Nketiah, AMN, Bielik, Chambers, Nelson, etc – Why do Arsenal need a transfer window?

There have been hundreds of Arsenal rumours already and the summer transfer window has only just opened, but considering just how many of our youngsters and loanees have had great seasons why should we even need to delve into the open market?

We also saw Krystian Bielik’s commanding display for Charlton in the play-off final the other day, and I think we have to promise him some first team game time or he could refuse a new contract. Just today it has just been announced that Calum Chambers has won Fulham’s Player of the Year award after spending the last 12 months at our local rivals.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles has made his mark as an able deputy for Bellerin down the right-wing this season and could now be called a regular first teamer at the Emirates, while Reiss Nelson made a big impression while on loan at Hoffenheim this season. He was sent on his way with this heart-warming message from the German club. Hoffenheim tweeted: “Thank you, @ReissNelson9.

“You are pure football. Once again, everything for the #TSG give.

“After that we wish you a lot of success and all the best for your further journey! #Goodbye.”

We are all hopeful that he can step up to playing more often for us next season.

Of course Eddie Nketiah burst onto the scene this year with his exploits against Norwich in a great League Cup comeback, and the 19 year-old finished the season in style with a great individual goal against Burnley in the final game of the season. He should be Danny Welbeck’s replacement next season.

Then we have Emiliano Martinez, who has had a great season with Reading and at the age of 26 is considered to now be ready to be Leno’s backup after Petr Cech retires. There is also Mavropanos who played a bit more often towards the end of the season, and of course will have have Rob Holding back. And last but not least Joe Willock…..

If all those are promoted to the first team, who would we have left to buy?



  1. Bielik and chambers not good enough .Nelson we don’t know until he’s given a chance in the team .AMN is being played out of position .Nketiah does not seem to be trusted getting 5 mins here and there when we’ve already win the game .
    For me out the 5 ,only Nelson and AMN should be in the squad next season ,Nelson to take Iwobis spot as a back up winger hopefully to a new winger that we sign ,and then AMN to be moved back into the middle as back up to a new CM that we might sign .

    1. Exactly mate ? Bielik might of had a commanding display but let’s not forget it’s league one! And I don’t understand why everyone is talking about chambers, he’s had his chance at the club.. he simply isn’t good enough! Definitely only Nelson and AMN ?

    2. Dan I disagree with your Chambers thoughts.During the back end of the 17-18 season Chambers was arguably our best defender and it was a surprise he went out on loan to Fulham.Every Club needs a versatile player who can cover for the first choice players and Chambers offers us this across the defence and as a CDM.He would have had plenty of game time this season and it will on doubt be the same next season.His versatility is vital providing we can convince him he has a future here.

    3. You always make this mistake, Iwobi is not a winger, Iwobi’s position is not under threat, let alone from Reis Nelson who I know is going out on loan again next season.

      When we sign a new winger, Iwobi will move to the CAM position with Mikki (preferably to Ozil) as back up.

        1. When we sign a proper winger and we have Nelson back and Saka coming through Iwobi will be at Brentford.
          And @TH-14 Answer me this question.With the team crying out for a No10 all season why did Emery never give Iwobi a chance to play there?
          In that position you need the following
          •A football brain
          •The ability to read the game
          •The ability to pass a ball
          And a Iwobi has these does he?
          His Mansger doesn’t trust him
          His National Manager doesn’t trust him
          His team mates don’t trust him
          The fan base do not rate him
          But as you say-Let’s forget about all those facts and go back to your recent statement.
          “with the correct coaching Iwobi would be a better player than Dennis Bergkamp”.And with comments like that you seriously expect anyone to take anything you say seriously?

          1. phil, who told you his national manager does not trust him. you are always hating iwobi as if he plays for another team. you always stand by ozil even though his output has been poor this season and chastise someone who is trying his best from the bench. such a shame.

      1. There’s not enough love for Neketiah.

        I rate him and this he will come good. Is a natural goal scorer. Hope he gets more game time next season or goes on loan. He has a great future at arsenal if developed correctly.

    4. Xxnofx (I wish you would go back to being Dan – Ihave to ckeck I have spelt your name correctly!!) I must admit I am a little surprised at your post.
      As a truthful, honest realist like me, I thought you would have had more time for our younger players.
      We have to spend our meagre transfer kitty wisely and need to get the towering. commanding defender that has been lacking to organise our back players.
      This will cost us, if we are really going for the top player we need, most of that kitty, plus the kind of salary that some on here would be apoplectic about.

      I also feel that UE had real problems blending five new players in during the season (hence the tinkering), so the least amount of upheaval we have the better.

      All the youngsters mentioned deserve to, at least, be given a chance…and we mustn’t forget that this current squad are in a european final and SHOULD have finished third.
      For me, no major upheavals, have faith in the younger players and sign a real top top CB, as we are losing at least three/four players already.

  2. Bielik should be given a chance this season, how can we say hes not good enough. He was one of the best young talents in Europe at 17 jhes been patient and professional, lets reward that. Just like Nelson and AMN should be moved back to Def Mid instead of Elneny. We have a massive opportunity this summer to sign quality have great youngsters as back up or first team and to sell some dead wood i.e Elneny, Iwobi, Mikhitarian and the like. Lets buy young and spend well lets face it spending big hasn’t helped us in terms of def and mid has it

        1. Haha no I don’t like them Sue ? I think he might move to Tottenham this summer ? so did Lampard and Terry talk after the game?

