“No contact with Arsenal” over Aubameyang – And forget Malcom too…

Well, strangely enough it looked like Arsene Wenger was quietly telling Arsenal fans earlier today that there was a possible ‘secret’ deal being discussed with Borussia Dortmund about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. In fact his words, as reported on Arsenal.com were: “I have nothing to add to that. These kind of things, it’s better when it’s secret and when you don’t come out on it, and when you announce it when it’s over the line. Apart from the deal we just spoke about, Alexis and Mkhitaryan could happen, yes, but nothing else is close.”

He even went on to say that Aubameyang could fit in at Arsenal, despite his disciplinary problems, which led many o hink that Le Prof was hinting at his interest in the top, top striker.

But now Michael Zorc, the Dortmund Sporting Director, has hit out at Wenger for talking about his player, and has told the media that there has been no contact whatsoever with the Gunners. “We consider it disrespectful to speak about players from other clubs,” Zorc said.

“There is no contact with Arsenal.

“We assume that Wenger has enough to do dealing with his own players.”

Oh well, that sounds quite definitive. I really think that Arsenal fans would not complain about losing Alexis Sanchez to Man United if we brought in someone as exciting as Aubameyang, but I’m not sure we would be totally happy if we only got Mkhitaryan as a makeshift replacement.

Wenger has also said as well that we aren’t getting Malcom. He said today when asked about the Brazilian: “No, I don’t think we are close to doing that.” And when pressed if Malcom could arrive in January, he replied: “I don’t think so, no.”

So if these two rumours are rubbish, and, then who on earth can Wenger get to replace Alexis?

Darren N


  1. Innit says:

    Wenger the ? strikes again.
    The only way we will ever compete again is if Wenger leaves. He has no clue innit

    1. Nothing changed says:

      Do we want another Man U reject?

      1. muffdiver says:

        HELL NO !



  2. omotosho dare says:

    Arsene will continue to lie to us fans ,he only said that to divert our attention,and on the last day,you will hear ,”we were close but it was too late “we already sold Coq,Ox and Walcot that almost 75m and we can only get Miki without no penny,ARSENAL FC IS A BUSINESS ORGANIZATION NOT A FOOTBALL CLUB.

    1. Coldzero says:

      We haven’t got MKH yet either so don’t talk too soon.

        1. muffdiver says:

          dont even want mkhi
          cash to be used for a dm- far more useful

          then again stan may invest in a brothel in nevada

      1. Nothing changed says:


    2. charles says:

      I don’t expect anybody this transfer season. Every transfer is same. Big names come and go just to appease fans. Not sure whether to blame the press for fake news or Wenger for inaction….

    3. Okoro E Alaebi says:

      I strongly agree with your on th his

  3. Coldzero says:

    Yep- he has just been busted on the BS metre again.

  4. Ray says:

    Are we really that surprised?

    I’m sure there is a “Propaganda Division” at Arsenal. It’s responsible (At Arsene’s request) to push new stories into the media about certain players the fans would love to hear are on the radar. Especially when the s**t is about to hit the fan again!!

    Let’s face it, Arsenal are in turmoil and if the rumours don’t spread, who will even want to come to Arsenal? The club are complacent and arrogant. It filters through every corridor at Arsenal F.C. They are a club in decline. The only transfer I would be happy to see (for now) is Wenger transferring his belongings into his car and driving away into the sunset. After that, Kronke..

  5. omotosho dare says:

    our players will continue to look bad to us,let a manager like Pep Gua,handle players like Bellerin iwobi,lacazet,and you will be amazed ,tell me whats so special about sane and sterling before he came to man city ?thats a man who knows how to manage,coach and develop a player not like an obsolete wenger who is just like a father to his players ,wenger needs to leave !!! how can a big club like ARSENAL sell our best player to our direct rival !!!
    so frustrating

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Liv had him playing well, Real M and M City came in for him for a reason. Sane I must admit I did not see playing once, a few clips he looked promising. De Bruynne, I was surprised by him, I thought he’d be too relaxed and not score enough to be a play-maker in a big club. Aguero I thought would be sold and Pep would get blasted for it. They all mostly have competition in that club, some of it is due to having two players for each position ..and he’s gonna still spend. But he does religiously teach them pressure! pressure! pressure!, it’s a difficult set up to cope with.

