No Arsenal deal in place for Torreira or Banega

It looks like Arsenal’s search for a beast of a midfielder is nowhere near completion as it has bbeen revealed that there is no deal of any kind finalised with Sampdoria over the transfer of Lucas Torreira to the Emirates.

Despite many pundits assuming that we are just waiting until after the World Cup to announce it, the BBC’s Arsenal expert David Ornstein has brought us all back down to Earth by reporting what he knows about the situation, and he is also adamant that we are not in the chase for Ever Banega either….

So good old David is full of good news for us as usual! So what do we make of that? Are there any equivalent midfielders available out there if Torreira falls through?



  1. duor says:

    William Carvalho as usual.

    1. Peter Kwaw badu says:

      Looking at Benega’s performance at the world cup and sevilla last season, I believe he can give us what has eluded us at the midfield .

  2. Sue says:

    One minute you read it’s a done deal, he’s been sold, he’s a gooner…. the next the deal isn’t done, there’s a delay, it may fall through ???
    Oh please get this sorted, I have my heart set on Torreira!!!

  3. namulembwa troy says:

    arsenal has released jack as a free agent.

    1. joseph says:

      ooh wangan gooner

  4. ivanolad says:

    kev, what do you have to say about this?
    I have been following you Mr kev.
    please say something about the sampdoria guy.

    1. kev says:

      Sampdoria president said he’s been sold and I’m taking him by his world.From what Ive researched its only left with his medical.The deal has already been closed but we can still decide against signing the player because he’s technically not our player until he signs but the deal to bring him to Arsenal is done.Simply said we have agreed to all the necessary and relevant transfer terms.

      I repeat a done deal is not equal to a player’s signature.Those who think so are using “done deal” in a different context.For e.g “DONE DEAL ARSENAL SIGN ALEXIS SANCHEZ”.

      1. Admin says:

        Yes he is sold. But there were just as many rumours about Napoli as us. But I’m not worried coz YOU told us it was a DONE DEAL along with soyuncu and sokratis……

        1. kev says:

          Napoli can’t afford his wages.Unless we’ve pulled out of the deal then he will be our player.Torreira wants the Arsenal move too so unless our camp have pulled out Torreira will be our player.
          All I know is the medical is left and after he passes he’ll be our player.

          1. rock says:

            Their last game against Russia the commentators said after the world cup he is going to arsenal, even sampdoria president said they have agreed deal with arsenal for the player,, arsenal fans always like to border ourselves on unnecessary things

  5. jon fox says:

    No deal is ever done until the contact is signed. Likewise, no house is ever sold until completion , not even on contract exchange, as some would tell you. Once signed there is not reason to delay saying so. Therefore common sense tells us neither deal is yet done. My own feeling is that Torreira will complete but Banega will not happen. Some players need to be got rid of before too much more is spent, I feel.

    1. kev says:

      It’s not true.A deal being done and player signing are not simultaneous.A deal must be done before a player can sign.Assuming Torreira was having his medical and failed can you say up until the point where the medical was scheduled to take place the deal wasn’t done?Im asking this question because that’s exactly the stage where the deal currently is.
      I mean how can the Sampdoria president announce that he’s been sold and all of a sudden all I see is the deal isn’t done.
      Fee agreed(agent and price) + agreed personal terms = DONE DEAL.
      But even so a team can still decide against signing a player because as long as the player hasn’t signed he’s still not your player else it would’ve just taken an agreed fee and personal terms to sign a player.

      1. Shortboygooner says:

        Sorry kev. A done deal means all parties inbolved have agreed. A agreemenr being reached would be a better use of words. Bur that doesnt get as many comments. I beleive you know whay your yalking about but a done deal means its haooened everyone has signed and its DONE. an agreement reached means they have agreed but only ovee dinner or something

        1. kev says:

          Nope.That’s why I’m saying those using “done deal” are using it in the context of something which is 100% going to happen.That is their contextual understanding of it.
          Do you remember when we Wenger going to sign Ozil he said the PSG president called him and asked if the Ozil deal was done and Wenger said yes and pleaded with him not to touch it.
          If it’s a done deal and it can’t be touched then why did Wenger tell the PSG president not to touch it?It’s because as long as a player hasn’t signed for you he’s technically not your player.Therefore he knew the PSG president could actually scupper the move.

