Nketiah plays down safety fears and is keen to get back playing

Arsenal forward Eddie Nketiah is keen to get back playing, but insists that safety is important and believes the correct measures have been put in place.

The young forward has enjoyed his return to Arsenal, having struggled for minutes whilst on loan with Leeds in the opening months of the campaign.

Eddie has actually picked up more league starts for Arsenal since January than he had in the previous six months with the Championship side, and he will be keen to push on for a strong end to the campaign.

Nketiah insists that everybody’s safety has to be the primary concern ahead of the resumption of football however, but he believes both his club and the Premier League are dealing well with the situation.

“The most important thing is everyone’s safety; I think that was the first concern for all of us,” Nketiah told Sky Sports.

“For me, it was all about my safety, my family’s safety and the people around me, You know, but I think the club and the Premier League have taken such great measures to ensure we are all safe.

“We get tested [for COVID-19] every so often. There is very minimal errors.

“I think to get back out there [playing] and get a routine back is good for all of us. Obviously it is difficult times for us, but hopefully when we get back playing we will be able to put a smile on the fans’ faces, even if they are not able to come to the matches.

“I definitely think it is something positive but on the same note I think we all have to continue to abide by the rules and make sure everyone is staying safe and we are looking out for each other.

“That is the most important [thing].”

I know some fans still have reservations over the prospect of a return to action, but for those that will be inside stadiums at least there is numerous tests being done to keep on top of proceedings, and we can only hope that no fans will disregard calls to keep their distance.

Will the general public largely obey the requests of clubs to avoid stadiums and to avoid watching matches in large groups?


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  1. Sue says:

    We kick off at 8pm then against City…

    1. Shakir says:

      City has no idea whats coming against them😂

      1. Sue says:

        😂 too right, Shakir… Mikel is back and we’ll leave them feeling ‘blue’ 🤪

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