Nkunku to be Arsenal’s only other arrival today? And that is still 50/50…

Alll Arsenal fans were full of hope when we finally got the deal for Denis Suarez over the line and he is now confirmed as coming to Arsenal on loan. We were also very positive about Yannick Carrasco and Ivan Perisic, but according to the Arsenal oracle David Ornstein, those deals are now dead in the water. He explained this morning in an article on the BBC website.

Arsenal look to Christopher Nkunku but Ivan Perisic & Yannick Carrasco deals unlikely By David Ornstein

Arsenal’s attempts to sign Ivan Perisic from Inter Milan or fellow winger Yannick Carrasco of Dalian Yifang look to be over.

However the Gunners are still working on a deal for Paris St-Germain midfielder Christopher Nkunku.

Ornstein went on to tell us that the Carrasco deal fell through after the fallout with Sven Mislintat and the Gunners switched their attention to Ivan Perisic instead. But despite their best efforts to get the Croatian on loan, Inter made it clear that without a permanent deal in the summer Arsenal had no chance of a loan. So it looks like that deal is also dead in the water. And although our last hope is Kwunku, Ornstein reckons that deal is still not guaranteed,, The report continued….

There has been no indication Arsenal will resurrect those moves. They are still trying to sign 21-year-old Nkunku on loan with an option to buy, the same basis on which they have completed the acquisition of another midfielder, Denis Suarez from Barcelona.

So (for a change lol) Arsenal fans are looking at yet another disappointing deadline day. Let’s not get upset, we should be used to it by now!



  1. Trent says:

    we are used to it, this is the arsenal we love.denis Suarez loan spell will be a success and if we buy him in the summer that will be great

  2. gotanidea says:

    Glad to hear Perisic and Carrasco deals are off

    Arsenal need a specialist RW that either very young or the one that has been performing well in Europe this season

    Still hoping Barcelona would send Malcom as well

    1. Cliff says:

      I think Perisic would have been a great addition to our current team.I therefore can’t understand why an arsenal fan like you gotanidea is glad that such a deal is off when we a badly lacking in wide positions.
      I believe with him our chances of winning Europa league would have been immensely boosted,and this is a sure way of getting back to the champions league where then we can attract quality players.

      1. gotanidea says:

        I’m not convinced with Perisic because his forms are inconsistent in this season and Arsenal should have chased an RW due to the lack of good ones there

        1. Phil says:

          And with his age and form gainstvhim why would we feel we could not do better?Id feather get through the season with what we have and go all out in the summer for targets that are not just temporary short term fixes

          1. Cliff says:

            I do understand you,a properly run club would approach it that way.But with Stan as the owner we have no guarantees that there shall be any effort of getting better players in this positions in the summer.We therefore would be better off with short term fixes like Perisic who could boost our course in the meantime. Who knows mays they could get us in the champions league and there by making us more attractive than other clubs.That is the only sure way of competing on transfers because we ‘have no money to buy good players’.I hope you know this song.

            1. Mobella says:

              How is a club properly run Cliff and example of a properly run clubs will be fine for illustration.

              1. jon fox says:

                Liverpool is a good example of a club properly run, which has success. A successful club will have a consistent policy on types of players sought, a large and passionate fanbase, a pleasing and forceful playing style, a sense of direction clear to all its fans and an owner or owners who care and cherish that club and will financially back it. Much more besides these too. Were I a youngster starting today to support a top football team in England, I would look no further than Liverpool. I realise many are jealous of them. SO AM I!!. But either you want truth or you want lies. Under Kroenkes ownership I would not then consider Arsenal to be my club; not in a million years. I am however 64 years too late, as by aged four I was already a Gooner(even though that term was then a Gunner).

                1. Cliff says:

                  Thanx Jon for the above explanation.
                  The bitter truth that we should live with as arsenal fans is that our club is not properly managed mainly due to that person called Stan Kroenke.Its quite unfortunate that we have this man as the clubs owner.

