No complaints If this Arsenal player leaves within the next 24 hours

There are credible reports coming from Italy that Serie A outfit Roma is on the verge of sealing a deal for Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

According to Sky Italia journalist Gianluca Marzio, the Italian giants are making a last-ditch effort to sign the Armenian star on a loan with an option to buy.

Marzio further claims that Roma’s Sporting Director Gianluca Petrachi is the one driving the effort to lure the 30-year-old to the Italian capital.

I do not want to be harsh here but if this report turns out to be accurate then it would be the perfect ending to the European transfer window.

Let’s be honest, it has not worked out for Mkhitaryan at the Emirates, he has simply not adapted and is definitely not a fans favourite, I doubt too many will shed any dears if he is to depart North London in the next 24 hours.

He has rarely delivered and yet we know he has undoubted talent and that is one of the most frustrating things about him.

Mkhitaryan is reportedly on £200k per week and there is absolutely nothing in Marzio’s report about who will foot his wage bill, it may be the case that Arsenal has to pay a portion, I simply do not know at this stage, neither am I aware of any loan fee being involved.

But regardless of the financials, it is in the best interests of the player and club that a parting of ways occurs, there is nothing left for him at Arsenal and he will almost certainly get more first-team football elsewhere.

Fingers crossed this one is true.


  1. Unfortunately he hasn’t adapted to the rigours of the Premier League at both Manchester United and Arsenal. At Arsenal even his reunion with Aubameyang didn’t rekindle the magic at Dortmund.
    Whether people “shed any dears” remains to be seen.

  2. Arsenal should only loan him out if they must buy at end of loan. Otherwise, he should remain as a squad player. We need some depth no matter the quality. Mustafi ca go to Juventus if they want him.

  3. The only concern is that the team is becoming a bit light and shallow with all these departures. It’s all well and good to offload “deadwood” and all that. But we have a long and winding season ahead; and the January window is never the ideal one for finding good replacements

    1. Dont find this as a concern. Till Mkhi is there, Nelson/Martinelli cant be on bench even. Pepe/Auba/Laca wont play all games as front three, most games it will be 2 of them with 3rd rested. Midfield is packed, Xhaka seems coach’s favorite pick for some reason, Willock will get game time, Torreira/Ceballos/Guendouzi are there, Ozil is still around, even AML can play when Bellerin is back. Mkhi currently plays as a 4th mid who can cover the wings, which is not exactly where he plays well. If he goes, our youngsters will get minutes and at the least elevate in price.

  4. I hope he leaves. I wanted Martinelli to come on yesterday instead of Mkhi. Until he is here our youngsters will remain benched.

  5. June 2016
    Henrikh Mkhitaryan on his arrival at Manchester United.
    # “I am very proud to join Manchester United.
    This move is a dream come true for me.
    I am excited to play for a club with such an illustrious
    history and hope to be part of it for a long time.
    # The Guardian.

    Jan 2018. A year and a half later when arriving at Arsenal.
    # “I’m very happy that we could finish this deal.
    Its a dream come true. I’ve always dreamed of playing for Arsenal.
    Now I’m here, I’ll do my best for this club to create history,”
    #The Armenian Weekly..

    A year and a half later Sept 5th when joining Roma on loan.
    “This is a dream come true.
    I always wanted to play for Roma and hope to win many trophies” 🙂

    So Sanchez and Mkhitarian are sent to Serie A to enjoy the
    delights of Italy on full pay while Ole and Unai continue
    cleaning out the mess left by the previous tenant.

  6. Mr Poster, have you heard of squad depth? He may be a player lots of fans and even coaches want out (like Ozil) but we can’t let him go now since we can’t replace him. We need depth upfront. PAL can’t play every game and pls don’t tell me we have Nelson and Martinelli. They are both very young and still inexperienced and are not enough back up for 3 positions. In summary, sorry he stays.

      1. Agree we are not competing for the tile or European glory,nothing wrong trying the academy or reserves.As for Mkhi good luck to him, offered us nothing.And the sooner Unai finds another club, the better for us.Lost 2 points yesterday due to Xhaka who was not required to start. With this kind of selection be content for a 5th or 6th place with Unai around.

