Nicolas Pepe hitting top form is worth waiting for

Nicolas Pepe needs time to find form and he is worth the wait

There is nothing wrong with questioning the performances of Nicolas Pepe. It is a valid thing to do, however, that does not mean that one should run out of patience.

If Pepe does not have a good game we reflect that in his player ratings and in articles but we also accept that some players need time.

It seems that Pepe is one such player, he has not hit the ground running and it will be a timely process. But when he does find his feet then the fireworks will begin.

We all know the stories about some players taking a long time to settle, Henry and Bergkamp are much-used examples of this. Then there are players that hit form from day one and players that never make it.

Which category Pepe is in we will have to wait and see but the evidence is that he will be a success and we will just have to wait for it.

How long is the big question and only Unai Emery will know the answer to that one, however, I get the impression he will give the 24-year-old all the time he needs.

It is difficult to be patient, especially when other players are playing so well and probably deserve a call-up but Pepe is so good he is worth the investment of time.

Arsenal is doing just fine right now with Pepe yet to make his breakthrough, imagine how good it will be when he does.

So criticise his performances all you want but continue to show patience, he is worth it.


    1. He’s shown flashes of ability on occasion. EPL is another level to the French league in terms of pace and physicality so hopefully with time he’ll adapt. I how the fans don’t get on his back as he needs to build confidence and form.

  1. Martin Keown reckons Lille are laughing all the way to the bank..

    How nice to see that Martinelli (in 2 games) has scored more than any Man United player! And to think they snubbed him!

  2. If he still can’t show any sign of improvement by the end of this season, sell him immediately with a discount price to cut losses

    He played well at big games in Ligue 1, but his bad performances in EPL shows that talent alone is not enough for such competitive league

    Adaptability and work ethics are also highly important to thrive. Pepe must realize that his position is not safe if he doesn’t improve his work on/ off the field, because he is still highly sellable

    1. I’m sure he will adapt. It’s only been a few matches. Some players adapt right away, some take time to adapt

      I’m sure Pepe is working hard to adapt and knows his position is in jeopardy. Plenty of time for him to get to his best. To early to make him a flop

      He has all the tools to be a success in the premier league: speed, passing, shot making

      Patience is the key

    2. gotanidea, my concern with Pepe, is similar to yours; he definitely has the ability, but does he have the drive, determination and work ethic to beat off the competition from players such as Martinelli and Saka?
      Competition for positions is a good situation for Arsenal to be in.

    3. We’ve really become the instant-noodles generation. We want everything now-now-now and can’t even have patience to give a player time to find his feet. It’s not as if he is the reason Arsenal’s performance has been wishy-washy. There are a lot of youngsters capable of filling that role while Pepe slowly boots up. Some players take a whole season to ignite. Think of Mo Sallah at Liverpool. Show patience, guys, and you will get your just rewards. Pepe is stellar talent.

  3. this is not fifa20

    players need time to adapt and settle

    the same thing was said to Henry and Auba previously….

    they settled and started performing

    1. auba hit the ground running immediately. pepe just need to work on his shot.his shot power look tame to trouble a keeper

  4. He should better do that fast as a certain Brazilian called Martinelli and boy called Saka are staking their claims for positions in the first 11.

  5. I am certain Pepe will hit the form of a lifetime when AFC badly needs his immense contributions, assists and goals . His dribbles, body movements and ball controls show how talented a footballer he is . We as AFC fans and supporters, along side his team mates just have to show him love in this his blending and transition period from French league 1 to the energy sapping English premiership.

  6. Pepe is a special player waiting to explode. If feel like he is trying to gauge the reactions of the fans and then start firing on all cylinders. From the Liverpool show to the current form? This guy is upto to something. He will explode very soon. Guys you will be shocked.

  7. He needs to start running on the pitch both forwards and backwards. His work rate is shockingly poor at the moment. You don’t need time to settle to adopt a good attitude. He better shape up or ship out.

  8. I like pepe, and I believe he will be at best soon..
    We should be patient. Try to think if sell him soon end of the season then he success in other club (or especially like MU/Spurs/Liverpool/City) so we will regret it..

  9. If Pepe fails then we no who should go (EMERY) That means he doesn’t get the best out of the players. Just like Sanchez When he left Arsenal for United Great player but crap manager Arsène Wenger would get the best out of him

    1. That’s the biggest nonsense.
      The likes of Auba, Laca, Saka, Ceballos, Martinelli, Tierney etc don’t seem tl have been failed by Emery.
      It’s all about player application (work ethic) then a manager can help you. But no one is here to babysit grown ass men. In this world those that persevere to work on their weaknesses are rewarded.
      No one is going to spoon feed you if you are not willing to learn how to feed your own self.
      I know that PEPE will come good, no doubt because I have seen enough flashes of raw talent his the way he plays.
      The only worry is that he seems to be very weak and lazy, reminds me of a certain shirt selling genius.
      I hope Pepe does not follow the same path of excuses but instead acknowledges his weaknesses and working on impoving on them.

      Can’t be having another player that depends on Excuses Galore each season. It’s draining.

  10. well i am not much concerned about goals, they will come but seriously doubt his work ethics, commitment and body language.That is why Pool did nit go in for him, Wilf is the more complete player today, this is one gamble the board took and has backfired. Gabriel, Tierney are good.Hope Freddie works with Pepe and brings the best out of him,I have no expectations of Unai.Just another square peg in a round hole.

  11. Needs to work harder. Ozil-esque body language at times. He should be bringing more energy to the side, instead he looks too lax and like he wants to dribble through a defense like hes playing FIFA.

  12. Auba hit ground running, but Lacazette didn’t it took some hours in gym to get him where he is. Pepe needs hours in game and he’ll be our mbappe. I still believe in the guy.

  13. There is one thing that bothers me about pepe is his work rate and body language ,I know his new to the premiership and all but for god sake that wouldn’t stop him chasing down players.
    But we have to remember when chelsea brought mo salah to the premiership first he didn’t look that good ,but look at him now .
    I hope im wrong but I think we got the wrong ivory coast winger ,imagine at this moment in time playing ozil and pepe in the same team with their work rate and body language its not good for young lads coming in to the team and watching them.
    They are lucky a tony adams..graeme sounness..roy keane…paddy viera..wasnt there captain…

  14. Only one thing stands between Pepe and Success at Arsenal / EPL = Work Ethic.
    He has the talent, we can all see that but the way he applies himself will determine his success here.

  15. One good thing about Pepe’s arrival is that he took the pressure off our younger lads, Saka and Martinelli etc. His price tag put all the pressure on Pepe and even if he was bought for half that he would still likely need time to adapt. If he hadn’t of arrived the fans would be wtf, so we’re relying on youngsters, some would say about time we gave our own the shot rather than making players who don’t deserve to be here richer. Now Saka and Martinelli, I believe these two could probably cope under pressure, revel in it, at same time that is only what I want to believe because we’ve seen many bright young things crumble under expectations.

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