    2. Phil says:

      And to think Peps preferred job while on his sabbatical was Arsenal but he ended up at Bayern while our board persisted in keeping Wenger.Says it all

  6. Mystic says:

    On the one side you are being to quick to judge the situation, on the other why would anyone with an ounce of ambition join a club managed by Wenger.

    Either the PEA is bull, or the player has been given the hint that Wenger will soon be chucked out – desperately hope the latter, but fear the former.

  7. Goonermay68 says:

    And while All this going on it has diverted our attention away from another embarrassing performance away defeat to a poor team. Aubabyang? Business is strange because there has been contact. And Dortmand are NOT playing him last week and this friday. Must mean something is happening,???? BUT wenger should be hellbent on getting decent defenders in And if it means getting Evans in so be it! But when has clueless ever bought players in for positions that we actually need to fill DEFENDERS!!!!!

    1. Lix says:

      There has been contact and it’s suppose to be secret cos of Dortmund fans. He is angry cos Wenger statement shows Auba is leaving Dortmund which will upset their fans

      1. Simon says says:

        Or there has been no contact and arsenal dont want to upset their fans. We’re a mess at the moment, on and off the pitch. We’re in desperate need of decent especially with so many in their last 18 months of contract, Ramsey etc. I thought Wenger said it was ideal for a player to run down their contract. Seems it isn’t that ideal.

    2. Mystic says:

      The Wenger of old would flood the pitch with attacking players, then he developed a defensive tendency, without the players needed, and kept bringing on his ‘love child’ Coq.

      Now that little baby has gone, hopefully his other ‘love child’ Ramsey will follow and a decent squad can be built.

      Mostly importantly though, hopefully that cock Wenger goes.

  8. Tat says:

    It’s difficult for arsenal to complete.
    Other teams are willing to pay a 29 yrs old Sanchez 500k a week for 4 years, while our board still think they can get Suarez for 40m+1…

    1. Mystic says:

      I’ll give Arsenal some credit – how the hell did they manage to convince anyone to fork out circa £30m for a player with 6 months left on his contract.

      Clearly Arsenal are two bit money bag tw*ts, but Utd are big spending bigger tw*ts.

      Wonder how long it will be before Arsenal buckle when Mikki continues to refuse a move, and just greedily bank more money?

      1. Break-on-through says:

        There are benefits to getting him six months early. Less competition than in summer window where a couple of teams could be mad desperate to grab him. Next season he will be acquainted with surroundings/teammates. And avoid having too many players/attacking arriving all at once before looking disjointed with teething problems. To top it off, it’s Alexis Sanchez baby!, the leagues most explosive player and he’s great at the stuff that JM wants his forwards capable of doing.

      2. Nothing changed says:

        Not sure if I want Mikki. He clearly could not cut it at Man U and the part of me that lives in the past still doesn’t want Man U rejects despite knowing it is our reality now. It’s not like Welbeck was such a bright move.

  9. Innit says:

    Well, let me tell you this. Don’t be surprised to see us finish ? 6th place with Wenger ?and Gazidas ? telling us the same old bs.

    1. Sue says:

      6th? If we’re lucky

    2. rkw says:

      its a though division so coming 6th and competing in the europa league is like winning a trophy etc etc etc ..am waiting to see how fans behave this weekend … hopefully a forceful display of discontent and disrespect for wenger … if its good enough for mike dean for his hapless displays its good enough for wengers decade of decline

      1. Sue says:

        Ain’t the sort of trophy I want!

  10. Sue says:

    This season has been a complete shambles!! Pis*ed right off!

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Thumb ../\

  11. Adam Criniti says:

    I personally find it quite perplexing why Arsenal are
    unwillingly to spend just a little bit of money to appease the majority of the fanbase, especially when the opportunity is there in this window.

    The Sanchez swap for Miki & purportedly $10M is
    a decent deal considering how Sanchez has sabotaged the locker room and simply CAN’T feature for the club anymore. Miki, although a little older is still a fantastic player and would be sensational to watch with Ozil and Laca.

