Nkunku’s arrival at Arsenal draws closer as replacement is secured by PSG

As revealed yesterday morning by David Ornstein, Arsenal are in talks with PSG about their young promising midfielder Christopher Nkunku and it looks like the deal is progressing very quickly.

The French Champions have already secured a replacement for Nkunku, according to gianlucadimarzio.com, who emphatically revealed….

PSG is getting ready to welcome Leandro Paredes. The former Roma midfielder will leave Zenit St. Petersburg after two years, to face this new challenge in Paris. The pressing of the French club was decisive , offering 40 million plus 5 bonuses for the Argentinian midfielder’s contract. New adventure for Paredes, expected tomorrow in France.

This will definitely open the door for Emery to do business with his old club, and I am pleased to see him getting a younger player that he believes has great potential. Things may not be going too well for Arsenal this season, but we are definitely in a period of transition and Emery is building a young squad for the future.

Let’s hope he has made the right judgement…



  1. Sue says:

    Excuse me if I struggle to get excited about this…

    1. ArsenalWhy says:

      Hahaha Sue. Our misery is so much that my anger turned to laughter lately. I laugh like a madman now.

      1. Sue says:

        ? best way hey?! ?

  2. gotanidea says:

    I think it’s only gonna be a loan deal

    If they want a player from Ligue 1, they had better take a proven one like Florian Thauvin

    1. S says:

      The same one that flopped at Newcastle? No thanks.

      1. gotanidea says:

        But he has scored almost fifty goals in Ligue 1 as a right winger, in just four seasons

        Salah also flopped at Chelsea, but exploded with Liverpool in his second EPL chance

        Thauvin’s playing position is similar to Salah and I think he could produce similar impact

  3. John Wick says:

    Happy days! Ivan Gazidis was telling the truth after all.. finally competing with the big boys! This appending signing will make the big teams take stock! I knew Kroenke would pull a rabbit out of the hat

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Ah, sarcasm; how wonderful. Too bad Arsenal can’t go back to Highbury and use the money wasted on the move to the Emirates, to buy and pay players to actually compete in the EPL and Europe.
        One good thing at Arsenal is tbat Gazidis is gone.

  4. McLovin says:

    A PSG nobody on loan. Our season is saved. Defense problems fixed!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      McLovin, unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any decent defenders available for loan.?

  5. Leon says:

    Football is meant to be something we enjoy.
    Are any of you enjoying this?
    I am not.
    I have never heard of this player.
    And I am not interested – cannot even be bothered to find out any information about him.
    Between them Kroenke and Emery will finish Arsenal.
    Perhaps that is not a bad thing…

    1. Admin says:

      Are you one of Les miserables???

      1. jon fox says:

        He must be the author of it , Pat!!! I am appalled by all these Jeremiah’s who have totally lost perspective and who scarcely mention the appalling way these constant and long term injuries have derailed our season. And also last nights game. We have a string of younger players on thre fringe of a brreakthrough and a good manager / coach. We need to look way beyond just this unfortunate season into a sure brighter future. Snowflakes , as so many mere children are on here, have neither the patience nor wit to look further ahead than their nose. That Leon doesn’t sound like a true fan to me!

        1. Ingleby says:

          Totally agree.

          1. jon fox says:

            So good to hear. I was beginning to think that most Gooners had stopped supporting us. Clearly those who slate us are not proper fans. I have been to well over 1500 games and before even starting to come at all, at age 8(in1958) I knew all the managers we had ever had since 1886 and many of the players who played at Woolwich, years before my father was even born. We are now fifth generation fans in my family. THAT is being a fan. Those ridiculous JAH SON and LEON sound like a Spuds pretending to be Gooners. They won’t last on here.

  6. Leon says:

    Emery is a clueless c**t
    I would trust my faith to the people on this forum than to him – at least they recognise that our defence is shite and would try to rectify it.
    Emery is blind to it and many other things as well.
    But no doubt he will linger around, well beyond his welcome as Wenger did.
    Emery’s welcome is rapidly coming to an end – I hope he recognises that sooner than later…

    1. jon fox says:

      Are you a Gooner at all? You sound like a spoilt child or a Spud or a troll to me! I guess you have not even noticed that Emery is given no money from our snake owner! A pathetic post!

      1. Declan says:

        He’s completely lacking in language skills as well, having to resort to that particular word!

        1. Sue says:

          ?? hate that word

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Leon, Jah son and Red and white and their ilk, all disparage Unai Emery, but never give any consideration to the difficulties he has inherited with the squad, the fact that since the start of the season he has not had a full squad to select from, the lack of transfer budget and an owner in Kroenke who will not invest.
            Unai Emery is well respected by his peers as a very good coach, with an excellent track record. I know whose opinion I pay credence to.
            In Emery walks or is sacked none of these critics have any idea, which well credentialled coach would be prepared to follow Emery into the Arsenal job.
            These people are negative and offer no positive contribution to the discussion.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Some good news to talk about, let’s try and take our minds off football results. Read a fair bit about him, and I must say that I liked everything I read. He is said to be a real trier, and he has got quality with bags of potential. Ramsey replacement, similar position playing to Ramsey when Ramsey started out, utility man, trying to hone his skills by putting him in defensive positions and attacking positions. L Blanc spoke highly of him, and Emery must have seen the same thing as the lad got a fair number of games even at PSG. Only an option to buy for about 20m at end of season, I think this is worth a look, only 21, came through that famous academy which Henry, Mbappe, and many world cup winning Frenchmen have come through – Clairefontain or something.

    1. Austineweng says:

      Thank you so much this is exactly the point I was trying to make. I don’t know why the admin never post any of my comments.

      1. ozziegunner says:


  8. austineWenger says:

    I have actually watched him play for psg and the guy is a talent. We all shouldn’t always jump to bash the club on their signings even before being done. When dortsmond signed Sancho was he known ? But see he is flourishing, if a club wants someone there is sure qualities in that person which the club has seen. All we fans should be doing is wait patiently and see how the player turns out before bashing them.

  9. ozman says:

    arsenal are no longer a big team so wen u want to have your say about arsenal remember your are supporting a small team we are Newcastle level don’t panic or kill ur self compare arsenal with Spurs Mr Stan don’t care so why u? u don’t have money to to give to the team all u know is to pay tv Guys let’s not west our breath sorry guys

    1. jon fox says:

      Please leave this site , as it is for Arsenal fans only!!!

  10. Th14 says:

    I think Parades is replacement for Rabiot who’s on the verge of joining Spurs. I wonder why we are overlooking Rabiot and going for Nkunku, it doesn’t make any sense

    1. Sue says:

      Are you surprised??

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Sue, Spurs probably offered to buy Rabiot from PSG, whereas Arsenal offered a loan!
        When is your daughter getting a divorce??

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