  7. Arteta could have won yesterday’s match with the current squad. Mikhi has never been effective. We have a good bench that can change games but Emery does not know how to use them

    1. Just right on the spot! I question Emery’s decision to substitute Lacazette with an ineffective Mhkhi????

        1. Think he ment why did he bring miki on instead of someone else in lacas spot .
          Tbf I agree ,why the fck did he not bring Ozil on again ,4 games in and he’s played no minutes .seems like we are going to have another season like last with Ozil .

  8. After a positive start, a poor decision from Sokratis Papastathopoulos presented Tottenham with an opening and some miserable goalkeeping from Bernd Leno gifted the visitors the lead. When Granit Xhaka inexplicably fouled Heung-min Son in the box it was soon 2-0.

    These were mistakes from the senior men, the sort of individuals who are supposed to be showing the oft-discussed character that Arsenal are routinely accused of lacking. But these big games demand more than the overt displays of machismo that Sokratis is fond of or the swagger of David Luiz, who incidentally also went walkabout again for the opening goal.

    Guendouzi was a shining light for the Gunners against Tottenham
    What is needed is some substance and Guendouzi provided it. Xhaka, incongruously, is the Arsenal captain but it was the junior man in midfield who led by example. Xhaka was the one who left his team with a mountain to climb. Guendouzi was the one whose efforts in the second half meant that the Gunners almost succeeded in climbing it.

  9. Sparkles, what experience does Mhkhi brought to the team, jess robbing us of wages, I do hope this deal come through, he should join is fellow con man Sanchez. we have Nelson and Matineli to fill the LW role. Ozil is still there. so why keeping him.
    Please add Xhaka and Sokratis too, am done watching those crocks.

  10. I am really sorry to say that I hate to see Mhkhi on the pitch. He contributes nothing. I mean absolute nothing!

  11. So Granit put a comment on Instagram, saying he made a mistake for the penalty & that he’s angry about it… well, i think he should pin that comment, save him the hassle of keep writing a new comment each time.. as we’ve seen it time & time again….

    1. And yet he keeps on repeating the same mistake..? How many penalties has he conceded?! Quite a maby for a fudging midfielder!

        1. Sue he was awful wasn’t he.
          Kept jumping to head the ball and missing, misplaced passes (improved slightly in the second half) Gave too many free kicks away in dangerous positions and don’t get me started on the penalty.
          Captain my Ar#e!

          1. He’s painful to watch, Tony.. a bloody nightmare!
            Bit of a silly question but did you enjoy it? I’m still seething… i honestly can’t believe we were 2-0 down.. feels like a loss..

      1. He made 7 fouls before he picked up a yellow card aswell yesterday .
        Gary Neville said he had never seen anyone make as many fouls as him .
        Emery seems to love him though .

  12. I think Ozil would have made more of an impact in the few minutes Mkhitaryan was on. Emery promised to restore Ozil to his former productive self but he still has not given him a chance 4 games into the new season. Sell him or play him, he’s too expensive to let him rot away.

    1. Ozil didn’t miss 4 games because Emery didn’t want to play him get your facts correct. We lost laca to injury against Tottenham auba moved to the middle, cebellos was doing ok as an AM, someone who can play left wing was needed it was always between NELSON and MIKH, as the two players who can play left-wing, If ozil was to come on then it would mean shifting cebellos to the left. And people will still question the logic in that after seeing him against Liverpool, it’s good to criticise but at least get your facts correct not criticize blindly

  13. Xhaka is very bad but what worries me is he is the only one doing the dirty work even thou he does it so terribly,

    If I were Emery I will try out chambers out dm, as much as people like torriera he has not been doing more than a decent job for a very long time, If not for the amount of criticism Emery got at anfield for not starting pal and torriera, he would have started torriera from the bench. People even blames Emery for torriera playing bad what a world we live in

  14. I for one hoped that Mkhi will produce the Dortmund magic playing alongside Auba, but strangely he never settled in, considering the fact that he played under Klopp and is used to high pressing, fast football. It’s a shame really.

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