Nicolas Pepe fires Arsenal to victory but Spurs spoil the party

Arsenal secured the win against Brighton this evening, but there is little room to celebrate as Tottenham came back from 2-1 down to win 4-2.

The Gunners started the game off slowly despite a positive line-up being fielded, but it didn’t take long for our side to take control of the possession.

The attacking players were causing all sorts of problems in and around the Seagulls’ playing area, but the finishing wasn’t quite where it should have been.

Rob Sanchez’s blushes were saved by the crossbar twice, but it wasn’t until after the half-time interval that Arsenal finally broke the deadlock.

It was our in-from man Pepe who scored the opener, picking up Calum Chambers pass into the box, before taking just two touches to smash it home.

Before we could recover from the celebrations, the Ivory Coast international had doubled our lead, and it was the same combination with Chambers playing Pepe in behind the defence from just inside the half, and he used the space given by the defender to place his effort out of reach of Sanchez in goal.

The players appeared to have relaxed a little after our second, with both Pepe and Partey trying to go in search of a goal, but it wasn’t to be.

Martin Odegaard got an ovation when he was replaced by Gabriel Martinelli in what appears to be the Norwegian’s final appearance in our famous Red & White, but as the dying minutes were ticking down, we heard that Spurs had not only levelled the scores at 2-2, but gone 3-2 ahead at Leicester.

Nicolas Pepe has firmly dashed his ‘flop’ tag this term, and has earned the right to be considered a regular starter in recent months, and his two goals today.

And I’ve just heard that Gareth Bale has cemented his side’s victory in the 96th minute to close out the win, and deny Arsenal European football for the first time in 25 years.


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  1. gotanidea says:

    Our 72 M winger has massively improved under Arteta’s guidance and tutelage. Almost all our players turned up in the second half, except Aubameyang

    I can see why Potter is highly rated. He can instill high confidence into Brighton players and he could be a tough opponent if he goes to Spurs

    Bissouma is a good tackler, but I don’t think he’d be a good partner for Partey. Xhaka’s passes to the left side were great and his replacement should possess similar ball distribution skills

    1. kev says:

      Potter is very good. Same with the Fulham manager too but their team makes them seem bad. If Brighton could finish they’d be way higher in the league and if he’s actually going to Spurs that is a worry for me. Bissouma actually has great distribution. If the team is going to operate with 4-2-3-1 then it is not wrong to sign someone like him and pair him with Partey and then use a proper free roaming 10. Its about the perspective. Partey is great with ball at feet and he’s way better than this season suggests. I’m Ghanaian too so I’ve watched him in a proper box to box role for the national team.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Partey was great and Brighton midfielders almost couldn’t touch him. About his new partner, I bet Arteta would try to get Carles Alena or Ivan Ilic

        1. kev says:

          Yeah but if you’re going 4-2-3-1 you need to realize no matter what those in the pivot should be defensively solid. I mean this is the EPL as we know. Bissouma is defensively solid and has great technical ability. If he’s cheap that would be a no brainer and he can even rotate with Partey. What would be interesting this window if we’d sign an AMF and which if so. That will tell us a lot of things.

        2. Skills1000 says:

          If Arteta manages this team next season, we wont make top5. It is not rocket science. We need a new manager

          1. Fabian says:

            where did Everton finished with their manager. anyway that is your opinion and view. managers don’t enter pitch to play the game. if a manager doesn’t have the right players to play his pattern he will not be a success.
            everyone started talking about tuchel forgetting the quality of players Lampard bought before the sack.

      2. Phenom says:

        @Kev, I agree with your comment on Partey. He’s way better than his performance this season. I think the Arsenal system didn’t favour his style. I am a Ghanaian too.

        1. kev says:

          Cool man. He is a really dominant player when at his best.

  2. kev says:

    I do tend to get these visions and yesterday in a dream I saw Nicolas Pepe score for Arsenal so I’m not shocked he was the only one who scored. Clearly the MOTM today with two great goals. I still have a big problem with his individual game but that’s for another day. I read Joe Willock is the 2nd Newcastle player apart from Alan Shearer to score in 7 consecutive games. The club had better not sell him. They need to put themselves in a position to know if he’s good enough either by giving him proper 1st team chances next season or giving him a full loan. Willock in his last season in the U23’s had double goals and assist as box to box so he is showing his ability and not just some unexpected event. His game is stats inclined. Arsenal should also get Bissouma next season to solidify the midfield and release any free roaming 10. Most clubs don’t have the midfielders in a pivot scoring many goals anyway. On a side note the Leicester vs Spurs match was exciting. Shame it ended that way though.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I also had a problem with Pepe’s ball dispossession in the game, but his finishing skill was fantastic in the last two matches. Willock should compete with Smith-Rowe for the CAM and left midfield positions

      1. kev says:

        Yeah that is Pepe’s problem and why I don’t think he’ll ever be good enough. For me when a player doesn’t have stats to hide behind and their individual game is not good you see people start critiquing them which is why Aubameyang is also heavily criticized because he lacks in several departments as has always been the case even when he was in the running for the golden boot.

