Nigerian Billionaire eyes Arsenal takeover and it is not Dangote

Nigerian billionaire, Orji Kalu is eyeing a percentage of Arsenal as he looks to help the Gunners win trophies again.

The Nigerian politician is famous for helping his local team Enyimba of Aba to dominate the Nigerian and African football scene from 2000 to 2007.

He has remained in politics in his country and he is now a senator.

Sun Sport claims that he is worth $1B and he is looking to make an investment in Arsenal.

The Gunners are one of the most followed teams in Nigeria after they had the likes of Nwankwo Kanu and Alex Iwobi on their books.

The politician seems to be an Arsenal fan and he has not enjoyed watching his beloved team go years without winning a major trophy.

He claims that he wants to help the Gunners win the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League which they haven’t won since 2004.

He announced via Sun Sports: “Our success with Enyimba FC between 2000-07 has continuously increased my passion for football.

“As the pillar of sports in Africa, I am considering an investment in football and I will buy 35 per cent stake in Arsenal FC.

“Our target is to lift the Champions League and EPL, and valuable investment as well. 

“Doing what you love and loving it is where greatness lies. I need 35 per cent of Arsenal to bring back trophies.”

Previously, Aliko Dangote, another Nigerian billionaire, has been linked with a takeover of Arsenal but nothing has ever come of that speculation (Goal).

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  1. WASTE OF TIME, IF HE HAS “ONLY” ONE BILLION! Kroenke will not let him buy a minority stake, as we surely all know! Multi billionaires never share their “cake”, as we SHOULD all know!

  2. Very true Jon, Kronke just bought up the remaining shares; not sure the requirements under your laws regarding minority shares of the club.
    Why spend that amount of money, and have no control over the running of the club?

  3. African politician…..🤣🤣🤣🤣….. I’m from Africa and I’ll tell you from the get go that African politicians are bad news. Just look at the countries they run.

    Aliko Dangote is the real deal. He’s a proper businessman and can buyout Kroenke totally plus lest we forget, he’s worth twice as much as Abromovich plus 20 times more worth than this politician 🤣🤣🤣.

  4. That guy is worth much more than a billion!

    I mean he had worth a billion way back in 1999.

    Forbes had quoted him on 11b two yrs ago, i guess sun was looking at the surface. Again he had made his billions before venturing into politics

    1. Either way, once you get into politics you mix your clean money with dirty money. I don’t care if you’re a politician from the UK, China, Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, the Middle East or South America etc….. point is I don’t want a politician near my club.

    2. And no, I just double checked. He’s definitely worth around $1bn as of 3 Nov 2015. He’s not even in the top 15 of African billionaires as of November. Maybe your $11bn figure is a typo or some other weaker currency to the US$.

      So once again Senator Orji Kalu we appreciate your interest but as AFC we have to politely turn down your offer.

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