      2. John Wick says:

        Well said Cliff! How any Arsenal fan is glad a deal is off considering both are better than what we have is bewildering. Plus it only being a loan deal that could actually help get into the champions League. Wingers actually make a difference, look at Leicester last night, caused Liverpool problems because they got wingers! We played without wingers against Cardiff the other night and we were shocking! If any Arsenal fan think Arsenal are spending big this summer they’re gonna be disappointed we get told that every year, but still some people still buy it.

        1. Cliff says:

          I fully concur with you John Wick.

    2. Tom says:

      I said yesterday these deals are very unlikely – just my good sense made me feel this.
      But there are people with their sources (or sauses of ketchup and mayo) who claim to know deals are done (like egg and bacon sandwich) who so far haven’t realised googling the same name and arsenal doesn’t give you inside info.haha

      Talking of sources or more so rumour mill but I heard ozil turned down psg and this is making this Nuknku deal (though appare 2 separate deals) unlikely.

  3. Dammy says:

    I thought it was wenger that always dilly-dally with these transfers…. I thought he used to return supposedly money for transfer to the board……..I insist some of us need to apologise to this man for blasphemy against him….even I am included….oh my oh my arsenal….. What a laughing stock of a club….. When the chance is there to make the top four due to underperforming contenders we can’t invest couple of millions to get it…..makes business sense to miss out on the top 4 this season and start to invest in the summer all over again than invest now when it’s more realistic to make the top 4…..yes it is…….what a club….. what a combination for me ….a Nigerian and also an arsenal fan…..can it get worse….. Cant anything get to work out well for people like us…..am sure we have to make heaven after the whole adversaries on Earth…..???

    1. Cliff says:

      @Dammy you lost me when you said we need to apologize to Wenger.Its time you realized that Wenger&Gizadiz were part of a cartel that has ruined this great club.We are trying just to resurrect the club hoping it gets back to its feet.I know it is an uphill task with Stan in the room but we can only hope for the best.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Dammy was referring to transfers and we seen Wenger excluded from them in the Jan when Sven wanted Auba, Gazidis backed Sven and Wenger got excluded.

        Gazidis always had this power, Wenger never spoke out against it and took the blame himself, the closest Wenger got to speaking out against some of the transfers was with Welbeck… Which many choose to ignore. Wenger openly said he would have only loaned Welbeck but Gazidis bought him and looks like he will be going for free after giving our physios more of a challenge than our opponents.

        I will point to Perez as a Gazidis panic buy, we was linked to Lacazette and rumor was £35 million would be enough… We offered £30 million iirc. Refused to go higher and missed out. Still went back for him after Wenger was backed by the owner (New Contract) but it was the only one from three that Wenger wanted that we got.

        I can go further back if you’d like?
        Elneny was bought instead of Xhaka, Wenger had already spoken to Xhaka, funds wasn’t made available and we bought Elneny 6 months later… Only for Wenger to be stubborn and kept his eye on Xhaka.

        Now that is a good one to dislike right? I have not read any claim to say Wenger never wanted flops. Every manager gets flops and as you keep extending the time then the more flops they may get. When Xhaka plays well then he is a good player but too inconsistent, not going to get into a Xhaka debate but the point here was that Wenger wanted a player and the board gave him another player.

        If you want I can go right back to the season prior/during Gazidis joining (08/09) and look how we spent on Nasri then 6 months later we spend again on Arshavin… Next season, the one where Gazidis is CEO from the start… We spend roughly £10 million in total and that was on 1 player. Next season? About £20 million in total and about £11 million of that was on 1 player… Season after that? Average spend per player… about £10 million (Ox was highest at about £12 million).

        The following year we finally break our own record… On signing a player who we missed out on the year before because we refused to increase our bid by a couple million, Cazorla. Wenger wanted him and pushed to get him the next year when the chance arose.

        Let us go back to Nasri, the last player we signed before Gazidis arrived, a player who signed a new deal to help his old club get as much as they could… Wenger paid what was asked, we didn’t miss out on him due to a couple million. No Dein, no Gazidis… That was in the period in between. See the difference? When we signed Nasri we was in the new stadium, that excuse doesn’t work in this example.

        Another player moaned about a fair bit is Mustafi. I am not the only Arsenal fan who read that we could have had him earlier in the transfer window but the manager (at the time) was after other targets. We went back in for Mustafi after missing out on other targets and that was a funds issue, seems the board didn’t make enough available and panic bought Mustafi at the end just to show they was looking to fix the problem and not with a Silvestre.

