Nketiah has the ambition to become an Arsenal legend

Eddie Nketiah burst into recognition when he single-handedly rescued Arsenal from defeat to Norwich in the League Cup earlier in the season, and he has since been on the periphery of the Gunners first-team squad and has managed 8 substitute appearances for the club so far this season.

Obviously he has a long way to go to dislodge Aubameyang, Lacazette and Welbeck from the pecking order, but he is loving training with the first team and improving his already excellent technique. “I’ve been watching their movement, how they finish in front of goal,” Nketiah said. “Everyone has a different style, so I’m just trying to pick up a few things from them.

“They’re world-class strikers, so to be able to train with them and learn from them is a great feeling. I just want to keep working hard by learning from the best.”

He returned to the under-23’s this week and scored a goal against the Chelsea reserves to keep our reserves on target to top their League, but he has higher ambitions for his career. “I’ve got a few more targets in my head but I want to keep them a bit more personal,” he continued.

“I’ve definitely achieved some of them in terms of scoring for the first-team and making my competitive debut.

“I’m just looking forward and setting myself new targets every time I achieve an old one. it’s all about continuing to exceed those targets because there’s always something you can aspire to, something to beat.”

The youth England international has been scoring for fun for his country as well and has the attributes to go right to the top. Arsenal need to nurture this talent and make sure he stays to become an Arsenal legend in the future….



  1. tatgooner says:

    his focus is what is important.Players like bellerin iwobi chambers and niles lost focus and regressed.Hope that wont bhappen to nketiah though

    1. Shortboygooner says:

      Niles has not regressed. He is by far the best youth player in the 1st team. He plays out of position and does it with a cool calm head. The rest of them need to step it up as they have not really progressed from when they were playing u23s. Flashes of class here and there but not the real deal

      1. Phil says:

        Regressed is not the word.All these players have not always shown the promise but there are reasons.
        Bellerin-because he fell into the same trap as so many before him and started believing he had made it far too soon.He was fortunate that when he came into the side Dubachy was injured and Jenkinson either injured or on loan so he had no serious competition for his place. His form was patchy at best and when The Ox was moved back there for a few games he showed up far better than Bellerin had been doing.He seems to have been a bit more consistent lately but if we are offered the type of fee being touted by Juve and Madrid etc then grab the money quickly-he ain’t that good.

        Iwobi-This boy is useless and will never ever be good enough.How the hell is he anywhere a Club like Arsenal.

        Chambers-I believe there is a very good player here that just needs time to progress.
        I have an idea.Why not get a Club Legend Centre Back on the coaching staff to pass on his experience to chambers and the other young CB’s we have on the books.Maybe someone who was part of one of the finest Defences ever in British Football.Someone who like Chambers was bought from a small club(say Stoke City)and who was drilled and coached relentlessly to become a Legend.Maybe someone who Coached and managed the younger teams at the club to a level where he could be looked at to take on a role as Wengers assistant or something.But I guess we don’t have anyone like that.(STEVE BOULD YOU ARE A GUTLESS TOSSER HAPPY TO PUT OUT THE CONES IN TRAINING.WHEN YOU ARE SACKED WOTH WENGER YOU WILL ONLY HAVE YOUS3LF TO BLAME)

        AMN-FFS just play this boy in his natural position and give him a run of games.He looks a great prospect but what good does it do to the player who has played TWO games this season as a CDM and the rest as either RB LB RWB LWB. It says a lot for the boys ability that he has still managed to give a more than decent account of himself while playing out of position so let’s give the boy a chance.

        So to summarise-Sell Bellerin
        Flog Iwobi
        Coach Chambers(Yeah YOU Bould you TOSSER.DO YOUR JOB)
        AMN Play him in CDM role

        See?Regressed was not the word

        1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

          Good analysis Phil. Like you I am very disappointed in Steve Bould. If he is not being allowed to work with Arsenal’s young defenders, he should man up and resign.

          1. Phil says:

            Exactly OzzieG-Bould was a very tough defender and is still a pretty fit looking bloke.Wenger looks as tough as Mr Bean.FFS Bould.Just tell him what is wrong with our defending a start getting it sorted.
            Can you imagine what Boulds CV will have on it when he is OUT with Wenger.

            Part of the Arsenal Famous Back Five

            CURRENT STATUS
            Sit next to Manager on Match days.
            Have become expert on how to chew gum
            Sometimes wear a Beanie when it’s cold

          2. jon fox says:

            More to add on his CV TOO: Sits next to Wenger , both with stone faces, not yet been introduced to each other, so don’t communicate!

          3. jon fox says:

            Also, Phil, expect a solicitors letter from Mr. Beans side for comparing him to Bould. Mr. Bean actually stands up and moves!

        2. Kenny Rolfe says:

          A centre half we bought from a small club you saying Phil, Hmmm. got it, Sol Campbell, he’ll do.

          1. Phil says:

            Oh Kenny that was naughty???And to think he did not cost us a penny??????

  2. Hayzed says:

    I’m just hoping Wenger Will not destroy Him?

    1. Phil says:

      Don’t worry-He’s only got another 2 months and Wenger will be gone

  3. Prof says:

    Before God and man Nketiah’s case under the tutelage of the so called Arsene Wenger often grieves me to breaking point as i don’t see Wenger as the right manager for Nketiah but i see Nketiah as the right big-thing-to-come for Arsenal FC. Nketiah, if rightly maintained, will surely become Arsenal’s Harry Kane one or two seasons to come. Hundred per cent the boy has every potentials to command same success stories and fame as those of Harry Kane, Paulo Dybala, Michael Owen, Mbappe and even King Messi etc and becomes a world class in no time. Same applicable to Maitland Niles. All these afforementioned soccer wizards began at the tenderest ages with perfect managerial know-how sorrounding them.

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