        1. Reggie says:

          Kev, you are just waffling because you are wrong and cant see a good player when you see one. I’d try watching football. 4 goals in two games and Zaha scored how many? Personally i doubt Pepe will lose sleep over kev not appreciating him. Lol

          1. kev says:

            Oh please stop being petty. I called him the MOTM and I believe its not even the first time. Me not being a fan of a player don’t mean I can’t stay honest about them if they play good. Btw I judge players by looking at their individual game and not just stats which is why Auba has never been world class to me because though his numbers are great his game is far from world class. Same with Pepe, the game is not good enough for me.

          2. ArsenalGR says:

            Why you guys are talking about Pepe or Willock, the thing is we truly need to watch forward and see if we have a future under Arteta or if we need to get a more experienced manager. I can’t understand the sudden change on the overall performance of the team in the last 5 games. Judging from our potential I would give Arteta another year to try and bring us forward, with the addition of 2-3 quality players of course. Personally I’m glad we didn’t get into this Conference League, I believe it’s a total embarrassment for clubs like Arsenal to be playing in this competition and having to travel to all parts in Europe to compete with much lesser teams. Let’s concentrate on the league and see what we can do there next year.

          3. Reggie says:

            Kev, stop crying, there was a LOL at the end it was in jest. I know i know a good player when i see one.

          4. kev says:

            @Reggie Crying?? haha believe me I’m not. I’m African should even be proud to see him do well but as I always say stats do not tell the whole story. When we lay the stats aside can your game speak for you??I don’t hate him at all and if he’s the MOTM in other matches I’ll keep saying it but for me he falls short on his gameplay meaning he will be exposed with time like Aubameyang. Auba with confidence can still score lots though.

      2. siamois says:

        Year in year out Messi tops the charts of the top 5 Europeans league when it comes to dispossession and it has nothing to do with a lack of quality same thing with players like Hazard…the more risks you take the likelier you are to lose possession!

        1. Reggie says:

          Si, its about what you can actually do to influence a game, however you do it.

          1. Defund The Media says:

            Precisely reggie, good ball retention means sweet FA if you only average a goal every 5 or so games or an assist every 9-10 games or have 1 player of the month award in your entire career like zaha.

          2. siamois says:

            True that!

          3. ozziegunner says:

            Reggie, I’m with you; Pepe scoring goals to help Arsenal win games is all that counts. He is an attacking player running at defenders; Ge will be dispossessed at times.
            Excellent game by Chambers, highlighted by his crossing.

    2. kats says:

      To be fair, we do not deserve Europe play and is good news. Now we may see changes at the club.

    3. jon fox says:

      And lets not overlook that when Shearer played he had far better teammates than Willock has right now. So JW’s 7 in 7 is worth more than Shearers , IMO.

      For stats to have proper meaning they need proper context, dont you agree!

      1. jon fox says:

        This was in reply to KEV’s post timed at 5.59pm.

      2. ozziegunner says:

        👍 If Joe Willock wasn’t an Arsenal player, some people on JA would be clammeing to buy him. I hope to see him running free in an Arsenal shirt next season.

  3. Sue says:

    HH… where are you??

    1. Dan kit says:

      Have you totted up the scores sue ?
      I’ve looked but waiting for some one else to do the dirty work 😂
      Had a few beers it just happy we won .

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        Nothing has changed much. You have outscored us this week at a glance.

        1. Admin Pat says:

          Hey I got 3 correct scores of 2-0 including Arsenal. Surely I must have got above 25th?

          1. Highbury Hero says:

            Sorry Pat but Ernie has outscored you by 1 point and increased the gap by 5 points.

            You are in good company though with Arteta for missing out on Europe.

          2. Phenom says:

            You are still behind me @Admin.

      2. Sue says:

        You won, Dan, obviously, so very well done to you and if I’m right HH and I are joint second!! 🍻🍾🏆🎉🥇🥈
        I was on 13 points at one point and then Newcastle and West Ham scored again!! 🤪

        1. Highbury Hero says:

          I think it is correct Sue. I have checked twice now we are tied! A perfect ending! I am happy I didn’t lose the second place I was very afraid of that.

        2. siamois says:

          13 points that’s way more than what the UK got last night in the Eurovision!😂

          1. Sue says:


    2. Highbury Hero says:

      Hello Sue. I have just settled again. Had to go out briefly in the middle of the first half.

      1. Sue says:

        Well done to you also, HH. It’s been brilliant!!

