No Arsene! You need to give Arsenal fans a reason

Ahead of the home game for Arsenal against Swansea City this evening, Arsene Wenger has been speaking about how important it is for everyone connected to the club to stick together through thick and thin, clearly accepting that it is mostly thin at the moment.

After the painful Old Trafford reverse against Manchester United made it just two wins from the last seven Premier League games and just three from 10 in all competitions it is vital for the Gunners to get back to winning ways at the Emirates tonight.

So I understand why the boss wants the home crowd to get behind the players tonight and give them a lift, as an report explains. The Frenchman suggested that the level of support from the different groups of fans could have an influence on which of the title chasing clubs will end up with the Premier League trophy at the end of the season.

He said, ““What you want from your fans is to fight together until the last game of the season. What we have learnt from the league is that it is very tight, that everybody can drop points, and the teams – and the fans – who can show togetherness and solidarity until the end, might come out of it in a positive way.

“That’s what we want, to fight together until the last game of the season and not give up when you have a bad game or a bad result. That’s what fans and players and teams and clubs are about.”

Maybe so, but the players from Leicester and Tottenham have been showing a lot of fight and giving their fans plenty to cheer about. Perhaps if the Arsenal side was showing the same sort of fight rather than just talking about it the manager would not have to act for backing.

We all want a great atmosphere at the matches and if the Gunners show that they are up for it against Swansea tonight, with fill effort and commitment if nothing else, then we fans will get behind them. But it is a reciprocal thing Arsene and I do not think you should be suggesting that a lack of support is the reason your team has been so bad recently.

Does he even realise how much we suffer?

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  1. Hi All Gooners,

    Its kind of difficlut to support when he continues to play Ramsey for 90 minutes and leaves players like campbell on the bench.

    I dont understand. This is the most experienced manager in the league and we lost cause we had no midfield. Man United killed us in the midfield and he doesnt see it. I saw it the first 25 mins. Why would you bring on Iwobi and not Campbell. His decisions are confusing.

    I think its time Wenger starts explaining himself. We have suffered enough. Doing the same thing each year with the same result is madness. My thing is have the TOTS and LEI improved that much or have we just been that weak. This was and should “Have” been our year.

    Im really tired of getting this angry every week watching my team and club play as if they just dont care. Pull up your dam socks and show us commitment and we will freaken cheer our butts off. Thats all we ask ARSENE that is all we ask.

  2. how many chances have we had to stake our claim as contenders this season an bottled it?
    a win today would be a good start.
    white hart lane this weekend is the real test , we win there an it restores the fans belief, anything less im afraid little changes

    these players rarely getting out of second gear is the reason we havent got what it takes- an its quite disgusting to see
    sadly i feel this has happened for seasons now, its just the odd game where we push ourselves, the difference being we had match winners to get us over the line.
    whether it was ramsey few years back, alexis

    we dont show urgency an havent for years…think back- wenger does not bring the best out of these players – that is the truth
    you can scream dm and cf spend 100 mill

    but whats the point if the manager cant get them to fight- to show hunger.

  3. This is Mr Wenger’s favourite excuse!
    Saved for these kind of scenarios!
    ( His get out of jail free card )
    “when there is no excuses for failure…. Push the blame back onto the blame’ers”

  4. Personally, I would just like AW and the players to say they fezzed up, and that they where training hard to put it right coz they have fezzed up too many times over the last few games, and yes that includes AW with his tactics and subs coz they have been wrong. Then if things improved we would be getting somewhere.

    1. true, Im an Arsenal fan myself but it think my fellow gooners moan to much, most of our fans are arrogant, they think it´s a God given right to win every game. I get pretty mad when we lose with no fight like last sunday, but i never keep on moaning everyday about the manager and the players. support the team now when they need u and save your anger for may if they don´t win the title, Now its the time to support the players not put them down!!

  5. The unfortunate fact is that after 20 years and now being near untouchable in his position he doesn’t need to do anything, not even win.

  6. NO Wenger we are all here ready to fight with the players and club but it feels like at time we are doing more fighting than certain players….We is the teams heart, guts, soul??? I should be bale to feel the passion through the TV..I think it boils down to the manager and the mentality of the team…Players such as Ramsey, Walcott, have been with us through the whole dark ages but they have got use to not performing to the best week in week out…getting bigger pay checks and getting played over the likes of Campbell who would run his self ragged for 90 mintues all over the field passing, defending, attacking EVERYWHERE!!!…

    Yes this is football and anyone can beat anyone on a given day..We do not complain about the loss more the manner of which we lose (NO fight)…We can accept a great effort with a loss…but to lose with no effort at all is disgusting….

    Some of the players now need to go watch us during our good days when we had Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Adams, Pires, Overmars we had fight week in week out, players would die on the pitch rather than lie down and take a loss….IN that game vs united over the weekend if it where the old arsenal we would have tore them a new one and then some…

    I would love to go into an Arsenal Training session and motivate the boys and call it as it is with certain players who need to check themselves before they wreck our club……

  7. This man never wants to hear the fans opinion. During the summer transfer window, he doesn’t listen to our pleading for a DM back-up for Coquelin or for a striker who can score goals.
    He brushes it way with his usual nonsense that you can not just go to the store and buy a striker.

    During the regular season when all his mistakes come back and haunt us, he wants us to shut up and just cheer.

    So when will you listen and respect the fans opinion? Or do you just want to continue to take our money through gate receipts or television money?

    I for one would have zero problems cheering for the squad and the team even if we were 6th, if this past summer he had bought a DM likeCarvalho or Wanayama and a striker lie Higuan, even if these players failed to perform.

    The disgust from most of us comes not so much from the poor results but more because of Wenger’s predictable behavior which precedes the poor results (not buying the players needed, sticking with poor performing players, running players into injury (Sanchez) keeping players with serious injuries on the pitch (Cazorla, Ox) and making strange substitutions.

    If Wenger can not motivate this team to play the remainder of the season with urgency and fight (not unlike we did during the win against City) we can forget about any trophy.

    The problem is with the mentally weak Wenger teams, is that they can only show urgency after a string of poor results and then only for one or two games. PL winning teams show usrgency and fight 9 out of 10 games.

  8. It’s pointless even ridiculous to moan against this man anymore, year after year the same script…darn as far as I remember has been the same story at least for the last 10 years…..his policy of stick it to the Man in this case the FAN has been his brand and now he is asking for support…..Wenger as a Fan and your previous supporter I will ask you nicely GET THE HELL OUT in the words of Trump let ARSENAL be great again.

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