      2. Admin says:

        Because he’s been sold to Napoli perhaps?

        1. kev says:

          They can’t afford his wages.He will earn around £90,000 a week here.

      3. jon fox says:

        Sorry but you are clearly not a legally trained person , as I am . The English language is quite clear in that a deal DONE means precisely that; ie. the player signed and the deal completed(done). Otherwise, what you have is merely a verbal agreement. This is the whole point of having a signed contract, if you give it a moments proper thought. In the same way that a house under offer may have a buyer(vendor) and seller agree a price BUT the deal is not done until completion of contracts. On a technical point, exchange of contracts can still fall through and has done, many times, even though either party can (and have done so) sue the other party for failing to complete. This is fact, NOT opinion. Please be assured. You risk losing credilbility, as least with worldly wise people when you, wrongly, assert your mere opinion as fact.

  6. LL COOL GUNNER says:

    Best advice is to wait till official announcement, David has been wrong before, I also read that we are now after ndombele..

  7. Arsene Wenger. says:

    If other media are reporting that the deal for Lucas is in place,why are some other attention seekers trying to divert peoples attention by saying no deal is done.I believe we already have Lucas

    1. Okiror says:

      Are You still in Arsenal why dont u leave please

  8. Goonstar says:

    We released Wilshere, we definitely are going to get a new Midfielder surely.
    We are just impatient because of the constant articles written about a player we are supposedly interested in. We are a bit too overly excited right now because the media rumours have gotten us convinced about possible signings. We are restless at the moment. Gotten our hope too high. ?

    1. Ken1945 says:

      Goonstar, a little correction for you, inasmuch we didn’t let Wilshere leave, he decided not to sign the contract offered.
      A subtle difference, but the same situation as Judas Rvp etc presented to the club.
      A recent post about Emery keeping the fans informed and updated was met with the usual Wenger comparisons and how it was going to be so much better knowing what was going on.
      It seems to me that it’s the same old story of media led hysteria, with our fans believing everything suggested.
      The only one factor that is still as it was over the last five years is the board (Gazidis) and the owner.
      Now I really do hope that these rumours are not correct and that we have players signed up for announcement after the world cup.
      I do hope that we are not penny pinching as has been reported is Gazidis method of doing transfers.
      If it is however, I feel so sorry for the new manager and, of course, the club’s supporters.
      Patience is a virtue, but it is starting to feel like de ja vue.
      Watching Griezmann playing at the moment and knowing that it was the club not backing the ex manager’s judgement makes me so pessimistic about these reports.
      Only hope that I am completely wrong and that the club have changed.

      1. jon fox says:

        Ken , On a technical point you are correct that Wilshere chose not to sign a new contact and that we did not therefore let him leave. But nor did we wish to keep him enough , by not offering a contract – correctly , in my view – that would have induced him to sign again. It is clear that the club , were relaxed about him going. I think the club have acted shrewdly, given that his contract had already been allowed to run down to nothing , which was , IMO, a big mistake, at least financially speaking. Most Gooners, judging by the many posts on this site , agree with the decision not to try harder to “make” him stay. I appaud you for correcting the erroneous comment you replied to. Language is often so sloppy and incorrectly used on here. ON YOUR WIDER PONT ABOUT HOPING THE CLUB HAS CHANGED, what I DO THINK IS THAT A DEFINITE SHIFT IN TRANSFER POLICY but only within certain financial limits , has been agreed. WE SHALL SEE, BUT I AM SO MUCH MORE OPTIMISTIC THAN THIS TIME LAST YEAR. I believe most others are too. BTW, do you really believe a player should be called “Judas”(RvP) FOR WISHING TO LEAVE OUR CLUB? ANY CLUB IN FACT? I DON’T as in the main , players are not diehard fans of the club they play for and have a career, wives and families to consider and put first. Is that wrong? I think not.