        We see that funds are not being made available now yet so few refuse to accept that Wenger had his hands tied in transfers, he was given a lot of poor players and due to his coaching standard/capability dropping, it meant our squad was getting weaker all over.

        Recognising that Wenger was hampered in transfers doesn’t mean he is in the clear about training and backing the wrong coaches (Peyton is perfect example), it is just recognising that Gazidis was a bigger issue than originally thought.

        1. Durand says:

          Midkemma or you can read the Nov.29th 2017 article from ESPN where headline is quote from Wenger that says Ivan Gazidis is not involved in player transfers. His own words that is explained in the article.

          Gazidis was a root i agree, but Wenger was not blameless or cut out of transfers. He quite clearly was the lead as he himself says not Gazidis, until the Auba deal in January 2 months later where Ivan and Sven went and left Wenger out.

          Gazidis is a villain no doubt, but Wenger had his share for decades with plenty to go around.

          Unless you feel Wenger was telling porkies and lying to protect Stan. I believe Wenger and his statement on transfers until I see proof otherwise. Until then, I’ll go with the proof stated from Wenger in direct answer to that very specific question.

          1. Midkemma says:

            “Arsene Wenger insists Arsenal’s new chief scout Sven Mislintat will report to him rather than Ivan Gazidis, saying the club CEO has “nothing to do with buying players.””

            Yet Jan it wasn’t Wenger and Sven making deals happen, the CEO has nothing to do with buying players and Sven will report to him… That is what Wenger said, that was proven wrong.

            Either he was power playing and trying to force his authority or just being the blame guy, I do not know.

            Actions and words can show different stories, I do not think Wenger has never told a lie… I do not think he has lied to us constantly either.

  4. McLovin says:

    Smith Rowe going on loan to Leipzig is great news for the lad. He can really improve there.

    Too bad they couldn’t send us Willy Orban in exchange!

  5. kev says:

    From reliable sources, Eddie Nketiah’s loan deal to Augsburg may be cancelled should Arsenal not be able to bring in another attacker.
    This does not make sense since w’w only chased wingers and Nketiah is not a winger though he can do a job there.Saka and Amaechi are bette at the wings.Why not loan him to an EPL club?He’s a striker so better to test him here.

    Arsenal are now looking at their third option, Nkunku.He will be allowed to leave if Idrissa Gueye or another midfielder signs for PSG.

    1. McLovin says:

      How come PSG is not being influenced By FFP ?

      They are keeping Rabiot on the bench? Why isn’t he being sold?

      1. kev says:

        Smith Rowe loan done
        Nketiah to Augsburg off
        Nkunku to Arsenal unlikely

        PSG are influenced by FFP but they always look to sell for substantial amounts so that they meet meet the threshold.Also due to the way they acquire their money for transfers and I think their money comes directly from the owners and they keep pumping money into the club.
        Rabiot wanted to sign for Barca and has refused to sign a new contract ever since he had that motive.Barca then signed De Jong and I feel PSG are doing it to teach him a lesson but the club and the player must surely have some problems for that to happen.

  6. Dan kit says:

    Windows been open for 31 days
    Arsenal now do there business in the last 11 hours knowing full well this squad isn’t good enough .
    Same old arsenal ??‍♂️
    Personally I would rather not sign anyone and save till the summer ,seasons over anyway regarding the PL and I can’t see us doing any good in the Europe league .
    We will end up with a player or 2 that just get us buy but don’t add anything different .endless circle

    1. Things are changing says:

      Dan kit – Don’t give up on a 4th place finish yet. (We are currently in 4th). It is true that there is a lot of competition for 4th and we have the weakest squad of the 6 contenders and the most devastating injuries to starting players (Bellerin, Holding etc).

      Never the less we are in 4th, Chelsea are struggling, Man U have shown they are mortal the last two games and have CL distraction and Spurs have also been challenged without Kane.

      There is less than 50% chance we finish 4th in the PL but I would say there still is a very real chance. We also have the possibility to win the Europa league. This manager has shown to be able to prepare his team for big games.