        1. Dan kit says:

          Yea I saw the 9points you had sue for the 3 correct scores then they started to come come in for my advantage then Newcastle scored for the only one I got right 👍
          It’s been fun but TBh some of the players didn’t play each week ,hopefully next season everybody plays from the outset and it should be fun ,enjoyed this more than actually watching us this season so big ups to Dan because that must be like a part time job for him .

          1. Highbury Hero says:

            Agreed. One of the things I was looking for on Fridays! A successful first season hoping for even better 2nd.

            Some not playing every week or not starting from week 1 does not take anything away from your performance. You have been brilliant! There was a time you had like 50 points gap.

          2. Sue says:

            Yes, me too, Dan, much more excitement in this than what was going down at the Emirates!!
            Dan has been a star in keeping this up to date every week, really looking forward to next season!!
            Well done, Champ!! 👏👏

            Btw, Dan, have you watched ‘Army Of The Dead’ on Netflix? Great film!

        2. Highbury Hero says:

          Congratulations to you and Declan and Dunchirado. It has been a tight race (at least from 2nd to 5th).

          1. Sue says:


          2. Declan says:

            Wow a tie for 2nd which I called wrong earlier. Well done HH and Sue for joint second and well caught up Dunchirado. Big ups to Dan Kit for the overall win 👏👏👏.

          3. Dan kit says:

            Watched it sue and watched the trailer about 6 times before it came out and was so disappointed with the film ,so many weird plot holes and the daughter was so fcking annoying as well ,was hyped to Fck with that trailer as well .
            Started a new series last week on bbc iplayer called snowfall ,new favourite for me ,its about the cocaine start up in the 80s Los Angeles ,loving it Atm 4 series as well ,on second season now ,but like the wire crossed with the 90s rap films with TU PAC .

          4. Sue says:

            After watching the trailer, I didn’t think I’d like it, but did!
            Snowfall – I saw the first season.. have never looked the same way at a straw since 🤣🤣

    3. Sid says:

      Congratulations Dan, Sue, HH, Declan and Dunchirado! To be honest the prediction league was the most exciting league among the top European leagues this season😂😂
      The closest was La Liga before those catalan losers bottled it😂😂

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        Thank you Sid. Good luck for next season. Hope to see you up there on top.

        1. Sid says:

          Thanks. Have to bring my game next season lol. Just like Arsenal am off the top by 40 odd points😂

      2. Sue says:

        Aww, cheers Sid!! Haha, I agree!! Plus, we were consistent 😂
        At least we have this to look forward to next season, if nothing else hehe!!

        1. Dan kit says:

          Haha yea the straw scene was a new one on me and the misses ,looked at each other as to say maybe just maybe we should live a little 😂

          1. Sue says:


  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Disappointing that Spurs finished above us again, but I honestly think they’ve done us a MASSIVE favour!

    Arsenal are pathetic in Europe anyway, so we’re not missing anything, and this now allows to fully focus on the league.

    Great end to the season, roll on the Euros!

    1. kev says:

      It’s an underachiever’s trophy. When you think about it the only reason why Europa league is rated is because something is better than nothing. Over the past 20 years when you look at how we’ve qualified for the UCL and got past the round of 16 not winning the Europa can’t really be held against the team but at the same time it’s painful because they don’t have a modern European trophy.

      1. RSH says:

        europa league is put on when champions league isn’t on. The quality if Europa League itself is very questionable in the group stages. Imagine that throughout the entire competition. Spurs wont even have Bale or Kane. Not sure who is going to be watching. This conference league is just a strange move from UEFA. Not really sure anybody is going to watch it and wont be surprised if it becomes a defunct competition shortly. First time in a long time there wont be regular midweek games for Arsenal. If Arteta doesnt get a fast start to the season I dont think he lasts past December. The goal of Arsenal is to get back to champions League. I’m not lowering my standards just because Mikel is an amateur and Kroenke’s dont care. Them consistenly not meeting standards of the club wont make me accept our decline.

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          I didn’t like it when they got rid of the Cup Winners Cup, in favour of just two European competitions, so I don’t mind the Europa Conference. It gives smaller clubs the chance of European competition, and success.

          My issue with it, as with the Champions League, is yet again, clubs that fail in the Europa League, then drop down to this Conference.

        2. kev says:

          Maybe its Arsenal’s fault that we’ve always qualified for the UCL at least up until 2017 that we couldn’t win the Europa. I never held it high esteem and will never because of the way you qualify for it.

          1. RSH says:

            i’ve never minded the europa league even when we avoided it for the longest time. I think i only held it in lower esteem when the winner didn’t get automatically promoted to UCL. I think that made the competition much more interesting.

    2. Goonerboy says:


      You’d probably regret this next season. Imagine not having having European nights on JA, fewer opportunities for our youngsters, I am really gutted.

