No, Arsenal’s results are NOT good enough any more

Nothing is good enough says Arsene, but is that so? by Konstantin Mitov

Hello everyone! It’s been an interesting few weeks lately around Arsenal! Not so much regarding the results, but in terms of the consequences those results brought. Arsene is on the ropes! Sadly not from the board, who are the people that will decide his future, but the fans and media do not spare him questions on his future.

Asked about what is success, he said “I’ll leave that up to you”, but once our verdict is failure, he’ll probably say we know nothing. Moving on though he said “nothing is good enough anymore” and I have to say it’s not that nothing is good anymore, it’s just that the usual RO16 exit in the champions league and the constant humiliation against the big sides isn’t very good either.

Those are not things that the board will consider though. They want him to stay, he said he wants to stay. In my mind, there is no question he will sign and be here next season, but the real issue is fans are slowly but steadily turning against Arsene and it might reach a point where nothing will really be good enough, because people have grown tired of Wenger.

And the more significant reason for that is the results have been bad. And they haven’t improved over a long period of time, let’s say 12 years? The same thing over and over again, against the same teams in the same time of the year with the same excuses from Arsene.

A fan at the protests before playing Bayern said he drove 5 hours just to protest and not attend the game! Rumours are fans have gathered money to fly a plane with a banner over the Hawthorns and the spare money will be for more banners that will be given.

If you go to war with the fans you’re unlikely to win, because we’ll be here when the current manager and players are gone. And once you poison the atmosphere it will get to everyone no matter how “mentally strong” we keep hearing we are. Bellerin said after the Bayern game he was hurt that the fans were leaving early.

If he can notice it, be sure, so can the others! And if the players abandon Wenger, he’s finished. That’s why he keeps faith in players who’re not good enough. They trust him and they don’t question him. He’s isolated himself.

Imagine you are sitting in a burning room and you do nothing because you think it’s all good. Eventually you’ll burn up and it’s exactly what’s happening to Arsene. He is suffocating in his own dream world, which is crashing down to reality fast and I think Tony Pulis would love to pile more pressure on Arsene, in fact I don’t think we will win there.

It’s how low our expectations have dropped. I’m not overly confident we can win any competitive game. The heat is on and Wenger can keep pointing fingers at everyone he wants, but truth is he is a big part of the problem, and until he leaves nothing will change!



  1. hecmanx says:

    He keeps insulting the fans that have been very loyal to him all these years, wenger is so so deluded he still thinks he is doing a great job but the fans are not satisfied.

    If wenger leaves, it will feel like winning the epl, cuz there will be hope for the future and all arsenal fans will be United and support our new manager.

    Wenger is destroying his legacy and dividing the fans, that’s why he should leave at the end of the season.

    Sadly, some deluded fans are still worshipping him, despite seeing the club stagnating for many years now.

  2. G-Rude says:

    Fans are not “worshipping” him. They are respecting what he has done for the club in the past, but I think everyone is aware that he is simply not capable of taking us to the next level any more.
    Perhaps he has passed his sell by date, but there is no need to insult his legacy.

  3. The deluded one is a curse that keeps giving year after year….if statements like this don’t make the point that this man is completely insane don’t know what it does….who the old fool expects will buy his nonsense, well his fan base of course, he will keep feeding them with this garbage till he announces he will stay for 2 more years…..the best this fraud can do is keep quiet if we have no other choice but to see him keep bringing down AFC till he decides to retire while pocketing another 16 Mill then at least keep a low profile (mouth shut) and stop insulting the intelligence of those Fans that don’t buy his cr..p anymore

  4. Ramterta says:

    Wenger should ensure arsenal avoid defeat this saturday.

    or else…

    1. Jansen says:

      A draw would be an equal disaster at the moment.

  5. mark says:

    Wenger still thinks we can win the league. He’s in fantasy land.

    Has he seen Chelsea play??

  6. Jansen says:

    Nothing is good enough anymore? I wonder what he would point at this season that he thinks is good enough. The one victory against Chelsea?

