Nicholas Pepe’s amazing double saves Arsenal’s blushes (plus video)

Arsenal were in serious danger of embarrassing themselves by losing to the Portugese minnows Vitoria last night, until Pepe’s amazing double free-kick show came to the Gunners rescue, with the final winner coming deep into stoppage time.

He saved Unai Emery from even more abuse this morning as Arsenal were 2-1 down with just 15 minutes to go, against a team with zero points and zero goals in the group before this game, but were fully deserving of their lead. But then Emery swapped Lacazette off and set us up for Pepe’s amazing double to win us the game.

This is what Emery said about it on after the game: “Every player, usually, they need time to adapt. Pepe is a very good player and we believe in him, totally. The way he’s going, sometimes he feels better, sometimes it’s with more difficulty on the pitch. It depends on the opponent. He’s improving and tonight those two goals are really important for us first, and then secondly for him. He’s continuing the adaptation in his process and as soon as he can adapt, that’s better for us.

“We are very happy for him and for us because those two goals, from two set-pieces, were perfect. He was trying a lot of set-piece shooting on the training ground last week and I was watching his shooting, because I was also positive in that situation when we can have players like Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ceballos or others to shoot. The most important thing is the three points and that some individual players can improve, that they can take confidence for us and for them.”

It always takes time for players to adapt to the Premier League and a new country, but it looks like Pepe has finally arrived. And I don’t believe it “depends on the opponent” as there are few keepers in the world that would have saved those free kicks!

Anyway watch them here and see for yourself….


  1. The problem is UE and not the players. I was one of those people that criticised Ozil for saying he’s not a manager but it’s evident now.

  2. Happy for Pepe. Let’s hope this unlocks his potential for the PL from open play.

    TBH had expected a more dominating performance from us. The EL seemed to be our only bright spot in terms of the way we played with some level of aggression and determination.

    I was a bit surprised at Tierney’s defending for the first goal but he is definitely superior to Colesinac in terms of crosses into the box. Great assist on the first goal.

    1. How can we put blame on a player who was miles away from the player with the ball, where were the CBs and midfielders. IMHO, Tierney has had 100% performance wise since his debut as an arsenal player.

    2. @Truth
      It wasn’t just the 1st goal. Dude was gettin skinned all night, so even with Saka helping him…

  3. To be honest emery’s method is beyond what Ozil or any player can redeem, i am happy for Pepe and I wish him and all our players success, but not under this coach. We scraped through yesterday, and that was a team we could have played well with one eye close (not practically) we have these wealth of talents but Emery lack class, method, tactics. He just does not understand what football need, he doesn’t understand what premier league need, and he doesn’t understand what fans want from him as a coach. Things can only be like this for a while. It will end badly for him because am sure he can not go to bed and think he is doing fantastic at Arsenal Football Club. But then he is deluded. (1) Fans will eventually get tired and have a say (2) empty seats might have a say (3) the board might do something. All in all Emery is not going to be very long at Arsenal unless he brings in good results and better performances.

  4. Team v Crystal
    Chambers Socritis Luiz Kolasinac
    Xhaka Guendouzie, Ceballos
    Pepe Aubameyang Saka.
    Martinez Bellerin Holding Tierney Torreira Willock Lacazette/Martinelli.

      1. TBF Declan ,his posts are usually full with weird stuff but I think he’s right on his squad ,we know Emery likes his favourites and that is exactly the team I think will face palace bar Laca for saka maybe .
        If he does play that team
        emery as only got himself to blame if we lose

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