Nightmare week has Arsenal stars fully focused again

It might not be good for the Arsenal fans to hear that the players were not exactly fully focused during the week that Arsene Wenger described as a nightmare after the Gunners lost back to back games and both from winning positions, but there is nothing we can do to change those results at Everton and Man City now.

So perhaps the best we can hope for is that these two setbacks have hit home to the Arsenal squad and made ever4y single one of them realise that to have any chance of lifting the Premier League trophy in May they will have to make sure that every game they play is treated with full focus and maximum effort.

So after an earlier href=”″ target=”_blank”> Just Arsenal report explained how our Brazilian defender is planning top forget about the festive season and concentrate on football, I was happy to read the comments of young Alex Iwobi reported on the Arsenal website.

The talented Nigerian international accepted that Arsenal had been punished for dropping off in the second half of both matches and declared that the whole squad is determined to get back to the sort of performances and form that had us believing and hoping for the EPL title.

Iwobi said, “Yeah, we’re gonna keep on going, fight until the end and see where we go. We’ll just have to continue how we were playing at the start of the season.

“I guess you could say we took our foot off the gas. Man City took advantage very well in the second half. We were up against a tough side today, we were just unfortunate to not keep the win.

“We started off very well but we weren’t able to keep it up in the second half and we were very unfortunate.

“We just have to continue the way we were playing at the start of the season. We just have to get that back and kick on now and prepare well for the next game.”

If this double disappointment really does hit home to the Arsenal players and makes then fully focused for the rest of the season, could it be just a blip on the road to glory?

Sam P.

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  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Now we’re up against mediocre opposition until Chelsea in early Feb, we should hopefully be okay. Hopefully! The FA have been so mean making us play tough opponents, and letting them use tactics against us!

  2. Ramterta says:

    go on a 15 game winning run.
    let ozil prove he has become a leader by scoring a hattrick asking for the ball being active for the next three games.
    Let the defence become mean and not allowing the opposition to get into our box and start keeping cleansheets.

    Then Ill know we are making things right.
    But untill then Im not convinced

  3. Vlad says:

    I’m gonna go on a bit of rant here, but I’m still disgusted by the performance against Man City. No Aguero, no Fernandinho, no Gundogan… they were there for the taking. Instead, the team that used to pride itself in dominating the possession, decides to sit back and do nothing for 85 minutes. Totally unacceptable. Teams used to fear our attack. They used to have nightmares about our defense. Now anyone can boss us around, and sometimes in our house. What is Steve Bould’s job exactly? Isn’t it to make sure we don’t make stupid mistakes in defense, like conceding soft penalties, and not allow the opposition to score from corners and free kicks? When was the last time we kept a clean sheet? 0-0 draw against Boro… another game we could have easily lose, by the way. So when the players talk about “.. it’s time to focus” … or “… we need full 90 minute concentration”, I have to take it with a grain of salt. They are professional football players, getting paid millions for what they do. They can’t afford to lose concentration. They can’t afford to lose focus. The game is their life… literally. You snooze, and it goes by you. So I want all of our so-called stars to STFU, and go do their job… day in and day out. No excuses!!!

  4. ljungberg8 says:

    The consecutive win record is ours, of course. But Chelsea’s run is the kind of thing that wins the league. (unless you’re Liverpool.) I don’t think we played badly in the last two games but maybe our defence is just not quite good enough to win the league.

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