No Arsenal games to watch? This is what we should do…

For me, June is the most difficult month of the year. Why is it so difficult?
One, there is no Arsenal or Premier League football to watch, and two, the transfer window has just opened, so there is very little to be excited about other than the day in and day out dribble from the rumor mill.

Oh my, June is so very difficult to handle.

So, I think I have a solution. What if the Premier League could put together enough retired players to form a league and play matches in June? Most big teams (including Arsenal) regularly arrange charity games against other Legend teams. (See video at the end)

I think four teams would be enough, representing regions of England instead of cities. How fun would it be to watch former Premier League legends play once again, in a competition that ended with one team winning the Premier Legends League Cup.

These games would help to fill the gap between watching our national team’s international matches, plus it would  offer a chance to see some of our former Premier League heroes back on the pitch.

Matches could be shortened to 60 minutes, with managers having the ability to take players out of the match, let them rest, and then put them back in. Tackling would be discouraged, but not ruled out, and a tie would be decided by a penalty shootout.

The Premier League could own and operate the league, with former league managers leading the four clubs.

I believe the international television networks would jump on this idea, and sponsors would love it too.

Anyway, just a thought on how to give us some Premier League football in the month of June, and help ease the boredom until the preseason kicks-off in July.


What do you think we should do to relieve our summer boredom?

Gunner1953  (Yankee Gooner)


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  1. 3 months break is better unless there is euros or world Cup so we don’t get fatigued with watching football.

    1. @HH
      I 100% agree.
      We should be using these 3 months to relax our fatigued heads..

      Take our minds off Arsenal until another marathon of UPs and DOWNs next season. More fatigue. Lol

      But it’s very difficult to stay away from reading anything Arsenal. Can’t stay away from Arsenal even for 3 days without feeling that you are missing something major in your daily diet.. You always keep an eye out for what’s going on with the club and our fans. Can’t help it. We are football (Arsenal) addicts.

  2. The brain needs a 3 month rest. Watching Arsenal is like going into a boxing ring. It can do your head in from round to round, and right at the end, you get the sucker push. I found the last 10 or so matches fairly stressful to watch. We had the 3 consecutive losses on the trot. Then it was the 4 match winning streak. Then it was the 2 match debacle against Tottenham and Newcastle. And the sucker punch match, the last game against Everton 5-1 where we can actually score goals. That game was a pure insult. With matches being played crazy hours of a mornings here in Australia, the brain needs recharging. But now I seem to be watching the European competition. When does it all end. We all get sucked in one way or another. I made a promise to myself that I’d take no notice of all the rumours regarding players coming in and players going out. Unfortunately Arsenal is an incurable illness 🤒. Can’t seem to shake it off 😕

  3. Well I don’t know if there will be any commercial potential there in to clubs unless it could be a charity league…

    It may seem nice but I doubt it’s viability considering the fact that some of these legends have moved on from football, some are so busy running their businesses , endorsing divers projects to spare 60 munites weekly for some fun activity….which they can recreate at the comfort of their time.

    I think preseason matches are just fine

    Cos the flaws in this suggestion are much more than the fun IMO

  4. For me is a good idea because we want to watch our football Legends on the pitch again 😎 we love it

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