      Having said that, I agree that focusing on the league may do us some good next season, there is absolutely no excuses for Arteta next season.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        I get that it’s great for blooding some youngsters, but I just think it does Arteta more a favour than anyone.

        Since day one, he’s barely had time to formulate ideas, and find himself as manager given how Covid changed everything, but now he finally has his first ever pre-season as a manager this summer, and now, no mid-week games to deal with.

        Like you say, no excuses next season, and we’ll never have a better chance of a top four finish, and dare I say…a crack at the title?

        1. Goonerboy says:

          Valid points as usual Thirdman especially your second paragraph. I really want Arteta to succeed. He alongside Edu must get their recruitments spot on this summer.

          Personally, I would bring in at LEAST TWO out of Buendia, Aouar, and Fekir, then add Bissoma to any of the two. We need a surgery in that midfield, “litter” the team with creative players and we are good to go!

          After that, Arteta needs improvement in some key areas which would be discussed much later.

      2. RSH says:

        i’d agree if he arteta used the youngsters more. Saka was effectively a 1st team player, though to your point im sure europa league matches have helped with his development. Still, lack of Balogun being used this season was a big talking point. Willock and Nelson played very little. We were effectively using it to give our 2nd string players more playing time. Not really advancing our youngsters. I do recognize the benefits of the extra games, but i think for where we are, focusing on just the league is maybe what is best for next season.

        1. Reggie says:

          Arteta had/has a massive blind spot for the youngsters we have at this club. What has disappointed me most is the fact Arteta didn’t go down the route of playing our youth instead of relying on players more “experienced” that has let him down. The fact he hasn’t played more youth is a big minus for me, we have quality under our own roof, that he ignored.

  5. Vish says:

    Pepe just needs to run at defenders instead of passing backwards. He needs to do it more frequently next season.

  6. Eddie says:

    Good Spurs result…. Saved us the embarrassment of playing that terrible conference league or whatever.
    Arteta and the boys got no excuse next season. More time for themselves and more time to focus on the league ta let alone to improve massively.
    Anything other than that is a failure

    1. Andrew Elder says:

      👍 Rather them than us!

  7. Sean says:

    Joe Willock abso brilliant and will welcome you back into the midfield to then let Elneny, Torreira, Matteo & Danny boy & Possibly AMN all go, though Niles has something too but Bissouma too good not to be in an Arsenal shirt.

    Luiz, Kolansic & Bellerin can all go too and we welcome back Saliba and 2 new wings backs.

    Looks like Willian, Eddie and possible Laca could almost be going, I’d add Auba to that list and keep Laca…

    1. ArsenalGR says:

      Spot on mate, I would keep AMN and Gouendouzi though and also keep Laca for experience. If we could get Auba off the cards it would be the icing on the cake, he’s been awful the whole year with very few exceptions. If he goes, we need another high-calibre player instead, let’s see who we can attract this summer.

  8. RSH says:

    Pepe’s decision making in dangerous areas getting much much better. Odegaard moved the ball very well today too. Still, wouldnt splash the cash to get him back and would just move on. Aubameyang, invisible. And he cant say he didn’t get some decent balls sent his way either. Very apparent we need a new striker this summer. Overall there’s not much to say that hasn’t been said already. Very very poor season overall and a campaign to forget. i dont think Arteta will be around past December next season, and I dont expect any miracles during the transfer window so that keeps us at Everton’s level on a good day. Not the best time to be a gooner, but we’ll stick it out.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Pretty much agree word for word RSH 👍

      The best I’ve seen us offensively all season but both teams had nothing to play for and potter gave us a lot more space than he usually would .

  9. Sid says:

    Good game. I think some of our through passes were really good. I think we should bring Ode back, atleast for another loan if Real agree. He had some really well placed through balls. One thing that might be worrying and MA should work on is our setpiece attacking play, and the tendency to waste wide position advantage with wasteful crosses. Hope KT cuts in more, or chooses a better option about 5 6 times out of 10 that he is in an advanced position. Same with ESR. Also point of correction being that it was Ode with the assist for the second Pepe goal, though with both being blondies, I can see why Patrick may have been confused 😂

    1. kev says:

      Our attacking play has really been bad this for most part this season. There were times you could call us ”Tierney and Hope FC”. Our attacking play lacks cutting edge and also I don’t know but this season our wingers have been very bad when it comes to actually taking on players. 11/12 Gervinho walks into this team

      1. Sid says:

        Yes, thats why I thought the numerous through passes and good movement today inspite of a somewhat mid to low block opposition were good. Thats why I think Ode would be better choice as he can create those passes frequently. Also at this stage, I dont want Pepe to run out wide and just run towards the goal if at all possible. Show him Thomas Mueller’s spatial play and coach him to get in good positions. The fullback can create those crosses, let him play more as an inside forward. I feel he can improve more and provide a good source of about 15-25 goal contributions per season this way.

