No better offers for Lucas Perez – Will Arsenal force him to stay?

I bet that last summer Lucas Perez was looking forward to fame and fortune as a top scorer at a big club like Arsenal in the best League in the world, but it quickly turned to dust as the Spaniard slowly realized that he was only Wenger’s third choice for centre-forward, and probably 4th or 5th choice to play on the wing.

By Christmas he was so disillusioned that he even asked Wenger to let him go to China so he could at least play every week, but he was dissuaded and found himself even further down the pecking order.

His anger and dissatisfaction has been made totally clear this summer by his public proclamations about his treatment at Arsenal, and he is desperate to rejoin his old club Deportivo La Coruña, but does Wenger intend to make him suffer even further?

Now Lucas’ agent Rodrigo Fernandez Lovelle has proclaimed that the offer from Deportivo is the best one on the table for the 28 year-old, and he is desperate to persuade Arsenal to accept it. “I’m waiting for Arsenal to come back to me, but the best offer they have on the table for Lucas is from Deportivo.” Lovelle said.

“At Arsenal they know he’s going to play very little there and they know that Deportivo want him. It would be good for everyone to sell Lucas Perez.

“We have to convince them.”

The rumours are saying that Deportivo have made an offer of €9m for his return, but Wenger is obviously loathe to lose 50% of his purchase price after just one year, despite the player being desperate to leave. Could Wenger really just block the move and force him to return to the Arsenal bench? Surely it can’t be good for dressing room morale to have an unhappy player moping around all season?


Updated: July 27, 2017 — 10:47 am


  1. He should stay and fight for a first team place, maybe he will have a much better season this time around 😉

    1. I think if we can’t sell him then we should play him ahead of Walcott because I think he contributes to the team better as a whole.

  2. This is the one thing I dont like about Wenger – somewhere in there he will always favor some players over others and its not always based on form/talent/class.

    IMO, Lucas is better than Welbeck and Giroud. Given the chance you feel he would have scored quite a number of goals and assists too.

    If Wenger cares about players like he says he does he should sell Perez back to Deportivo without asking a cent more than they can afford.

    I really feel sad for Lucas, really sad.

  3. I don’t support Wenger’s treatment of Lucas. The dude’s shown a lot of promise whenever given the opportunity. If he is made to stay he should be guaranteed more game time.

  4. So i have been speaking to a friend who has it on good authority that the Lemar deal is NOT likey to go ahead. He tells me that although we havent given up just yet, it is looking more and more likely that Lemar will stay at Monaco.

  5. I don’t like Wenger’s treatment of Lucas, like I didn’t like his treatment of Podolski.

    Lucas’s value dropped because Wenger didn’t play him.

    What was Lucas supposed to do to get more chances. He played very well in the FA Cup. I think he should leave because Wenger will treat him the same this coming season. If we get Lemar, then there will be even less chance of Lucas playing.

    Lucas is too good to be warning the bench most of the season.

    If we do not get high enough bid then At least loan him out for 6 months, so that another team can pay his wages and he can play more often.

  6. If his agent announces he wants to leave – it could be to get an improved deal. And as for being peeved at lacazette for taking the #9, this suggests lucas can be childishly sulky or petulant, or he simply showing passion for the reason he feels undervalued. I think he needs to go elsewhere and when he does none of you will remember him – coz chances are there’s only one “pires”,[*Robert ]

  7. if we are forced to lose 50% on the player, Wenger should have to pay it from his millions, as its his fault, he reminds us all the time that he is in charge of transfers, so it was obviously his decision to bring Perez in, and his decision not to play him…

  8. How does the song go “oh yea” it’s all about the money, money. It’s about the money money ?

    We are no longer a big club, wenger and kronkie have already reduced us to Liverpool standards, how long before we are like West Ham. City, Utd and Chelsea are miles ahead and he’s banking on a competition with spurs Liverpool and Everton

  9. I think I must be the only one left wondering what Perez must be like around the training ground. He does allot of talking through the papers, and through his agent, which I for one do not appreciate. But what would he be like in person if in his first season, half way through the season, he bickers and moans through the media. Maybe Arsene has his reasons. And besides this, Arsenal are a huge club, the smart thing is to keep fighting and say all the right things. Then go to the boss and see if you can get assurances. Personally I believe he would have played more last season if he’d have talked less.

