Nigerian striker claims Arsenal move imminent

There is a very interesting Arsenal rumour doing the rounds at the moment with some quotes from the Nigerian international striker Austin Amutu, who claims that Arsene Wenger has been keeping an eye on his career and expects the Frenchman to take him to Arsenal in the near future.

The 22 year old, who is currently playing in Israel with Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona was reported as saying: “It has been my dream to play for Arsenal, they came for my while I was at Warri Wolves and I think it was money that truncated the whole thing, by now I should be playing for Arsenal or any team in England,”

“I am happy that a coach like Wenger has interest in me for long, still keeps his eyes on me and has not lost interest.

“I believe I am not far away from my dream of playing for Arsenal. He recommended me to Angers. The French team watched me score in Toto Cup semi-finals.”

Amutu is not very well known outside Nigeria but as considered a star at Warri Wolves in Nigeria where he scored 21 goals in 51 appearances. In Israel he has just scored two goals to take his team though to the final of the Toto Cup, so he is confident mood. He said: “I am so delighted to score a brace that helped my team progress to the final of the cup. It was against a strong team and I give God all the glory,”

“The goal is for my kid brother who celebrated his birthday on Wednesday.”

I doubt there is very much in this rumour, but you never know….

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  1. I wish tomorrow is the 1st of February, I have already fed up this saga, and guess what it is only the beginning of Jan …
    When this Elneny will be on Arsenal website …

  2. so Aubameyang was in nigeria for the CAF awards?

    and he had to contend with a shortlisted players in the Likes of

    Andre Ayew of ghana, Yaya Toure of cote d’ivoire…..right?

    And it was claimed he missed training for personal appointment/ reasons, CAF awards?

    When was the CAF awards?….. yesterday? Or was the day before?

    Well well well, Funny that one of the shortlisted CAF award player was a starter for his team last night against Everton……..

    So my big question is…

    why wasn’t Yaya in Nigeria as well?

      1. @ SoOpa AeoN he might have a point you know.

        City always plays there best team no matter which competition for some reason. Guess there history is not so rich so they want to mop up as many trophies as possible while they still can before the FBI comes in, lol.

  3. Wish it was the Gabon striker making such statements. The Auba to Arsenal trail has gone cold, only kept alive by people on this side.

    They got us again guys, lets not risk embarrassing ourselves as we did with the Benzema or Vidal saga. Lets move on

    1. …and then spanish journalist kike marin confirms arsenal have just made a 44 million pound bid- which is what dortmund asked for.


      laugh it off lads

      1. Kike who? The English papers are not so reliable (Sun, Daily etc) or the other sites but they have also gone quite.

        Hell even CaughtOffside,, Talksport are not putting up any rumors, sad face!!!

  4. This has to be the Most funniest transfer rumour in History!
    When an unknown player, who is playing for a mickey mouse team starts spreading his own fantasy transfer!

    Yeah right, wenger scouted him whilst he was playing for Warri Wolves ??? WHO? ? ?

    Amutu says that he is not FAR from playing for his dream team Arsenal. …. I have to disagree with that because there is a few thousand miles between London and Israel ?

    I think that we should sign him,
    just for his humour alone ??

    1. adrien rabiots mummy has flown to london.

      why is mummy in london? to thrash out deal for her son?

      is she a milf? is wenger thinking – im single now- im all about that

      this transfer window is jokes…

          1. Lets sign both, player and the mother.

            As someone earlier stated lets hope Giroud is far away from her hotel room or he will rap up the deal before a medical.

    2. hahahaha

      some kid from “Hapoel ironi kiryat shmona”?

      Not to mention his work permit would take centuries!

    3. Who can blame the guy when yaya Sanogoo can leave the Royal Mail to join. Or bischoff who made diaby look bullet proof in terms of injury signing

  5. That reminds me, one Kiko Marin guy said on twitter confirmado, Arsenal offered 60m euros for Aubameyang
    It was said that he also started the Benzema to Arsenal rumours
    Same of the same…
    This is crazy….
    Concerning the Nigerian striker, he is probably mistaken..things have changed

    1. Yes, but apparently he was the first to announce Sanchez to Arsenal. .. So he has a 50% strike rate.

      I’m running out of salt! ?

  6. Sorry, is Angers now Arsenal? The player said it himself “he recommended me to Angers”
    In other words, Wenger thinks he is not Arsenal’s quality…imagine Wenger recommending Elneny to Angers…ridiculous stuff

  7. How long is a flight from Egypt to London?? Coz according to reports Elneny boarded a flight to London on Tuesday

    1. Even without scoring Sanogo got a whole lot of articles and people praising him as the next Kanu dude.

      The rumors have really tried up for us next we will see an article with the title “Arsenal about to sign a new mascot as gunnersorous gets injured”.

  8. Hahaha

    Maybe “The Warri Wolves Warrior” Amutu can be our next mascot? … He’s got bare jokes! ???

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