No action to be taken after Henderson and Gabriel bust up

The FA has announced that no further action will be taken against Jordan Henderson because of his spat with Gabriel Magalhaes.

Both players clashed in the second half of Arsenal’s 3-2 win against the Reds at the Emirates and other players were involved in the on-field drama that ensued.

The players from Liverpool were furious after Michael Oliver had awarded the Gunners a decisive penalty and cameras caught Henderson and Gabriel having a go at each other.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the FA interviewed six other players and are now satisfied that there is no case to answer after their investigation failed to provide anything tangible.

Just Arsenal Opinion

This is a strange one with no one really knowing what was alleged etc or Gabriel’s feelings on the matter.

The Arsenal defender has continued to deliver for the team as they remain at the top of the league table.

That win against Liverpool was pivotal in our season because it gave our players a healthy dose of confidence to get even more victories and remain at the top of the EPL table.

Hopefully, the team will return to winning ways in its next league game after the 1-1 draw against Southampton.

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      1. Th disappointment on Bobby’s face was at Gabriels carry on, as Arsenal players were interviewed by the FA and give the their due by being honest they said they heard absolutely jack all. Plus the following week he was kicking off on someone else so it seems to be a habit of his.

  1. I reckon I know the subject of what was what was said by Henderson to Gabriel to upset him.

    But I will keep that dark suspicion to myself. Perhaps SOME will read between my words for the ACTUAL reason I have for claiming I KNOW!

  2. So a couple players were jawing and verbally sparring, ref intervenes and ends the interaction.

    Why was any of this worth pursuing by the FA? Was it worthy of an investigation?

    Couple of 3rd graders at the local park had a kick around yesterday, one started crying, perhaps the FA should intervene?

    Meanwhile, inconsistencies are rampant in various referees and calls, a foul today is not one next week, and VAR still is hit and miss.

    None of that is worthy of an investigation by FA?
    The greater cause for concern is over what one player said to another?

    1. Durand your final line is the key one. I reckon its fairly plain about what the subject of what Henderson said to GABRIEL to annoy him was about.
      Don’t you!?
      And on ref inconsistencies, I do NOT agree with your view that it is worth letting go.

      Ref inconsistencies and the way VAR is annoying fans and ruining their enjoyment is of VITAL IMPORTANCE to both investigate AND take action about.

      An interesting difference in our different philosophies from two fans from different countries.

      1. I feel the FA should investigate both the inconsistencies in VAR and the on-the-field continued inconsistencies by the refs.

        Does no one else find it odd that players, managers, owners, fans, virtually everyone except referees is held to a standard and accountable?

        One can’t have a “dive” and “foul” this week, yet do nothing with the same occurrence the following week.

        I feel the refs should have a ratings system, how many times they were overruled by VAR perhaps, or continued inconsistencies in how they call and manage matches.

        1. Or far better still, do away with the appalling VAR altogether! It should never have been even considered, let alone introduced into our game.

          It was always BOUND to bring inconsistencies but the powers that be did not have the brains to foresee this obvious outcome.

          1. VAR , if retained should be given over to an independent watchdog and cases made against refs . The findings should see the PGMO secret society finally disbanded. Right now I’d ask the questions #1 why are referees predominantly white ? #2 why are they predominantly from Lancs /Yorks. ? #3 why are they answerable to no one ?

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