No excuses if Arsenal don’t match Sunderland energy says Wenger

Arsene Wenger will hopefully not have to look for any reasons why Arsenal do not win away against relegation threatened Sunderland tomorrow, as we really need a good performance and the right result from the lads to go back above Man City and take a step closer to ensuring that we have a place in the Champions League next season and do not have the stress and inconvenience of a play off.

But if the Gunners do fail to take all three points home from the Stadium of Light then there is one excuse that the boss has already ruled out. As reported by Sky Sports, Wenger rejected any suggestions that Arsenal will be at a disadvantage because we only have two full days to recover after playing on Thursday night in a rearranged game against West Brom.

Even though our opponents will have had eight days between games the Arsenal boss insisted that this would not be a problem or at least that there was no good reason for it to be. He will surely be expecting a fully commited performance from Sam Allardyce’s side but he expects the same from Arsenal and pointed to our win over Everton in the early Saturday start after playing in Barcelona on a Wednesday night as an example.

The Frenchman said, “Between Thursday and Sunday and Wednesday and Saturday morning is exactly the same.

“You know we played on Wednesday night at Barcelona and then on Saturday against Everton at 12.45pm.

“It’s no problem. In fact, there’s a very interesting study that has come out from UEFA that shows that the points taken by the teams three days later are not less than after four or five days.

“It’s the opposite and that is quite interesting. The study has been made in all the five best leagues in Europe. Nobody has proven that it is a disadvantage to have only three days rest.

“The points on average are better than after four or five days.”

That is interesting and I also like the fact that Wenger has already removed one possible excuse for any poor performances from the Arsenal players. Is he finally getting tough with them after they let him down once again this season?

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  1. 1. I agree that a short rest does not automatically mean less energy or quality from the team. However a succession of short rest periods over the course of the season can absolutely wear down any team. And the UEFA study does not account for the greater depth of squad that many UCL clubs enjoy!!

    2. It seems clear to me that the Mert-Kos pairing works better than Gabriel-Kos.

    This does not mean Mert is a better defender – it just means that Kos and Mert work better together. And right now we need the best defense possible. (But if I was a betting man I would put money on Wenger choosing Gabriel for this game)

    I realize this opinion may not be popular with the “Mert is too slow” crowd but the popularity of an idea does not make it true and ….. reality is not optional in football.

  2. I want to see 2 new strikers at Arsenal next season. Sell useless Giroud and Theo and buy
    Vincent Janssen from AZ Alkmaar in Holland 25 league goals this season 28 already total.
    He is 5′- 11 pacy and strong two footed striker reminds me of V.Persie. We also need another top striker.

    1. Draxler also has potential, apparently Wenger saw him as a young RVP. But keep Giroud as a bench player and sell Walcott

  3. Next season all top clubs will spend big.
    Chelsea have new manager Conte. He will sign 2 defenders, 2 midfielders and one striker.
    City will spend big on Yaya Toure replacement, one winger and striker.
    Man U will possibly buy new attackers and new wingers and new defenders.
    Liverpool will also sign new players under Klopp.

    1. Wenger also will spend on new players, namely wilshere and Carzola, they are like new signings, from there we’ll have to rely on cohesion to win is the league

  4. Hey guys search for Vincent Janssen on youtube 21 year old Dutch striker from AZ Alkmaar no excuse for not signing him.

  5. If we’re unable to match Sunderland’s energy today, could we still win the title this year? ?

    1. Yeah………. this is our season and Leicester are 10pts behind us in 2nd place……the spuds are in 3rd


  6. Trust me………there’s always a ready made excuse

    Wenger is capable of making something out of nothing (not on the pitch but in press statements and interview)

    the usual one being “we were not clinical”

    1. We are not clinical, but that excuse is used several times, the team never work on it to improve but every loss comes with that excuse

  7. The only reason I want us to make top four now is so that Ozil and Sanchez stay on. It is CRUCIAL that Wenger does all he can to keep them and also strengthens the squad next season. To loose either one of them of them would be a major setback.

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