        1. kev says:

          Yeah another year on loan for Odegaard to me is a good move but arguably Arteta’s biggest task next season is raising the confidence of most if not all our players because the squad is too low on confidence. Odegaard is the type who wouldn’t shine in such an environment. Yes, as you imply we are also poor at isolating opposition fullbacks. Our wide movement at times don’t make sense. Its like we are going in the wrong directions. As for Pepe he can dribble but I feels he’s at his best when the team is counter attacking or from recoveries. He doesn’t like flat possession else he does nothing.

  10. DaJuhi says:

    No European football. Another 8th place finish. Arteta out.

    But he won’t be fired so its going to be loooong summer.

  11. jon fox says:

    Thank God that Totteringham are now doomed to send a team to Godforsaken and unheard of places each Thursday next season, while we get proper time to work, unhindered by a nonsensical competition, on proper full time training. I am genuinely thrilled that we escaped that fate and that Spuds are stuck with it.

    Compared to that, the mere trifle of Spuds finishing above us on goal diference is of no consequence to what is important . And that importance in next season is whatever gives us an edge over our rivals, who all have to play far more often than we do.

    We will be pleased about this outcome, come next MAY. REALITY!!

    1. jon fox says:

      Actually Spuds finished a full point above us, not goal difference. WELL WHOOPEEE, I bet they are “thrilled”!

      1. Reggie says:

        You dont convince me jon, you are in denial.

        1. Reggie says:

          Jon, you dont like people who dont agree with you. You just insult them, you call people for their intelligence and their immaturity, you just slag people off because they care to think differently to you. People cant debate with you because you dont respect their views, thats why you call them names.

    2. Jimmy Bauer says:

      Cmon Jon ,not even you can predict the future..
      We were so upbeat about Arteta..
      See how that turned out..

    3. Highbury Hero says:

      On the positive note people in these godforsaken places are going to be happy watching a big team like Tottenham playing in their godforsaken stadiums.

      1. jon fox says:


  12. Stephanie says:

    I’m sooooooo happy we won. Sad that Spurs won but happy about Pepe

    Obviously we haven’t improved under Arteta yet again. 8th yet again

    If Arteta remains Manager then I will give 100% backing but he’s not good enough imo

  13. Sue says:

    Thank god it’s over, won’t be sorry to see the back of it. No European football though is just sinking in…
    Oh well at least I’ve got a few months now of normal blood pressure, no disappointment and nowt to rage about – bliss!!

    1. Declan says:

      Well done to Dan for winning the prediction league and I think you may have nicked 2nd off HH. Well done Sue.

      1. Sue says:

        Thank you, Declan, we ended up on the same points…
        Well done to you also!! Here’s to next season, hey?! 🍻

  14. Reggie says:

    Well its 8th then, pretty poor season and cant be glossed over. The Arteta lovers will get him next season on the back of a run of games at the end of the season that changed little and kronk not being fussed about Arsenal being a success. Bad days for Arsenal football club, the decline goes on!

    1. SueP says:

      Not a case of being an Arteta lover
      Ancelotti has been absolutely brilliant at Everton
      Tuchel got over the line thanks to Leicester imploding
      Any other top performing managers springing to mind apart from Pep? Liverpool squeaked over the line

      1. Reggie says:

        The truth is Sue, only one manager “succeeds” each season, the rest try to salvage. We have salvaged nothing.

        1. Reggie says:

          And yes Liverpool sqeaked over the line but they are squeaking in the CL again next year. Im sure they will be squeaking next season as well, top managers do that. Even Rogers has sqeaked to Fa cup and EL football.

          1. SueP says:

            Good points Reggie
            Do you know that Liverpool will be as successful next season getting over the line as they did today?
            You avoided Tuchel and Ancelotti
            Arteta in his first job wasn’t a disaster
            Not the outcome I’d hoped for but did the Everton hierarchy expect Ancelotti’s Everton to plummet?
            As you do rightly pointed out , there are only a very few prizes awarded each season

          2. ozziegunner says:

            SueP, if Arsenal suffering 13 losses in a season isn’t “a disaster” in footballing terms, I don’t know what is?
            Terry Neil lost 11 in a season and Unai Emery lost 3 in 8, resulting in both being shown the door.

  15. mogunna says:

    Looking at Spurs goal différence and Season messed up by Kane ans Son injuries, they abobe us deservly as much WE been pourly managed.

    Chelsea dis thé job in EPL and Leicester should make it if a UK team wins CL, if zlso wins EL, both being in CL, it should allow 5 teams in CL.