        1. Ken1945 says:

          Jon, the Judas Rvp question first..
          If there was ever one player who betrayed the club, manager and, most of all, the supporters, it was this person.
          He was idolised by the fans, who kept faith with him through his personal and injury hit career at our club.
          He run his contract down whilst deliberately keeping his true intentions masked by inuendoe and misleading statements.
          After just one season of fantastic football, what did he do?
          Joined our biggest rival despite a biggest ever Arsenal contract offer.
          I really do despise this man and wish he could be erased from our history.
          On to Wilshere and, in actual fact, we did offer him a contract that he chose to turn down.
          The club didn’t improve that offer and so the inevitable happened.
          I agree that the majority of the fanbase agreed with the club’s stance, as I did. It was sad to see ‘one of our own’ leave in this way, but there it is!
          Transfer dealings? I do hope your views are correct, but it does have a similar feeling to previous seasons of promises being unfulfilled

          1. jon fox says:

            KEN, Sadly I have to fundamentally dissent from your RVP as a Judas comment. Unlike most, you too it seems, I never forget that fans are fans and don’t play but players are players and are RARELY true fans of the team employing them. Players have a career as their main focus and usually families to support too. Fans quite often have little else than following their team to interest them in life and this obsession can , sometimes, does become all consuming and unhealthily so. To expect players to act as true fans would do is unrealisrtic and so emotional and silly language is often used , by some fans; Judas is a perfect example of this. I have not doubt that RvP is a self centred and disloyal person;. But players are not saints and neither are fans, both you and me included. I am merely being a realist , which I prize(realism , I mean) which helps one keep a true perspective in life. I am doubtless in a small minority of diehard fans who think as I do but that worries me not one jot. What would worry me would to be unthinking and expect the unobtainable. Of course a small minority of moderm players -and a larger minority of ex-players from days gone by too – are TRUE FANS and would put the club before their own careers and even their own fitness(by playing when injured , etc) but , I repeat, to call any player a Judas is plain inaccurate and unreasonable in expectation of how the vast majority of players are. As an example , WHO in the current squad would you consider actually a fan of Arsenal, other than Wilshere, who will leave the club this weekend? I rest my case. LASTLY , ALL MUST BE FREE , CONTRACT MATTERS ASIDE, TO DECIDE WHERE THEY PLY THEIR TRADE. The days of players as slaves , ended with the George Eastham case, which WE both remember.

          2. Sue says:

            Ken a huge thumbs up from me ? for your RVP comments…. I totally agree with everything you said about him…. the mere mention of his name makes my blood boil ?

          3. Ken1945 says:

            Sue ? I still can’t find thumbs up!!!

  9. JW says:

    What of Arsenal’s loan players? Will any of these be at Arsenal next season?

    Emiliano Martinez – GK
    Carl Jenkinson – Def
    Jeff Reine-Adelaide- MF
    Joel Campbell – MF
    Takuma Asano – MF
    Lucas Perez – Fwd
    Chuba Akpom- Fwd

    1. Alkali says:

      Probably only martinez

  10. RSH says:

    Making you sweat on every transfer is something Arsenal will always do. Even when the other clubs president says it’s done you just never know, lol. Now I’m just hoping Portugal knock out Uruguay so we can get answers sooner.

  11. Sue says:

    Some game France v Argentina! How good is Mbappe?! Only downer is… listening to Danny Murphy commentating ????

  12. Innit says:

    So far this summer



    Not enough so far but still over 2 months left.

    In my opinion, we need minimum
    Top CB x 2
    Two central midfielders- ie Gueye, Nzonzi, fabinho, motta, Seri, Goretzka etc
    And ideally

    Highly unlikely to get all this summer

    The following positions are sorted more or less:

    1. jon fox says:

      Far more “outs” than meerly the ones you list, will happen and should .

    2. joseph says:

      you mean gueyi from Senagal?

  13. Guys I hope am welcome to this forum

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Mohamed, why wouldn’t you be if you’re a fellow “gooner”? Welcome aboard and I look forward to your contributions.

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