    I honestly don’t care so much about winning the PL or the CL at the moment, if I could reasonably tell myself we were still in the PL race, perhaps 3 points behind? Max 5 points behind? I would have a nice season. As it stands I can not tell myself that since last year. I also would not have minded losing to Bayern on a away goals or by a small margin, like City, they gave it go.

    I just no longer can deal with the spineless, characterless efforts that that see our seasons go down the drain without a fight by December in the PL and that see is eliminated from the CL mid-February.

    If Wenger signs another 2 year deal I might actually try to follow another team in the PL until he leaves and I could see myself be happy when we lose. If complete failure is what it takes for him to leave, lets have it. SAD.

  7. Vlad says:

    Last time you said that you don’t read what Arsene says anymore, Konstantin. It has become an extremely unhealthy obsession for you, KM. I wonder if there’s more to the story here. Did you go to a game once, and didn’t get Wenger’s autograph or something? Or is it simply envy? The man is a successful manager… a rich, and a well respected person… a legend. And you are what exactly? Nothing but another keyboard warrior who thinks he knows everything about football because he played too much FIFA, and Football Manager. Grow up, Konstantin, and get another hobby ’cause this one is clearly not for you, and is effecting your life in a very negative manner.

    1. Jansen says:

      In all fairness Vlad, one doesn’t need to know a lot about football or success to know Wenger ain’t it any longer.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Look at Barca and the transfers they do, no matter the manager, the club will get targets.

        Now listen to how Wenger has said about missing out on players, Arsenal FC missed out on the managers targets.

        Success is more likely when the team is all working together for the same cause.

        Silent Stan is not like Roman at Chavski.

        Lets say Allegri comes to Arsenal and wants Dybala, do you have faith that the board will get him, I do not. Not unless his contract was low and they was forced to sell rather than lose for nothing…

        Wenger had that support when Dein was at Arsenal and we was winning the EPL and doing well in the UCL, progressing as a club.

        Dein left and the club has only progressed on the bank account side.

        Our medical staff appears to be less than adequate and injuries is something we have moaned about for a long time. Unless we get a manager who is more of a medic than a football manager then we have to get the people in who can tell the manager to ease up on usage or to tell players to have more breaks if required.

        See what I mean about teamwork?

        Arsenal board needs to build that infrastructure in the club to give any future manager the best chance and to help ensure that we as a club never rely upon a sole man for so much again.

        Wenger isn’t immortal and Arsenal will have to live without him sooner or later, I know that like every other fan out there… including the AKB people. So why can’t we all unite and push for changes to how we are ran as a club? Demand more ambition from the board.

        Maybe they would be more inclined to make the move of hiring a new manager if they was getting the protests for lack of ambition, being spineless at competing with other big teams.

        Imagine if us fans had given Silent Stan the headaches that Wenger has had to suffer.. and the reputation being hit hard…
        For a businessman… Could it not affect his business outside the footballing world if he was portrayed as a weak greedy old man?

        No news is good news… no news about how Silent Stan is failing in the area he has invested in.

        Silent Stan is the one who can say “No, you are not good enough Wenger” but he doesn’t.
        After Wenger…
        If the new manager keeps the books looking good while keeping us in top 4 still and we end up in the same situation as now…

        Will Silent Stan tell that new manager that he isn’t good enough and show ambition?

        That is what a lot of fans feel the real problem is.

    2. Vlad says:

      I laugh at the deluded lot that thumbed me down. I’m not defending Wenger. The man has plenty of faults, and I’m fully aware of it. I’m just trying to point out that several of you here, Konstantin is a perfect example, don’t have anything better to do than to talk about the old man day in and day out. I see some great pieces here, but they are far few and between what it used to be. Articles are still decent, but people forgot how to stick to the original topic of conversation. We have so many things we can talk about, yet every single discussion ends in Wenger Out. And I, for one, am sick and tired of it.

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