Nine reasons why Arsenal should sign this Inter star instead of Declan Rice

Reasons Why Arsenal Should Sign Nicolo Barella Instead of Declan Rice

Signing Nicolo Barella instead of Declan Rice would bring a host of benefits to Arsenal. His versatility, offensive contribution, passing ability, energy, and durability makes him an attractive option.

Furthermore, Barella’s fit within Mikel Arteta’s system and a more reasonable price tag, make him a promising addition to Arsenal’s midfield.


  1. Versatility: Barella’s ability to play in any of the three central midfield positions provides Arsenal with flexibility and depth in their midfield options.


  1. Offensive Contribution: The Italian midfielder showcased impressive offensive production at Inter Milan, scoring nine goals and providing six assists in the previous season. His ability to contribute goals and assists would add another dimension to Arsenal’s attack.


  1. Passing Ability: The Italian possesses excellent passing skills, including the ability to play through balls and key passes. His precise distribution would enhance the Gunners’ build-up play and create scoring opportunities for teammates.


  1. Energy and Aggression: Despite his slender build, Barella is known for his energetic and aggressive playing style. His pressing ability would align well with Mikel Arteta’s high-intensity pressing system.


  1. European Experience: The Inter man has gained valuable experience at the highest level, including winning the European Championship with Italy. His exposure to big matches and high-pressure situations would benefit the London side in competitions such as the UEFA Champions League.


  1. Durability: The midfielder has demonstrated remarkable durability, having missed only three games in the last two seasons for Inter Milan. His ability to stay fit and available for selection would provide stability to Arteta’s midfield.


  1. Statistical Performance: Barella’s statistical performance, particularly in progressive carries and shot-creating actions, ranks highly among midfielders. His numbers indicate his effectiveness in driving the team forward and creating scoring opportunities.



  1. Price Tag: Compared to Declan Rice’s reported valuation of £100 million, Barella’s price tag of around €75 million presents a more cost-effective option for Arsenal. This allows the club to allocate resources to other areas of the squad that may require strengthening.


  1. Age: At 26 years old with a contract until 2026, Barella offers Arsenal a player in his prime who can contribute immediately and provide stability in midfield for years to come.


Signing Rice would certainly be expensive. It can get further costly if Man City turn it into a bidding war. Thus, the question: will Arsenal get their investment back?

Yash Bisht

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  1. If we don’t get Rice I would not be against signing Barella, but there is a bigger risk and probably at least a longer settling period expected with him. I don’t want to overrate Rice, but I believe his talent, his presence and team leadership is being underrated.

  2. I would have signed Barella instead of Havertz

    Havertz has “slow feet”. He has not shown me he can be a one touch player, which is how we generally play.

    Since we seem to have dropped Caicedo as an option, then let’s go for Barella

    Rice, Barella and Odegaarde might just be a winning midfield.

  3. Nicolas Barella is truly an all action dynamic player.

    OT; Juventus is offering Author Mello again into a swap deal for Thomas Partey.
    Sounds like a sick joke if you ask me.

    1. Melo offer is lauble. Been shocking at Juventus, and flopped even worse in brief stint at Liverpool. As bad as they need midfield depth, Melo didn’t even play hardly when he returned to fitness in March.

      Juventus desperate to unload Melo flop on any club willing to take him. Hard pass again, after someone smart enough at Arsenal killed off an earlier transfer attempt.

      1. Seems Edu did like the lad, his age might had help saved us from the purchase.

        But its obvious now, his best days are long gone.

  4. But there is a big reason why not. He has never played in the PL, and who knows if or how long it would take him to settle. I personally like the look of his pedigree, but I would prefer Rice even with the price difference. Just my opinion.

  5. I totally agree, Nicolo is versatile, tactical and aggressive durable midfield player. He will fit well with MA’s style of play. The price tag for Declan is not worthy for him, his style of play will not fit in MA ‘s style, is all about rivalry, a captain and English. Many best players with no PL experience come in and settle well and are even the best even now. My opinion.

    1. I presumed you know Arteta more than himself to have known DR will not suite his pan even when the man is the one forcing the move.

      Fans requested for dynamism in his tactics and he his working towards one that will plug in seamlessly.

      Rather,we are talking about cost effective player as if it is our money that will be used.

      Even if we dont spend the money does not mean we will buy more than the target players for the season.