    The Walcott, La Coq and Sanchez money should be earmarked for Draxler or Malcolm. Both players would be considerably upgrades over Theo and potential future stars of the club.

    I would love to see Giroud sent to BD as a sweater for Auba but honestly I would rather see Wenger spend $30-40M on one of Manolas, Koulibay, Maguire or J Tah(Bayern Leverkuesen) to solidify the back line.

    This lineup would cost very little to secure and definitely intrigue even the most disillusioned Arsenal fans.

    Xhaka…Jack W

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Need another CM in there, a brand new one ..maybe even two more ..but summer window might be best. And Aaron’s been the best of the bunch who played in there this season. Ozil and Aaron have been Arsenals best two players the season so far. Honorable mention goes to Wilshere Kolasinac and Niles. Ps, Laca would get more than enough firepower sitting in front those three, teams would not be able to do a job on Ozil quite as efficiently.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I don’t mind Jack in there supported by a holding midfielder, but please get rid of Xhaka and definitely not Ramsey. Let him go wherever Wenger goes, it’s his baby.

  12. Break-on-through says:

    The secret will prob be Ozil signing and some young player tipped to be an Alexis Sanchez one day. Mkhit I thought would be more an Ozil replacement, but it looks like he could be Walcotts replacement. Also it could be argued, that Auba is not an Alexis replacement, in theory, as he looks more like a massive upgrade on Walcott, or else an upgrade at CF.

    Zorc and Wenger are alike, they prefer for us to know nothing and ask about nothing on these matters. Maybe Zorc shouldn’t have told everyone how Auba’s been itching to get away for ages now, he doesn’t mind bringing in more bidders it seems.

  13. Mystic says:

    top 6, the new top 4?

  14. bran911 says:

    Anyone can come and anyone can go, not so much fuss. But the senile old one gets to stay every single time, is what baffles me to the core.. why don’t God hear our prayers??

  15. AndersS says:

    One thing is replacing Sanchez or not.
    But apparently there is absolutely no intentions to address our defensive issues. No talk of a DM or anything like that.
    While other teams are trying to strengthen in the transfer window, it seems like, it for us is a matter of how much we get weakened.
    Anyway, with Wenger in charge it really only is a question of how far we drop and how fast. It is disgusting.

    1. Mystic says:

      Who needs to worry about the defence, we have signed a 20 year Greek CB god! That is the BS Wenger will spin. Oh dear!

  16. AVargas says:

    A proper manager would say:
    “The Alexis deal depends on us getting a replacement so that won’t happen until our replacement signs the dotted line”
    “I have nothing to say about Aubameyung” (to not piss of Dortmund)
    and to ManU he should say:
    “Either you give me Martial for Alexis or you’ll compete for Alexis with other teams in July. Not negotiable”
    this bullshit of “Mhki is the replacement for Alexis” is what makes me hate Wenger.. yes Mhki is not a bad player and yes I’ve heard that Auba would love to have him with him at Arsenal but YOU DON’T SELL Alexis BEFORE AUBA SIGNS and MHKI IS NOT ALEXIS replacement.
    I do agree with you if Auba comes, and we all know that only happens if Alexis goes, I would personally be very happy and drive Alexis to manchester if I have to. But if he doesn’t he needs to know and feel the rage of us supporters.

  17. gmv8 says:

    Just waiting to see how Wenger will dither his way out of all these great signings – dithering is one area in which he hasn’t lost his unbeatable ability. I was under the impression that he was no longer responsible for transfer negotiations, although he has done a fine job already at messing this lot up.

  18. Gelz says:

    Straight swap or Myk and 10 mill doesn’t matter , its just a make shift deal, when Myk was at Dortmund and singing our praises on the way we played was the time to strike a deal for him, he’s not the player he used to be at Dortmund and if Mourinho can’t get the best out of him how the hell is Wenger going to do it. He is being forced out of United and will only come to us,as he will get the same wages and a pay off from them or us. If we get PEA, is Wenger going to change formation for 2 strikers or is one expected to play the wing. What ever Wenger does someone will play out of there natural position.

  19. Coldzero says:

    Taking a hell of a long time for Alexi to actually go isn’t it…… please hurry up and go Alexi….tired of this now.

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