    Question, Can we have 8 teams in Europe or limites to 7th.

    League Cup being in top 4, Can thèse évents allow 8th spot in EL?

    Im so sadden by such. a débâcle’

    If Kroenke jeeps Arteta and Edu ; We been a mis table team all year!

    1. siamois says:

      Maximum of 7 British teams.

  16. Quantic Dream says:

    Pepe has REALLY improved!!!

    1. Siddhart says:

      Yeah, he seems more intent on getting in good positions then dribbling and running out wide and I hope he keeps it up next season.

    2. Sid says:

      Yeah, he seems more intent on getting in good positions then dribbling and running out wide and I hope he keeps it up next season.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Pepe, scoring with both feet.

  17. Jimmy Bauer says:

    A truly forgettable season..
    But of course we did the most Arsenal thing.. Turning up when there’s nothing to play for No more..
    We won our last 5 games …conceding 2 goals and scoring 11..
    Today was somewhat delicious to watch..
    Everything we want to see this team doing ..the did then today..
    Showed urgency from the word go.. Brighton were never in the game..
    We always seem to finish the season on a high..leading to much hope and optimism for the season ahead..
    Our hopes are usually dashed by November..
    We seem to be getting better results against the big boys over the last 2 seasons..
    Continue on that path and stop unnecessary losses and draws (like against Aston villa, burnley, wolves, crystal palace) and giving there is no European distractions…A cup trophy and Top 4 is the minimum we should achieve next season….HEART-WRENCHING SEASON BUT

  18. Adajim says:

    It’s now clear Brender Rodger isn’t the man we need, anyone who think otherwise is deluded, if you need a coach that will inspire the players and talk to them about character, he isn’t qualify, in 2 season his team spent majority of time in top 4. And still get thrown out , am sure if such happens in Arsenal to Arteta none of us would want to retain him.

    1. Sid says:

      Yup, I also think Rodgers is a nearly man and wouldnt want him at Arsenal. It is a thing that has happened about three times, if we take the last two seasons and the one when Liverpool were close to winning the title before they bottled it. I think his end of season management is not so good. If we have to replace MA I would think of someone like Hansi Flick or for continuity’s sake (similar vision hopefully), Graham Potter.

      1. Reggie says:

        Brendan Rogers has won the FA cup and finished in 5th, not bad for an unfashionable team. Better than us.

        1. SueP says:

          What did Leicester win last year?

          1. Reggie says:

            Leicester are not as big a club as us Sue p, what they do is get everything out that they put in for the size they are. They won the league not long ago and most people said it was a fluke. It wasn’t, it was a shock but Leicester have remained kicking above their station.

          2. Logic says:

            SueP, how much did Licester spend last year and this year? Truth is Licester and Everton have inferior squad then ours, still they out performed us even if you say by little but then even league titles are won over a single point. Remember only the name of winner goes on trophy and no one gives a toss about who finished runner up.

          3. SueP says:

            In reply to Logic and Reggie

            It’s fair to say that Leicester have spent a fair amount on rebuilding their team. Haven’t got the figures in front of me but it is still a tidy sum. Their recruitment has been superior that’s for sure. They also must have made good money from Chilwell and Maguire. Unlike us paying people to go
            As for Everton the owner has been splashing the cash. Ancelotti should have done much better with his experience

        2. Sue says:

          Not bad at all, Reggie, what we’d give for that, hey?! Forget last year, it’s the here and now that counts and we’ve won nothing!

    2. Reddb10 says:

      At least rogers fought for a place from day one and still qualified for Europe. Artetas Arsenal were never even in contention and we still didn’t sack him.

      1. Adajim says:

        Why do you want him sack?
        Just give me 2 reasons. Because he didn’t make too 4 or because he reach uel semi or because we loss out on uel on the last day?

        1. Adajim says:

          After a full season UE was given another chance, but got sack after consistent drop of form. Arsenal board have to do same with Arteta.
          He already bought the first half season with an FA cup glory, so his accessment start counting from this season, he has next season to convince everyone that he can get better .

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Arsenal in the second season under Emery, lost 3 games in 8 and had Arsenal in 8th position.

        2. Highbury Hero says:

          Which uel we lost on a last day?

          I think the table position is good enough reason but if you want more out of all cup competitions and the whole season we didn’t look like we are going anywhere.

    3. Kev82 says:

      I agree Adajim I wouldn’t have Brendan Rodgers, I think he’s a good manager but massively overhyped.. there’s better managers out there to be had.

      1. Reggie says:


        1. SueP says:

          You were singing his praises a couple of posts ago

          1. Reggie says:

            If you are posting me Sue, the agree was to HH, somehow it got in wrong slot. Me thicko Doh! Lol

          2. SueP says:

            That’s ok Reggie 😊

  19. Reddb10 says:

    We got what we deserved this season. No European football for the first time in 20 years because we lack ambition and stuck with a manager that is clearly in over his head.
    A big hit to the greedy yanks pocket though.

