Nketiah named on list of Arsenal’s out of contract list

Arsenal have named their list of players who will be out of contract in the coming weeks, with Eddie Nketiah named alongside Alexandre Lacazette.

At present, we are set to go into new season without a senior striker with both Laca and Eddie on course to leave on free transfers.

The Frenchman has agreed to return to former club Lyon, while our young forward is still in talks with Arsenal over a new deal as confirmed on the club’s official website..

Nketiah finished the season as the first-choice option in attack, starring in wins over both Chelsea and Manchester United, but he may be worried about the prospect of losing his spot to a new arrival this summer.

Our priority has to be a new striker with Laca and Aubameyang both yet to be replaced. I hope we can persuade Eddie to stay on, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he decided he wasn’t willing to be the backuo to a new signing, although at present it appears that he is likely to sign a new deal.

Could the delay in signing his contract mean he is considering other offers too?


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  1. Even if he leaves he is still better than Martinelli and I expect him to outscore Gabriel if he is first choice somewhere because his style of play will always produce goals just like Auba.

    1. Better than Martinelli? Based on what, hope?
      Martinelli’s first year under Emery scored more than Nketiah’s years at Arsenal.

      Nketiah has shown nothing at this level, runs around a lot, can’t dribble, poor touch, can’t create for himself or others, a poacher and little else.

      But hey, let’s just ignore what Klopp himself said about Martinelli and his talent.

      Deluded thinking Nketiah is better than Martinelli with no evidence to base it on.

      Waiting for the top clubs lining up to sign Nketiah on a free based on his prowess. Yeah, don’t see any line forming either.

      1. Martinelli needs a better coach, who can transform him into a great CF like Wenger did with RVP.
        Martinelli is similar – a winger who is great at headers.
        Nketiah is a poacher, and name me 3 poachers who play at top 20 clubs in Europe.
        Could still improve, though, let’s see.

      2. I base it on my eye test and nothing else. I trust what I see and for me clearly Nketiah is superior. I have no problem with a different thinking. Nketiah can definitely dribble and his touch isn’t poor. Everything Martinelli does he can do better and I respect Klopp’s opinion too. Martibelli is mostly predictable and can’t even okay as a CF the way Nketiah does despite being of a similar size. He is massively overrated though he’s a good talent.

      3. Any top club which also lines up for Martinelli must be naive. He has shown absolutely nothing that a top club should be making him a starter. Nketiah is far far more dangerous as a player and better with the ball at feet as shown in many matches.

        1. Agree to disagree. How many defenders has Nketiah dribbled? Not same universe in terms of technique.

          Martinelli gets double teamed with the ball attracting multiple defenders, Nketiah doesn’t because he isn’t threatening.

          Notice how Martinelli gets marked without the ball like Saka? Meanwhile Nketiah has plenty of space for a striker.

          Happy to take a bet with who has the better career. If both were made available for transfer, who would teams be interested in?

          Doubt you can convince anyone Nketiah is better than Martinelli, probably not even Nketiah himself.

          1. Nketiah is one of the best dribblers in this Arsenal team especially when isolated with a player. Martinelli is also a good dribbler but is a lot of the times predictable compared to Nketiah who because of the smart use of his pace is also quicker of the mark. Nketiah destroyed the whole Chelsea defense in preseason and in the league. See how Nketiah even humiliated Zouma and the whole West Ham back line with his pace. He is also better at holding up the ball, stronger and has better ball striking. Nketiah is a natural born goalscorer compared to Martinelli. If you put both a two average teams Nketiah will score more.

          2. I’m not betting but they will say Martinelli is better because they have seen more of him. When you do analyze their individual abilities as seen last season you will see that Nketiah is just better in every trait plus his style will get him goals everywhere he goes because he is excellent at positioning just like Auba. Mart is not a natural born goalscorer or a world class finisher. Nketiah is the former.

            1. Nketiah natural born scorer? Seriously?
              I just can’t, really. It must be opposite day if you really think Nketiah is better in every trait.

              Perhaps you should inform Klopp because he thinks otherwise.

              If you are correct, I’m sure many will agree with you.

              However, aside from Palace who made a serious offer for him?

              Nketiah superior to Martinelli in every trait, can’t take it seriously anymore, simply absurd and delusional.

              1. The idea that Nketiah is better in every way than Martinelli is highly questionable.
                Nketiah is a good poacher; his ability to sniff out chances is a key aspect of his game.
                Martinelli remains more impressive in many other ways. Ball control, dribbling etc. In a one one situation Martinelli is far more dangerous. However, teams are now much more prepared for what he can do and set their teams up accordingly.
                Martinelli still has areas of his game that he needs to improve but from what we have seen his ceiling could be very high indeed.

  2. GoonerP, what about producing the list for those who can’t access it?

    Then we could debate the merits, or otherwise, of those players?

  3. kev, just read your comment.

    While respecting your views my fellow Gooner, how anyone could rate Nketiah above Martinelli is a mystery to me.

    Martinelli would fetch a small kings ransom if we transfer listed him – he is going to be a top top player for us over the coming years.

    1. Although I agree with you Ken1945, I think you are being hopeful with the “coming years” part.

      If things are as bad as they have been for the last 13 years and this new brand of pathetic, boring and souless football aka Artetaball, let’s hope we get that Kings Ransome. IJS 🤑

  4. Let don’t mind Kev.
    He is the one that always says football is more than scoring goals and we all know that ….how come could he now b comparing matinelli with nketia?
    Well we can av our opinions on anything but for who really know football knows matinelli is ahead of nketia…

  5. Feck me… pressure is on Balogun next season. Knowing our luck he will tweak a hamstring and we will have cedric up front.

  6. Arsenal should sign Jamie Vardy as a stop-gap measure for this season and then look into the future to add more fire power upfront. Vardy can help us achieve top 4 ambitions or win Europa league.
    Combining with Tielmans can make a big difference. It’s not possible to get the type of striker we need for now with only Europa league.
    Balogun should still go on loan to build up

  7. Are we talking about ball skills ‘dribble’
    Or talking utter rubbish ‘ dribble ‘
    I rank them in this order

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