      1. Nicolo Barella is a great midfielder and a great option to Rice for Arsenal. We should be tired of the Hard-to-get pranks of West Ham on Rice transfer business. The solace is that I see Arsenal outsmarting shylock club’s with superior counter-strategies in the transfer windows. We trust Arteta, Edu and the Board to continue doing the needful.

    2. Arsenal should have tempted Barcelona for De Jong . Rice price tag I worrisome, and the pressure would be on his shoulder. Aside playing in this year’s conference league, he hasn’t been expose in Europe. Why not tempt Barca for Jong. I believe signing Nicolo would have been a good signing than Havertz. My opinion though.

  6. I don’t know Barella’s age, but at 24, Rice has that on his side. Again his physical presence is something we need in that midfield. And he is home grown. So in my opinion, he’d be first choice in spite of the heavy price tag.
    What’s more, if he is allowed to join City, the competition for the PL would be over before it’s started!

    1. I wonder what MA sees differently from others on this Chelsea’s “riddance”, especially now that we are going to be funding their transfer with £65m.
      I can’t rate KH over Balogun in this concluded season.
      I would have love us to spend such money on Barella, who is adaptable to playing in all department of the MF.

      Paying £65m for an outcast who could not even rattle Ramsdale at Emirates makes me sick.

  7. Er, no. If you had spendtseasons watching Rice week in and out, then you will understand that you need this player. He will drag you kicking and screaming to trophies. Don’t get me wrong, he is an excellent player-never loses the ball, incredible passing and his tackles are inch perfect. But that really isn’t his best attribute. His leadership, commitment and integrity are not to be dismissed. Neither is his ability to play week in and out without an injury in the PL. Stump up the 100K or pay in other ways…

    1. Really.
      “Drag..kicking and screaming…”Because WH won a third rate competition?
      Rice is good and would strengthen Arsenal but £100m??

  8. Nicolo Barella is world class. He is like an upmarket higher class Aaron Ramsay. Top player.

    1. Can you tell how long he will adapt to English football?
      And not even home sick after 1 season like the man from sampdoria.

  9. Go with Rice. Arsenal should maintain the 90M or add like 1M but not 100. If West Ham chooses to sell to City, then we go for Barella. Tonali was the real deal but is already gone to NC.
    Also they shouldn’t sell Balogun. Sell Nketia instead and buy no other striker. Focus on midfield and defense

  10. Why is it that if someone has never played in the premier league its assumed he’ll adapt with no trouble ? Some do, some take time, some never do. But every transfer window the risk of bringing in someone who has never played in England is ignored by sportswriters and fans alike. There is a reason players proven in the premier league attract a premium.

  11. To be honest.
    I am getting tired of hearing about Declan Rice. Let Man City have him or anyone else they want.
    I just remember Arsenal signing Vieira for £3.5 million from AC Milan which in today’s money is £6.7 million and I think is he worth 15 times more than Vieira?
    Not a chance – not worth half of Vieira.
    I have heard West Ham want Balogun – I say sting them for every penny they have got.

  12. Actually Arsenal need to sign Rice at any cost to avoid the tragedy that happen last season towards the end

  13. All things being equal Mikel Arteta is the team manager and knows exactly what he wants, he already have plans for the player and how to use him, for me the board should encourage him by signing the players of his choice as the manager of the team the price shouldn’t an issue for the board after all Arsenal historically has never been big spenders in the transfer so let’s Declan Rice for the manager and avoid what happened with Mykalo Mudrik last transfer window. My humble opinion. Gunner4life.

  14. I’d be more inclined to compare him with Havertz or Odegaard, Barella.

    We need Rice his pure power both with and without the ball is immense. And I really like the mentality he would bring with his leadership skills and his down-to-earth nature.

    Our midfield needs beefing up so I think Havertz and Rice would be a great start, they’re very good pressers, also if there’s truth in Lavia’s case they would build a strong and pacy midfield

  15. I think that we should all understand that if the player(Rice) isn’t worth the evaluation of 100m, Arsenal would have backed out of the race to sign him just as they did regarding Mudyrk. But then, they are still in the race to sign Rice up because they believe that he’s worth that amount; 100m.

  16. While Barella is a fine box to box operator Rice is the DM we have been missing for some time.This is particularly relevant if Thomas Partey is moved on, God forbid.

  17. you really think Mikel Arteta, Edu Gaspar, and the entire analytics department have never heard of Barella or never researched him?

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