No chance of Arsenal signing top Bundesliga defender

It has been widely reported that Arsenal are keen on upgrading our leaky defence, and one of the names repeatedly linked with the Gunners is the young French international Benjiman Parvard, who is currently with the France national side getting ready to do battle at the World Cup.

The 22 year-old can play as centre-back on right-back and has had a great season in the Bundesliga with Stuttgart and it has even been reported that Arsenal have approached the Bundesliga side and he is very keen to join Arsenal.

But now it is looking extremely unlikely that he will be coming to North London this summer, as the Stuttgart sporting director Michael Reschke has made a clear statement that he will be remaining in Germany for the forseeable future, and in fact his club have not received any offers for the Frenchman. Reschke said: “I am very relaxed about that. The statements he made are absolutely fine. That’s the manner in which we have held our talks. He had an exceptional season for VfB and it’s clear that he is in the focus on the international top-clubs.

“We are in constant exchanges with Benji and his agent and we are well aware of what’s going on.

“In extending his contract, we naturally spoke about his career planning. We’ve discussed the national team, the Champions League and that it’s our mutual focus to have him play at VfB next season.

“We expect that to be the case – there have been no offers, no talks with other clubs and there’s no change to the situation.”

So it looks like that is one young defender we can strike off our list, but surely we can’t just be buying older players. Perhaps Soyuncu is top of our list now?



  1. gotanidea says:

    If the rumors are true that Sokratis and Soyuncu already signed for Arsenal, there would be no more new CB. Maybe Arsenal would even offload one or two of their current CBs

    Before Arnautovic was bought by West Ham, I proposed Arnautovic as Giroud’s replacement, but nobody accepted the idea. Now his value is around fifty millions and chased by Man United

    He could have been a good firepower in the penalty box and in the wings, due to his technical skills, height, strength and speed. He was available at around 17 millions, but now Arsenal have to find another explosive attacker

    1. McLovin says:

      Arnautovic is, and has been garbage. Being chased by United and the headless chicken Mourinho means absolutely nothing. Mourinho has lost the plot few years ago.

      He’s the man responsible for letting go of:

      Salah, De Bruyne, Lukaku..

      And the last one he bought back for £75 millions.

    2. Roehahn says:

      Breaking : Leichtensteiner (spelling ???) signing confirmed by Arsenal.

    3. kev says:

      Where are those who said Lichtsteiner was not done because he said so?The deal was done long ago but at times players just want to be coy over transfers.This happens a lot.
      One down and one to go.
      DONE DEAL!!!Lichtsteiner is a gunner.

      1. Phil says:

        Kev-where would we all be without you

        1. Alkali says:


          1. Declan says:

            Yeah, happy!

          2. Dalinho says:

            If we ain’t getting Pavard then we have to get another young CB like soyuncu but I like the look of Dakonam bcoz he’s strong and fast and like Pavard he played every game for his club getafe bar 180mins and he’s 26yrs which is same age as Mustafi! Seri seems to be one our targets still bcoz no else but arsenal are being heavily linked with and I think we could do with a cesc type CM for them through balls to aubameyung! Maybe we are getting the players that we’ve been linked with from the start like soyuncu, sokratis, Seri, lichtsteiner but obviously we all want a DM and even if Emery likes Xhaka as the DLP we still need a DM and I hope fellani ain’t a target! Carvalho on a free, Torreira £22mil, Decoure £25mil? Either way I don’t see ya getting a winger which I can live with but Bergwijn is 20yrs and only 15/20mil so working out the budget:
            Lichtsteiner free
            Sokratis £15mil replace koscielny
            Seri £35mil replace wilshere n Cazorla
            Soyuncu £30 hopefully less, replace Mustafi
            GK £15/20mil unless we stick with Cech
            Carvalho free
            So that’s about £100mil which might be possible if we have a £70mil budget and sell Ospina, jenkinson, Perez, Campbell, Mustafi etc
            But Carvalho doesn’t seem to be a target and Fellani is a joke! But so far maybe we could look like this:
            ……… Sokratis..Soyuncu
            Team 2
            Welbecks sale could give us enough to buy Bergwijn but as it stands we can’t afford to pay for a DM unless we get a free bee and Carvalho is a no brainier but if we end with Fellani then u know why lol

          3. Dalinho says:

            Every man and his dog knew about lichtsteiner coming! But yesterday lichtsteiner himself said the deal ain’t done so we speculate on news, especially if it’s from the players mouth!

    4. Mobella says:

      You sound like an egoist. You suggested a player to bunch of helpless fans like yourself who have no power as regard to which player the club buys or and sells and come here to gloat and say so because Manchester united stupid enough to drop 50m for him. Are you mistaking JAB for arsenal board room.

