan him but Do not sell.

  9. We haven’t really spent a lot this summer if you take into account how much we will probably get in selling players.

    However, Arsenal have spent a lot on salaries though

    Kolsanic was a free transfer (but salary is around £140k-150k per week)
    Lacazette £52 million (£200k per week)
    Ozil’s salary should be around £250-300k per week

    The £52 million spent on Lacazette can be wiped out by selling Gibbs, Chambers (if crystal palace shell out £20 million) Debuchy, Jenkinson, Lucas, Szczesny and maybe Wilshere.

    I still think getting Lemar, a top CM and CD would not be a bad idea.

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