Nketiah set to stay after Crystal Palace give up on making a deal with Arsenal

It looks like it is going to be a long hard season for Eddie Nketiah as it looks like he will be staying on the Arsenal bench until January at least.

Mikel Arteta convinced Folarin Balogun to stay at the Emirates and sign a new contract, and the youngster has now joined the first team squad.

There were rumours that either Aubameyang or Lacazette could move on this summer, but it certainly won’t be the Gabonese hitman as Arteta said this weekend when asked about Aubameyang being sold before deadline day, and he replied: “I don’t know. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is our player and he will remain here.”

There has been occasional rumours that Laca could be moved on, but there doesn’t seem to be much conviction behind any of them so far, and right now it looks like the pecking order will remain the same as the last campaign with Nketiah nowhere near the top.

Most of us here at JustArsenal expected Nketiah to be sold for his own good, but he suffered an injury which will keep him out of action for another couple of weeks. This could have put off any suitors, and now it is being reported that Crystal Palace have given up on reaching a deal with the Gunners…..

This blow for Nketiah comes after the news that Ainsley Maitland-Niles has also lost out on a move away from Arsenal and has pleaded to be allowed to leave.

Is Nketiah going to be left in the same position?

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  1. Palace offering 10m; we want 20m..
    Beggars can’t be choosers, or so I thought!
    Looks like Edouard is heading to Palace now. So Eddie will stay, rarely play, value will go down and could end up leaving on a free next summer…

    1. Xhaka and now Eddie..Same pattern.. You have to start to wonder if that is deliberate on the part of these clubs..Trying to Taking advantage of a clubs which appears to be in crisis.. I will go out on a leg here and say that Eddie was never their prime target.. They were hoping to get him for pennies..

    2. Seems to be a real shame that as well. He has showed bright sparks and talent at times but to be honest we can’t fault these strikers when no one is giving them the ball. Gone are the days when balls were played beautifully into position for the forwards to slot it in.

    3. @Sue Eddie refused to sign a new contract and he we will be soon leaving for notching after we refused 10m for a 4th place backup player
      Just see our life.

  2. They valued Nketiah at £20m, should’ve sold him for £10m if that’s what Palace wanted .
    Should’ve sold Xhaka for £12m when they had the chance, now Arsenal are stuck with him & could’ve replaced him with Aouar(!)
    Thought they wanted to move players out??

    1. Arsenal are horrible negotiators. They try to play hard ball while failing to grasp the concept of demand. Deals for Xhaka, Nketiah and Runnarson have all fallen through because Arsenal’s price was too high. What do we get from walking away from these deals other than a bloated roster and bloated wage bill?

  3. look at how pathetic our transfer dealings, now our players will not get above 10 mil. look at the chelsea there players have buyers like even tammy abraham gets 40 mil. and we are struggling to offload our deadwoods because nobody wants this mediocre players with high wages

  4. I don’t like pulling down people but I think everything including nature has conspired against Arteta as our manager and I see him leaving soon.
    He doesn’t trust any of our senior players and he has shown them so but somehow he cant find anywhere to offload them to.As at now none of our senior players enjoys playing for him anymore, you can even see it in their lethargic displays.
    This will only end with Arteta parking his bags.For those who still think that this situation can change, just wait until when we lose our next two matches against Norwich and Burnley.
    There will be no more excuses.

  5. I’ve always liked Nketiah as a “fox in the box” to bring on when chasing the game with 20 minutes or so to go.

    Don’t see him as a starter so and appreciate that this is what he wants at this stage.of his career. Shame that Arsenal can’t find a win-win situation for all parties.

    1. When did we last see him on as a late sub and score a goal we needed to get points from a game. Truth be told, he isn’t good enough, period.

  6. our asset management is the functional equivalent of a train wreck…I guess we’re stuck in the mire with Mini-Arsene at the helm and a litany of excuses on the horizon

    1. Mini-arsene is an insult in your mind, so is banned forthwith.

      Wenger is Wenger and Arteta is Arteta.

      Or do you disagree?

      1. so now your reading minds??? it’s a statement that best reflects some of the missteps and character traits Arteta has displayed, while on the job, that are incredibly similar to our former manager, in his latter years of course…I didn’t make it up and it certainly doesn’t warrant some sort of Big Brotheresque banishment

        1. TRVL4e, the more important aspect is that Arteta displays none of Wenger’s positive attributes.

          1. which is why I always specifically clarify that I’m talking about the 2nd incarnation of our former manager

  7. Now Palace are set to sign Edouard, it has to be said, a better signing for them than Nketiah, we will be left with a player who clearly isn’t good enough to play for us. £10m for Nketiah is about his worth, so why are we overpricing all our deadwood, so ensuring they remain unsold.

    1. I do think the situation is as bad as it can get. I think the sarcasm or the fans away at City says it all. The chanting, clapping. The club’s problems are structural, and it is Peter Hill-Wood’s fault. He chose the wrong person. Should have gone with Alisher Usmanov but they did all they could to frustrate him. The current (mis)management structure is simply a reflection of the chaos from the owners, the lack of a coherent plan or the technical ability to execute any plan for that matter. Artery though thinks he should be judged after three years. Think about that, and the board have said he’s crucial to the longer term vision. Not if the players mutiny, and I believe we’ve started seeing signs of that happening already.

  8. So we are going to be stuck with both AMN and Nketiah. What to say? We are going to have a very similar squad to last season. Two steps forwards and three back. Very uninspiring window….unless maybe we get Aouar.

  9. Nketiah with two years left on contract maybe 15 – 20 million,Nketiahh with one year left on contract 10 million and Nketiah with his contract expired and a free agent ZERO ! FFS Afc use some common sense !!!

  10. AMN definitely will be better than Cedric and Chambers at RB, provided Arteta thinks the same. As for Nketiah, it would have been good for the player and the club had Arsenal accepted the offer from CP in the first place. Now that he is staying, I hope he performs for Arsenal.

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