  20. Declan says:

    Take a look at Willock’s goal, reminded me of Vieira striding the length of the field to score.

  21. Sue says:

    Courtesy of twitter:
    Gabriel lost his tooth during the Arsenal post-match celebrations and is out here in the rain looking for it. #AFC staff members are also helping him!

    😄 Surely they must’ve found it right away what with how bleedin’ bright they are!!
    Plus, what exactly were they celebrating? Missing out on the Conference League?! 😜 hehe!!

    1. Highbury Hero says:

      Yes the celebrating piece is puzzling.

    2. Reggie says:

      I think it tells us everything we need to know about Arsenal today Sue. There most definitely is nothing at all to celebrate and everything to be sad about. Only people with no brains or in denial can have hope from the position we are in. I see only bad things while we have kronk, vinai, edu and Arteta in this club. Very very poor season what on earth is there to celebrate or look forwards too.

      1. Sue says:


    3. Dan kit says:

      Haha sue that tooth alone could power the whole of London for a week ,better than solar power energy.

      1. Sue says:

        🤣🤣 Brilliant!

  22. Grandad says:

    Good game to end on .We played some attractive attacking football against a Brighton side with 3 very decent centre backs.It seems pretty clear that Auba is not the player he was, and it would be interesting to see how Pepe would perform at CF, as he is most certainly a very good finisher.It would also prevent him giving away possession in dangerous areas.While I am not a great fan,I thought Xhaka had a very good game today as had Partey and ESR.The fact that we are not in Europe next season may prove to be a blessing in disguise, and should not be a big stumbling block to our recruiting a quality player like Bissouma for example.

    1. Declan says:

      Well said Grandad, I agree with everything 👏👏

    2. ozziegunner says:

      Grandad, I am still concerned about the impact the bout of malaria, may have had on Aubameyang’s form. It is a debilitating disease, stays in the blood and may recur.

    3. ozziegunner says:

      Agree Grandad, also Odegaard showed his class with his runs and passing.

  23. Sue says:

    Congrats to City and farewell Sergio!

    1. ozziegunner says:


  24. Matthew says:

    Congratulations pepe for ending the season on a high,that is the only positive for an underwhelming season overall

  25. David Rusa says:

    The major problem with many of our people is lack of analysis and putting things in their true perspective. If anyone does not see that Arteta is a young inexperienced coach who is still learning his trade then that person is a hypocrite! As any new man on the job, Arteta is learning and gaining experience.
    I strongly believe that next season Arteta will be much better basing on what we have seen so far. There has been remarkable improvement in our team’s performance since this year began. This can be arrested to by all unbiased observers. What needs to be borne in mind is the fact that EPL is very tricky for any new coach no matter his reputation with the exception of Jose Mourinho who was propped up by Roman Abramovic’s excessive spending. If the experienced managers like Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola and others could find the EPL challenging, how about an inexperienced one like Mikel Arteta? It is truly understandable except for those who refuse to face reality!

    1. Logic says:

      we hired Arteta to do the job not other way around so he can learn on the job how to manage a club, there is always some learning in every field of life but you have to be atleast on a certain level and certain things are expected of you when an employer hires you. We have not hired Arteta on an internship programme, to learn all skills on job. We are paying him proper manager salary.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Expensive “L” plates and lessons for Arsenal.

        1. Logic says:

          Yah Ozziegunner, I get really pissed when ppl say oh he is new manager and learning on the job so we should cut him some slack. Why? Did we sign him on some government scheme for work experience? NO!. I am sure we signed him because our dumb board thought he can do the job and Arteta must have ensured in his interview (hyping himself like we all do lol!) That he is the man for the job. I would not have had any issue with Arteta if we were giving him a trainee salary but we are not. It’s simple he was hired for a job and he failed.

          1. David Rusa says:

            Indeed Arteta started well and won the FA trophy and community shield. However. Perhaps it is his early achievements which made us too optimistic! However his inexperience later caught up with him.
            That notwithstanding, Arteta hasn’t done too badly. No realist expected him to perform miracles in his debut season. There were bound to be some setbacks along the way. The way the team has turned it around to finish the season with five consecutive wins is very commendable. If we build on this form next season we shall be much better.

    2. Logic says:

      Agree David, I did not expect him to perform miracle but then the minimum should have been to finish atleast on same league position as before. We are out if Europe and have been kicked out by much smaller team like Southampton and Villarreal in cups, that’s a failure for me. I never expected Arteta to win the league but this squad is good enough to be in top 4 and not get knocked out by smaller teams not to mentioned the disastrous results we have had against the teams at home who did not win against us for decades at our home.