          1. I’ll be surprised if he does, Kev… seeing as his beloved Villa are back now… but I think we both agreed he’d fit in well with them ?
            So how was fishing? You didn’t harpoon anything (or anyone?) ??
            I don’t know, I turned over ??

            1. Haha he would fit in nicely have to say Dean Smith done a good job looking at villa in December I thought no chance are they coming up ? oh I wasn’t fishing Sue, harpoon ? so just 2 more sleeps to go ?

                    1. Oh no your not gonna be hiding behind the sofa are you Sue ? I was calm during the 2000 Uefa cup final and I was only 18 then so I won’t be nervous on Wednesday either I’ll soothe your nerves ?

                    2. Haha why not Sue ? of course ? not really I’ve seen it all before Sue and so have you ? do you think man city will sign tielemans ? Not sure I spelt that right ?

                    3. Christ are they going to leave any players for anyone else? ?
                      More than likely hey Kev.. if City come knocking, I can’t imagine many players turning them down! I certainly wouldn’t – anything to see Sergio’s thighs up close & personal ??

                    4. Noooo you want to sign for man city ?? anyway I thought they were under investigation from FFP ? It’s probably not a smart move to go on a big spending spree again ? I read Emery wants to get his players in early ? with Wenger he liked to wait until deadline day then he would go and ref a game in France and we would sign no one ?

          2. I like all the teams we beat with ease !……………….so welcome back Villa !

  3. Adim, I look at this differently

    Mustafi, Xhaka, iwobi why Arsenal need this transfer window

    1. I agree with Admin and you we need a mass ship out we need to trust our academy but by highly rated youngsters to beef out our very thin squad especially at center back, fullback midfield and wings. Its why we need our youngsters and new players coming in but we wont be able to buy everything we need in 1 window

  4. We should sign Nabil Fekir from Lyon. And Also Koulibaly/. Those two will make us stronger. You need quality. If we want to compete with Man City, then we need top quality signings. The youngers will be introduced into the team gradually.

  5. Starting a new season without addressing your weaknesses in the transfer window is not the best for any side. The only player I could trust for now is Chambers, others at most should be squad players. We need more productive playmaker and natural wingers. Our most creative players this season were Myki, Iwobi and Kolasinac which speaks a lot about this team. So we need upgrade.

  6. Sell
    Martinez or ospina
    Jenkinson Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Elneny xhaka
    Mkhitaryan ozil bramall


    Holding Sokratis Mavropanos
    Bellerin Torreira Guendozi Kolsainac
    Lacazette Aubameyang
    Ospina or Martinez, AMN, Chambers

    Iliev Bielik Willock ESR Nelson Nketiah

    This would leave us with a small first team squad of 20 players but seeing as 6 of those are classed as u21 and 6 are home grown, we would have plenty of room and cash from player sales/saved wages to strengthen the areas that need it the most.

    1. Asano should be released as well, his lack of Japan caps in the past year suggests he hasn’t done enough to get a work permit to play for us.

  7. Maybe it’ll all be brushed under the carpet, Kev!
    They may sell Sane..?
    That’ll be nice if we do, actually it’d be nice if we even had a rough idea of who we’re after! All these rumours – one minute you’re up, then you’re down! Will we? Won’t we? Never heard of him etc etc that’s normally how our window goes, right? ?

    1. I heard David Silva might leave but he’s 33 he was hardly gonna go on forever he’ll probably go to China with Ramos ? haha every season Sue I don’t think there’s ever been a window where I’ve gone good window we’re good to go ? hopefully we’ll go all out after Wednesday and get the players we need but with 40 million who the hell we gonna get ? 32 year old Ryan Babel ? ?

      1. Well I’ve just seen pictures of Wenger & Zidane at a charity match – we could sign them?! ?
        Yeah the money side of things is looking rather dodgy right now, but will be much clearer after Wednesday (hopefully for the better!)

        1. Andre gomes Sue ? Maybe 25 mil would be a great signing ? haha what was this ? So how’s your pensioner leave going Sue ?

          1. Don’t know much about it.. just that it was football & rugby legends playing, in France today. Seemed funny seeing Arsene in a kit! And no, Zidane didn’t headbutt him ?
            Just been chilling, Kev.. you know a woman’s work is never done & I’m always buzzing around like Sanchez (?) so it’s nice to take a breather, thanks! ?
            May go and play bowls or bingo, or go to the library (isn’t that what pensioners do??) ?? how’s your weekend been?

            1. It’s always funny seeing Wenger in a kit or t-shirt he’s very stick like, like the old Mr muscle ? bit of housework Sue ? Teenagers driving you around the bend ? ? Or knitting club ? quiet Sue tbh you see I’m not as wild as I used to be ?

              1. He’s still in shape (at his age) but no he doesn’t do it for me ??
                Only a bit ? haha
                You were wild?? ? just kidding! With a bit of luck you’ll be wild on Wednesday ?

                1. Really? Well he is in your age group ? ? only a bit ? me? No never I was a good boy ? calm as a cucumber Suzanne because we both know the outcome of that game don’t we ?

  8. iwobi ,elneny, mustafi & mkhi should be sold bring in umttit & rodriguez bring back beilik, ERS chambers & nelson

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