No big deal about Wilshere and Lacazette is back!

Poor old Steve Bould took today’s Arsenal press conference ahead of Sunday’s game against Stoke because Arsene Wenger has caught the dreaded lurgy and lost his voice, and the assistant manager was just about as interesting as watching him sit on the bench beside wenger during games!

He doesn’t say a lot during games and he obviously is not very talkative in front of the camera either. But he did tell us that there is no big deal over Jack Wilshere’s injury which led him to missing England’s two friendly games, and he knows nothing about the reports that Arsenal were unhappy with the midfielder’s handling by Gareth Southgate. “Not that I’m aware of,” Bouldy said. “I’m not sure where the reports are coming from. Jack had a bit of a knee problem, he’s come back and is fine.”

So Jack is not injured and is in contention for the Stoke match, although he may be saved for the Europa League clash with CSKA Moscow next week.

This is likely to the case with Alexandre Lacazette as well, who is also returned to fitness, but as the Frenchman has had no football for the last six weeks it may be a good idea to bring him on once we have a good lead (?).

It is vital we get our fourth win in a row on Sunday to give us added confidence for the visit of CSKA in midweek….


  1. gotanidea says:

    True, it is vital to get Arsenal’s confidence back before the CSKA Moscow match

    Glad to hear Wilshere and Lacazette are back, but I hope they can also make Maitland-Niles and Nelson return to the squad as well

    Both Maitland-Niles and Nelson could be great assets for Arsenal if they are given more game time, like the young Kane and Alli for Tottenham in the past

  2. jon fox says:

    Just as well Bould was a great player. Because as a “charismatic” coach he has about as much charisma as an aged grumpy tortoise. No danger of him, when a young adult, of ever having become a childrensTV presenter either! Surely communication skills , or at least what we oldsters would call social skills, are a key part of any teachers job. As a coach, you are a teacher. The thought of any foreign player being desperate to join Arsenal because of the “thrill” of being coached by Steve Bould, a la Klopp style (NOT) is not on anyones radar! When sat on the bench, Wenger and Bould are like a divorced couple having hated each other for years but who are forced, through circumstance, to share the same house. Deeply unhealthy for our club. But Bould will soon be gone anyway, once Wenger is soon sacked, as no new manager would want such a gloom merchant around his players.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Unlike Wenger and Mourinho, Bould was a successful player

      I wonder why Bould cannot pass his great defensive skills and experience to Koscielny, Mustafi, Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, etc

      As if he is happy to receive a fat paycheck every month just for sitting next to Wenger

  3. Sue says:

    Did he actually talk or just chew gum??
    Glad Lacca’s back ?

    1. jon fox says:

      Sue, As a very long term Gooner, I actually rate Bould as our best ever centre back, after only Adams and would play both in my best ever team. But who could have ever forseen what a dismal, glum, non communicative coach he would have made? Certainly not me at the time. Communication skills and ability to motivate, which are largely the same thing anyway, are totally VITAL in any manager and coach. For many, many years most of us have despaired at Wengers inability AND uninterest in motivating players. He clearly picked Bould, as he did Rice before him, as Wenger wanted a lickspittle who would be just a stooge under him and who would be content to just pick up a large paycheque for basically just being there. Rather like Weed Walcott did for twelve ghastly years too. THIS IS CONNING THE FANS!

  4. Ozziegunner says:

    Jon, unfortunately appears to be true regarding Steve Bould; a great disappointment.

  5. Arsenal Has Tot Play Aubameyaug And Lacazette More Often So They Can Create A Deadly Duo And We Need A Stong Defence So We Can Free Our Forward Line The Answer We Need Is A Strong Defence

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