  26. David Rusa says:

    Correction: attested instead of arrested.

  27. Raw1 says:

    Enjoyable watch other than aubemayang and xhaka … but getting excited about beating Brighton on the last day of the season in a desperate hope we might crawl above Spurs says everything about the wasted 18 months we have been through with a rookie manager who is out of his depth with the big boys … desperately need to strengthen the midfield with a proper AM and a solid but quick partner for partey … need a quality RB and a back up for Tiernay … will have to unload deadwood (of which there is a lot) which is just as important and will be a test of whether arteta has any chance of improving us … optimism of the will pessimism of the mind

    1. Grandad says:

      While I am not a great fan of Xhaka because of his lack of pace, I thought he played extremely well today.You obviously disagree , but perhaps you could let me know the areas where he was deficient?

      1. RW1 says:

        The two persistent faults on display again … doesn’t look for spaces to receive the ball calls for it when he’s covered knowing he won’t receive it and when he does the pace immediately slows down … symbolizes our decline under 3 managers … desperately need a proper support for partey who is a quality player currently being asked to go too much

    2. Reggie says:

      My worry is, is Arteta upto getting this team in top 4? Not while, Pep, Klopp, Rodgers, Tuchel and Solchaer are managing teams he isnt. I will not forget for a long long while Arteta losing to Emery when he had a better team than the man he replaced. For me he should have been sacked on the spot for that.

  28. Logic says:

    Can we now set the target for next season, what should be the expectation? What is labelled as success and what as failure? If we don’t set the target then there won’t be anything to work towards and we will be flying blind. The board should come out and tell fans what is the minimum target below which nothing is acceptable. I also think club should do like a quarter season analysis/review of Arteta’s performance and should not wait till end of season to sack him if things don’t go the way they should.

    1. TommyGun says:

      Publicly put pressure on the squad? Great idea. They know their targets. Why can’t we just support the team 100% and see what happens. Sounds as though you are counting down for disaster .

      1. Logic says:

        So you mean that accept what ever poor showing just in the name of team support? I don’t know why some ppl think criteria for loyal fans is to accept all the failure and do not question it. In this day and age when humans should be using more of their brian cells you are asking for blind following? Bravo!. The board did not think this year was a disaster as well other wise they would have sacked Arteta so is that fine with you and are you happy where we are? So what happen if we finish same or worse next season?. You can not put a moving target and ask other to manage their expectations. Every thing should be accountable, we are not running a charity and neither are we suppose to be trial ground for managers to horn their skills.

  29. Sean Williams says:

    A year too late. Time to get Brendan Rogers. Arteta plays the most boring slow football possible. Brendan Rogers please.

  30. TommyGun says:

    No excuses next season. Focus on the league, and hope to have a good preparation this summer. High hopes for Pepe next season. He might finally come good, amazing what confidence can do for you.

  31. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    I think my assessment of Arsena’s 2020-2021 Premier League season campaign, is the club has remained stagnat when it finished in the 8th placed position in the table. This is just like the club had finished in the 8th placed position in 2019-2020 season’s campaign. So therefore, Arsenal did not progress in PL in the 2020-2021 season that ended yesterday as the situation remained the same.

    In the FA Cup, Carabao Cup and Europa League Cup campaigns front in the season of 2020-2021 that is still in progress in the Europa League but with only a game remaining to fully ended. Arsenal have regressed in the FA Cup campaign in 2020-2021 season as they did not retain the FA Cup that they won in 2019-2021 season. And in the Carabao Cup campaign, they went out at the quarterfinals stage I think to Man City. But in the Europa League Cup campaign, they had a one step forward improvement on their 2019-2020 season when they were ousted at the quarterfinals stage in the competition as against their 2020-2021 season when they got to the semifinals stage of the competition.

    Now, Arteta has talked of rebuilding the Arsenal team that has failed us last season during the coming transfer window by getting some high caliber top quality new players signed for Arsenal and offload some other ones considered not suitable for the club. Which when the rebuilding exercise is completed as planned by him. Us are told we will see a great improvement in Arsenal’s standard of playing in the PL next season far over the club’s last season average standard of playing in the PL last season. Our hopes as Gooners are Arteta will keep to the promise that he has promised us. But not renege on it during the coming transfer window to not get his new summer signings for Arsenal right. And offload the right Gunners to leave the wrong one at the club next summer.

    But one positive us can take from our 2020-2021 PL campaign is the 5 games winning run that us had before the season came to a close, this 5 games winning run that us had hopefully will be carried forward to next season to continue having a very very long PL match winning run across two-season campaigns. Which if us achieved can ultimately lead to Arsenal win the PL title next season I so dream.

  32. Pepe says:

    Arteta is not new to EPL he has been around here for very long in different capacities

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