    1. Arsenal “were” a huge club now we are only a huge club financially

      1. Why show loyalty to a very disloyal player who asked to leave just 6 months into his contract! Diego Costa no longer has a future at Chelsea despite winning the league because he asked to leave 6 months into the season!
        Michy Bashuayi had almost no playing time at Chelsea but never moaned about it.
        You all want Wenger to be firmer and more ruthless but when he decided to drop a player for being disloyal, you all go up in arms calling him unfair and biased.
        Lucas signed a very lucrative contract and should be made to train with the reserves if he is unwilling to accept his fate as a reserve player.
        Yaya Toure was in a similar situation in which his agent kept running his mouth and Pep stood firm and froze Toure out of the team until he apologised and was then reinstated. Toure ended the season indispensable to Pep!

    2. I like what you said.

      Perez also should have looked at the transfer before agreeing and how much trust was he going to get from the manager…

    3. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      How far into last season did he raise issues outside the Club? The issue of Wenger’s treatment of Perez was raised on this forum well before any comment from Perez or his agent was heard. Wenger’s treatment of Perez reminds me of Ferguson’s treatment of Bosnich; Fergie wasn’t consulted about the purchase, so he refused to play him.
      Perez is still under contract to Arsenal and should be given the opportunity to play given the number of games Arsenal have this coming season. He is better than other players Arsenal intend to retain!

  10. Loan him to a EPL team where he will play, obviously do not let him play against us, see if the value can be bumped up a bit with a good run of games for a EPL team.

  11. Come on. Let poor Lucas go for whatever has been offered. The guy has had enough. Wenger does not rate him. Let the guy be happy. He has given his best the few times he has played for us.

    1. Being happy is a matter of choices. He must find it within his contract and the club until sold.
      He must earn the playing time by being extraordinary in training.
      I LOVE his approach to football, wished he was keen to stay to play than being atrocious. Whats at Deporti to play for ???? are they in Arsenal class ????

  12. Wenger should reconsider and keep the guy. I prefer 2 strikers in the front 3. Ozil Lacazette and Another Striker/Winger. Sanchez should be given an ultimatum to sign the contract. It makes no sense letting him go free next summer. It is all about ego and the money. No loyalty. Sign the contract or sell him. The most important signing we need now is a very mobile DM. Veratti/Carvalho. More important than a winger imo. Sanchez will be a distraction if he does not sign the contract. More of blaming his team mates, mind set elsewhere, looking sad when substituted, disrupting the team unity, selfish play, no motivation and just running down his contract. Sell him now to PSG. We can swap him for Veratti or Rabbiot. Just sell him. But it is foolhardy keeping a player whose mind is elsewhere. Even Fergusson sold Ronaldo to Real Madrid. Sanchez is not bigger than the club. Sell him, and get Veratti/Rabbiot plus cash. Afterwars, We can invest in Mahrez or Keep Perez. We need goals from more players in the team. Perez links up more with his team. He can play on the left, Right and as a striker. He can get us 20 league goals if given the chance. I love Sanchez, but i dont like his attitude right now.

    1. I doubt Jens will put up with Alexis childish behaviour, he got the nickname Mad Jens for a reason and I would love to be a fly on the wall when those 2 go head to head.

      I don’t disagree with what you are saying, I just think the element of Jens being with us could have some interesting results 🙂

    2. Are these ” down-thumbers” Chileans or “Stakers”.

  13. That will be great because that was what Wenger wanted in the first place. lt was Lucas that was forcing Wenger’s hand to sell him because he believed he deserved to play more. Tbh, he did deserve more playing more and he could have got more PT if not for occasional injures he sustained during the course of the season. He could have featured up to 30 to 35 times which will be OK considering this is his first season with the team. On second thought, I think he is also not patient. I don’t what the discussion was before he was signed. maybe Wenger promised him more playing time. But that was difficult to give at the time because players in his preferred postion were playing very . I read from somewhere he told the coach he should sell him if is not playing him. That was why he was linked to various clubs during January transfer. the scenario continued till the end of the season. He was bent on leaving with the manager convincing to stay. There must some sort agreement that he will be sold and that maybe why he was not included in preseason tour. Did he deserve to play more? Yes. Is he patient enough? No. On the squad number thing. should he really be informed before his squad number was to another player when both parties know he won’t be an arsenal player next season. Lucas knows what he was doing. He was trying to force arsenal to sell him to sell deportivo cheaply and it was clearly obvious in his interview.

    1. Finally, someone is seeing through the charade.

  14. Lemer is smoke and mirrors we did try but never going get em arsenal are looking at two Napoli players mertens is one, and inzigne da other I’d take either u can’t go into shop and bargain new shoes da price is da price same for footballers if lemer is 80 million and u really want em go pay it we are arsenal not Coventry city ahhh so annoying

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