No easy fix – Arsenal must not switch to 3-at-the-back

Should Arteta Compromise?  by AI

After one bad result in a game that we didn’t have first team players starting in 5 positions, Arsenal fans are asking for the coach’s head and demanding that he compromises.

Compromise to what? A 3 at the back formation we already used and seen as not good enough against small teams? Chelsea, who are the only top 6 team to use a 3 at the back formation, are also one of the the worst at creating chances in the league, a similar story with us when we used it.

The 3-4-3 talk is nonsense except for big games. We still used it recently against Chelsea themselves in the league. That’s what it exists for at this point: to provide extra defensive cover in the toughest matches. Arteta only used a 3-at-the-back formation when we had a shaky defense. Now that we have bought 2 new defenders over 2 windows, there is no need for it anymore, especially when our problem is creating chances.

No, Arteta should not compromise and neither should Arsenal. Just get in more quality forwards and attacking midfielders and we should be just alright. Quality signings are our problem. Most of our defeats under Arteta have been self-inflicted. There is no easy fix for it except for more quality going forward.


Agboola Israel


  1. Chelsea who won the champions League.

    I don’t know. Ben White seems like a great player to have in the middle of a back 3, pushing up to a ball playing DM. Then Tierney and a Cedric type have more licence to cause damage down the wings while Partey and Lokonga are freed to feed the attacking players. I don’t think 3 at the back necessarily means going defensive, which seems to be the common interpretation.

  2. Exactly what arsenal need 3 at the back not bad change Leno and add more quality creativity

  3. Hehe, love it.. “Just get in more quality forwards and attacking midfielders and we should be just alright”


  4. Arsenal are going to look to add Aouar to replace Willock. As I reported weeks ago that Arsenal would put that deal on hold and focus on Maddison which was a more complicated deal. Imo it is not over until it’s over for both.

    Aubameyang will not be leaving Arsenal. As for Lacazette he may leave. Arsenal want to sign Martinez to replace him.

    Arsenal have rejected 2 bids for Bellerin, both were loans from Inter without obligations leaving him frustrated. We wanted a permanent deal so we could afford a direct replacement. He’s not in Arteta’s plans.

    Freddie Woodman and Aaron Ramsdale have been touted as options. Ramsdale considered handing in a transfer request.

      1. I think it all depends on how the coach want to set up they bring different dynamism to the team play. Besides we need strong base in the squard

    1. Ramsdale signing is close, but probably not in time for Chelsea. Karl Hein on the bench again.

      1. What happened with Xhaka then Kev?
        You said it was 100% certain he was leaving and he is still with us.

        1. I think that really changed abruptly. Abit like the parties involved changing their minds.

          Because every journalist was quite sure Xhaka was leaving.

  5. We don’t have someone like Benzema, Kane, Lukaku or Morata, so using a counter-attacking three-CB formation makes sense. Unfortunately, we might have to deliberately lose our ball possession

    1. If its a three at the back system I I hope its not a 3-4-1-2. I remember how that formation cost us the Europa Cup. Funny how when we changed the system we had Chelsea on strings for the rest of the game and should’ve scored two more.

        1. GAI, Arteta used a false 9 in the Europa League semi final against Emery’s Villarreal and how did that turn out?

    2. And fans will moan over it again. So let him continue with the ball possession and get it right first.
      I wish he try 433, lokonga ESR ode in the middle

  6. AI again spouting rubbish. The way our fullbacks are defending (or actually not defending) going 3 at the back is a must in at least the next two games, not a compromise.

  7. Am with you AI.
    He used it as quick fix and we won FA , now is time to build for the future.

    If there is one thing I’ll respect about our manager, it’s his decision making, he is not afraid to stay with his beliefs despite the fans stand, now we have a very young squad that can compete for the next 5years, that’s how to rebuild, with ODe and a Rb this summer and a CF next summer we are on the right path

  8. There is so much Blame Arteta can take especially Tactically i think he’s failing to get the team Firing up front

    That Get the Ball to Tierney and cross and hope someone get at the end of the cross is infuriating me.