      It is too early IMO to write our season off. In fact, we are doing much better in Emery’s first season than I expected. In fact, we are 5 points and 2 places better off than we were last season after 24 PL games. (And our goal difference is also better by 3)

  7. McLovin says:


    WELCOME DENIS! I really hope he does well.

  8. Ubameyang says:

    We still need a Winger.

  9. Adega Olatunji says:

    What number he wears?

    1. Dan kit says:

      Hopefully iwobis

      1. ToluCOYG says:

        Iwobi should even become his personal cleaner.
        Hateful lot…

        1. Dan kit says:

          ??‍♂️Sorry iwobi fan boy ??‍♂️

  10. RSH says:

    Nobody else is coming in. Disappointed we couldn’t secure a winger. Too much time wasted on silly transfers like Perisic, when it was obvious from the beginning Inter wanted him off permantely. Arsenal transfer team is still very ineffective. It seems there was a lot of internal conflict this Jan, hence Mislinstat leaving. Kroenke’s cheapness surely ruined this window for us.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I think that’s a little harsh on the current regime. Their hands are tied financially, meaning only loans, and that rules out so many players. And we all know how difficult it is January even with money to spend.

      I have no doubt that things will start improving soon. It can’t get any worse than ONLY signing Cech in a summer transfer window, when you already had Ospina, and Szczesny on the books, whilst the outfield was desperate for quality. Or does anyone remember the farcical Kallstrom loan? Signing an average player for a position that didn’t need strengthening, who was already injured, and not available for like 6 weeks, and at a time when we were going for the title. We needed pace, and quality upfront then, and Wenger signed Kallstrom?

      I cannot believe how bad it used to be.

      1. RSH says:

        True. Kallstrom loan is definitely one of the strangest moves Arsenal have ever done. And I understand Arsenal had limited options this window because of finances, but there just seems to be a lack of a concrete strategy this time around. We are linked with Perisic, who we didn’t pursue until last week, Carrasco, was on and off and apparently had a ton of different problems with communication and valuation, Nkunku, it seems like we are acting on too late. We’ve been linked with Gueye by SkySports, which I can’t imagine would be a loan. Management had to have known that going into Jan, we would have these constraints and I just feel like we were jumping around Europe (and China) trying to see what we could pull off. Besides for Suarez move, nothing else we did seemed to be a planned target. Compared to the summer window, where we clearly had set targets, this one was far more random. Basically what I’m trying to say is I don’t see the vision of our Jan. transfer strategy. It was just sort of throwing out loan requests and hoping teams would be nice to us.

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          I completely get what you’re saying, but in terms of some sort of strategy, at least they’re focusing on the weak areas, unlike the previous regime.

          Yes the defence should be the priority, but we’re desperate for wide players also. That said, I will be disappointed if we don’t sign a CB, or a RB.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to have been any competent defensive players available in this window for sale, let alone on loan.

    2. ACE says:

      If you believe in unsubstantiated reports
      supposedly Arsenal cant afford the loan fee
      for Malcolm and cant agreeon an obligation
      to buy valuation of Nkunku. WTF?

      Meanwhile Bournemouth have spent £19M on
      Solanke and it appears of all teams New
      Freaking Castle are working on breaking there
      all time transfer record(£22M) on Almiron from
      Atlanta United.

      I understand that the bloated wage bill and
      Kroenkes predictable penny pinching is yet
      again preventing the club from adding quality
      this window but why didn’t Raul and Emery at
      least put out feelers for the likes of Xhaka,
      Miki, Ozil and El Neny at the beginning of the
      window. Emery doesn’t rate Ozil or Miki, Xhaka
      has been consistently poor in form and well
      the Egyptian has had a difficult time removing
      his posterior from the bench all season. Nearly
      £600K in weekly wages for a group of players
      that are having a minimal at best impact at the
      club and quite frankly preventing Arsenal from
      acquiring a number of players in this window
      that would add the necessary quality and depth
      to make a serious run at the top 4 and Europa
      League. Imagine if AFC had the luxury of an
      extra £50M or more in this window to address
      both the CB and winger issues?

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