  2. Rudy Garcia fan says:

    All our dreams of top players will be shattered.

    At least I feel vindicated as I kept saying it was more Kroenke’s fault than Wenger’s that we kept signing on the cheap. (of course, Wenger with choosing Xhaka over Kante etc was far from innocent) and then had to stick with failed options.

    We will qualify for the CL 2 or 3 times in a 5 year-span, maybe reaching the semifinal once, but most probably will not go beyond the QF.

    Anything more, we would need a different owner, prepared to invest on average at least 100 mill. net per year on transfers. And Kroenke wouldn’t do that if his life depended on it. We could have had Usmanov, but instead we’re destined for 3rd – 6th place finishes for the foreseeable future, and even if we win it once like Leicester, we’ll not compete in the Champions League.

    I hope to be proven wrong, but not optimistic.

  3. Muffdiver says:

    Old is gold
    Lichenstiener 34
    Yaya 35
    Sokratis 30
    Nzonzi 30
    Ray parlour 45
    Alan Brazil 58

    We can get sponsorship from age concern . An get free travel on trains .

  4. Midkemma says:

    Anyone else read that Yaya Toure agent supposingly said:

    “Yaya has many offers from different countries, where they are ready to pay a lot of money,” the agent explained. “But we decided to dedicate the next season to Guardiola. And to prove and show the fans of Manchester City that Yaya has not finished with football. He is full of energy and wants to play this season in England.”

    “At a time when huge sums are being spent in England for the purchase of football players, I officially declare that Yaya is ready to move as a free agent to any English club of the top six with a salary of 1 pound a week. But with a bonus system based on certain successes.

    “I believe that a player like Yaya would not harm Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham and Liverpool. Yaya – the winner. And never before has a top footballer with leadership qualities harmed any club, especially when it is not necessary to pay for it.”

    If this is true then Yaya really wants to get one back at City and Pep, this could work in our favour… He is a winner and he is a powerful CM, might not have the legs to play every week but hey… What better tutor for AMN?

    1. Sheet Head says:

      😀 😀 😀 😀

    2. Pablo Picasso says:

      Epic rant from his agent, plus Yaya’s rant too.

      Midkemma would you rather have:

      1. Yaya (35) – Free – EPL experience – “lower wages” – ready to prove a pint – Crazy agent

      2. Fellaine (30) – Free – EPL experience – high wages – looking for last big pay

      3. Nzonzi (30) – around 17mil – Some experience in the EPL – Moderate wages – knows Unai’s systems.

    3. jon fox says:

      Toure is finished. His legs are shot and everyone but you knows it.

  5. Innit says:

    Itd official on the Arsenal Website
    1st signing

    1. Innit says:

      That sorts out our FBs
      Bellerin not having competition last season made him weaker.
      Lichtsteiner can challenge Bellerin and we have Monreal/Kolsanic on the other side

      Now CBs and Defensive midfielder please

      Exciting times ?????

      1. Alkali says:

        He is a solid player but it doesn’t excite me.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Lichtsteiner is very experienced, still has his pace at 34, is a serial winner, is captain of the Swiss National team (thus has demonstrated leadership ability) and is great value for money. He will either be first choice RB or will make Bellerin perform at his potential to take his position.
          By the way his first interview as an Arsenal player was very impressive.

      2. jon fox says:

        We don’t need to challenge Bellerin. We need to replace him. Now!

  6. Counsel says:

    Next season we will finish lower than sixth. No seriousness of a big club, cheap is expensive I only want world class players and young prospects when we start collecting cheap old players we are building maybe a house of cards not club

  7. Counsel says:

    Santo signs for Valencia all the best bro

    1. Counsel says:

      Santo carzorla I mean

      1. Declan says:


        1. Counsel says:


      2. stubill says:

        You mean Santi Cazorla.

  8. Innit says:

    Yes. Me Cazorla was World Class
    He OWNED his position
    Of the central midfielders we have, i honestly don’t see anyone who will own the position like Santi did

    We need to sign a top player to replace him AND a defensive midfielder to sort out central midfield

    All the best to Cazorla. I won’t say we will miss him because we have already been missing him for two years. Great player

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  9. Counsel says:

    A 34 year old in football is like a 80 years in real life weak bones already.Spent cartridge

    1. Dalinho says:

      Lichtsteiner might be 34 but he’s still fit and ready to play like he did at juve when they got to the CL final and won title last season and Monreal ain’t much younger and look how good he is?

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        I look forward to Counsel being proven wrong in his assessment of Lichtsteiner.

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