    You can see clear improvements defensively. Clear Defense patterns are visible and the Brentford game can’t change that especially if you add the Mari tax.

    But the problem we have is upfront..Apart from the KT Offensive Pattern, I don’t see any other.
    The Right Flank is more often than not Neglected and their is no Combination right through the middle.

    BUT in some way or the other I have sympathy for Mikel Arteta cos seriously there is no any attacker he’s bought. All of them are inherited.

    Mikel was hired knowing that he requires new players + specificity to play how he wants to play. They knew this and they promised to support him otherwise he dont take this Job.

    We have always signed fillers and stop gap signing.

    Only Partey,Gabriel and Ben White are Elite First Team Players We have signed for Mikel since he came here in 2019.

    You can make case for players like Mari,Willian,Cedric,Runarsson but I genuinely dont think there can be any money made available to him and the manager goes for Free signings.

    The Reason we went for Free deals that have actually turned out to be expensive is the Penny pinching of the Board.

    We have unbelievable holes in the team and them man pulled up against Brentford on Opening with Only White a recognizable First Team Signing.

    The manager takes the Most blame and of course many fans will shoot him cos He’s the face but we have not given him enough tools to succeed. This is not how Big Teams back their Coaches.

    I repeat, this is not To absolve the manager of any blame but it is what it is!

    1. Adajim, Arteta have over 10 players as his signing in the team and still the team is worse than when he arrived. No pattern of play, same slow buildup that goes nowhere and don’t mention the stupid crosses to no one. He chose to buy a CB when the need was in other areas. This is his own doing by not filling the holes in the team, instead he went double on the areas of less need

      1. Sorry, but I thought MA gave Aubemeyang a three year contract reportedly worth over £300,000 a week and Willian the same at £200,000 a week, has given Balogun a four year contract and is still offering Lacazette another contract…. what is there to feel sorry about?

        1. Ken, I wonder what promises Arteta made along with the money, for Aubameyang to sign the new contract?

  9. Against Chelsea, we can play a 352 formation.

    Holding White Tierney

    Saka Lokonga Xhaka ESR Tavares

    Pepe Martinelli

  10. Arteta have over 10 players as his signing in the team and still the team is worse than when he arrived. No pattern of play, same slow buildup that goes nowhere and don’t mention the stupid crosses to no one. He chose to buy a CB when the need was in other areas. This is his own doing by not filling the holes in the team, instead he went double on the areas of less need

  11. I think the ball playing DM you’re talking about is Bissouma.

    He’d fit well playing with us.

  12. Its not the squad that is the problem, it is Arteta’s style of playing football. Build up play is too slow and predictable. He should play a direct style and switch to a 3-4–3 with Xhaka playing on the left side of defense. All players should play on their natural right or left footed positions to start with. Since there is no Auba or laca, or Nketiah against Chelsea…line up should be:





    1. Tavares as cm? Just because he is left footed??? Woooaww, i have been get todo much into GAI comments

      1. Oh…with his explosive pace and dribbling skills, you think he won’t do well in midfield? You will be shocked what he can do if played there. Faster and quick thinking than your Xhaka in there trust me.

    1. Put out your own 1st 11 and lets see i you know better. I bet you will put the slow Xhaka in midfield too. Get ready for a loss when u do that. With Lokonga and Tavares in midfield, we can have a little bit of pace and attack in that midfield as against Xhaka and Lokonga who both prefer to throw the passes and not add any attacking threat whatsoever.

  13. Against Chelsea, I feel the 3-4-3 formation is the only option, it is not a question of compromise. Otherwise with their pace, Haverts and Werner along with the power of Lukaku will cause havoc. the 3-4-3 system gives solidity to the defence and improves counter attacking capability.

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