No excuses for Arsenal in shambolic defeat to Nottm Forest

What an absolute shambles!

We as Arsenal fans have in recent weeks grown to look forward to watching our boys play.

Especially after their performance against Manchester City, despite the loss, I myself was excited to see how they would blow Nottingham Forest off of the park.

Yet that was not to be the case!

Once again we were disappointed because our team were clearly still sitting on the coach while Nottingham Forest put out a fantastic tactical performance that kept us out and kept us quiet.

The fact that Mikel Arteta pulled off one of our players before the end of the first half shows how poor we were as a team, but to be fair, Nuno Tavares didn’t have the best of games and even he would admit that himself I am sure.

That is not the issue here though, the issue is, where were the Arsenal side who played so well against Manchester City?

I understand we were not a full strength team, but you cannot deny that we didn’t have enough firepower and enough big names on the pitch to go and get a result!

We were strong enough with the likes of Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli, Martin Odegaard, Ben White and even Bernd Leno to name a few, on the pitch, so why did we fail so badly.?

Maybe Forest just wanted it more, maybe the whole team just didn’t gel, maybe they were tired or maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. But whatever the reason, this is not acceptable and cannot happen again!

But I can bet it probably will because, well this is the Arsenal and they are now as unpredictable as they come!

The frustrating thing is that it was the perfect opportunity to be able to get a result and get as close to the final as possible, given that the next opponent would be Leicester.

But I am glad we didn’t go through in a way, because if we didn’t beat Forest, performing like that against Leicester, we would have been pummelled.

And our next opponents are Liverpool away at Anfield!

Well onwards and upwards Gooners!

Shenel Osman


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  1. Give those kids a break please!
    Let this go and stop bringing it up when we have an important game in two days time.
    Saka and Martinelli were not even meant to play that game in the first place if not for the fact ESR has a knock and Balogun had Covid.
    Those three you mentioned, Martinelli, Saka and Ødegaard play every week and are constantly running around the pitch making things happen, the running around especially GM and MØ, Saka to some extent too.

    They didn’t show up for the game and saved energy, perhaps it’s because they have to play Liverpool and they will still be the ones to play against Spurs? Both games which are more important, have you thought about that

    That performance was disappointing and terrible but I can’t even fault those boys if they did nothing.
    Forests obviously wanted it more and they got it with a great performance. Kudos to them, they played us and worked for the winning.
    You obviously thought it’ll be a walk in the park and we were entitled to winning, that’s why you are still talking about it.
    Now Holding, Cedric and Even Ben White? I have no problem with you questioning their passion in that game.

  2. Disappointing, but at least it’s not an EPL match and we get to see our weakest departments. If we don’t strengthen those areas this month, I don’t think we can even get an EL ticket by the end of this season

    1. I’m sick and tired of people making the excuse that the players are tired because that just doesn’t wash with me. The team hadn’t played for a week and it’s not as though they have other jobs to do is it.
      If these players get any injuries they will be seem straight away by the medical team and not wait around for six months on a waiting list.
      You can train these players all day and every day but one thing you cant do is give them heart because that you either have or you dont, can you imagine Tony Adams or frank McClintock putting in a shift like we saw on Sunday so please stop making excuses for this team especially with this tired nonsense because the players cheated us on Sunday I said it then and I’ll say it now
      No heart
      No desire
      No fight
      Because they are over paid and if I put in a performance like that on a Sunday morning pub game I fancy I would put on my boots again

      1. I believe the club has included some clauses in the players’ contracts, to boost the motivation and to minimize the errors. This is why a long evaluation is highly required before purchasing any player

        1. Perry ame came up with a very reasonable counter argument and you again trying to defend the indefensible. Can you please reread what you just posted and do some thinking. I Have never read anywhere what you just said you believe has been done in any sport. You keep exposing your ignorance when you are shown up when the easiest thing to do is keep quiet. The coach failed on Sunday again period. It has nothing to do with the players. He selected them and failed to motivate them to win the game. Both liverpool and Spurs conceded first but they were motivated enough by their coach fight back and show superiority over their opponents and won. If Arteta can motivate his players he has no business being our coach

          1. He said “You can train these players all day and everyday, but one thing you can’t do is giving them heart. Because you either have it or you don’t”

            I just replied to that with a logical assumption and there is no word in my comment that defends Arteta

            I think you didn’t read our comments properly, just because you hate Arteta. Shame on you

  3. Do we really need twice daily articles on how crap we were? We were terrible, get over it and move on, please.

  4. The game shows the lack of depth we have. Some players are just not good enough for the team. We need to strengthen the team and discard the average players.

  5. The performance was pathetic to say the least. I agree totally with Perry, no heart, no desire, no passion and nothing to suggest they were playing for the badge. The players were simply missing. As for Arteta he tried to change things but couldnt succeed in motivating the players or be creative enough to try something special, but atleast he tried his best.

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