No grey areas – Is it safe to play football or not?

Testing Can’t Be Like The Titanic by Dan Smith

If owners had their way, they would have everyone play football games in masks just so they don’t lose their money. Every time the Premier League has a meeting, they seem to contradict themselves.

On one hand they are trying to argue that it’s safe to finish the season (at least behind closed doors) yet are talking about no crowds, training in safe distancing and squads gathering with their faces covered.

There can’t be a grey area here, it’s either safe to play football or not. The government have a zero tolerance on self-isolation, not it’s okay if you can find loopholes to get around the rules (why ask players to cover faces if they then stand together sharing germs at corners and free kicks?).

Oh, and if they can avoid spitting that would be a great help?

Part of an action plan is that players will daily go to a centre to be tested (zero mention what happens if they test positive?) yet this is where I think it’s morally hard to sell this idea to the public.

I don’t care about empty stadiums with zero atmosphere.

Some might complain about an unfair advantage, but clubs can’t have it both ways. Either do what France, Holland and Belgium are doing, or if you want your cash, you’re going to have to compromise like the rest of the world.

Can Boris Johnson ethically tell people to stay indoors yet sportsmen and women can adapt the regulations because they make lots of money?

During this pandemic I have had a niece and nephew born who I haven’t been able to visit yet. If my whole family took a test to prove we didn’t have the virus though, that doesn’t mean we have permission to meet up.

Of course, I don’t qualify for a test, nor will the majority reading this article.

The Health Secretary is working hard to enable tests but at the moment the criteria are for those over 65, those forced to still be working and those living with them.

Of course, no one wants a business to lose millions and if that can be avoided then great, but NHS workers shouldn’t have to wait to be tested just because they don’t make the economy millions. The irony being an already stretched medical team will have to be at these centres to give these tests when they could be back in a hospital.

This can’t turn into the Titanic. It can’t be that the rich get the lifeboats, while the less wealthy are left fighting for themselves…

I would love to see Football back. Yes, it gives people some escapism.

Again, if you can help any company not lose income of course you will be flexible. Yet life comes first.

If one player became ill because they play football too soon. If Fans get the virus because they gather outside stadiums. If families can’t be treated quick enough. Then that’s not acceptable.

Football is a beautiful game …. but it is just a game

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  1. The thing about testing is that the tests are only 90% accurate so the whole team could test negative but at least one of them could be the one in ten wrong diagnosis. It all sounds too risky to me quite apart from the moral aspects you have rightly highlighted adPat.

  2. I cannot see how it can be safe. We have hundreds of people dying every day. Brave NHS staff risking their lives and some tragically losing theirs. Most businesses are taking a hit, mine included. People staying in as advised by the government to help stop the spread and yet premier league football teams think its ok to play football to basically fill their pockets. No wonder some players think they’re above the law.

    1. SaId it one Roachie
      Football is struggling with its moral compass if it thinks that the season can finish in the current climate. How it finishes is a tricky matter. What I would hate to see is the season ending now with Liverpool crowned champions and the current bottom 3 relegated. It’s easy to argue that Liverpool would have won the league but not who goes down

      1. SueP, At the moment I would rather be able to visit my Mum who is in her 80s with a heart condition living alone than watch football. If restarting the games contributes to a second wave of infections I may never see her again.

        1. How right you are
          My not so elderly 61 year old husband now has to be shielded as the letter arrived a couple of days ago to say he was extremely vulnerable. At least we have each other and his son can deliver food
          Very hard for you too, and so many people will have been touched by this disease the football authorities need to wake up to it

  3. “Be Kind “Dan? I’ be more than kind, I’ll be forever in your debt for writing such truth, wisdom and anyone who disagees should examine their conscience, assuming , which I doubt, they even have one. I’ll say this here and now; IF by any evil chance our Prem DOES resume in June with physical contact happening within two weeks from now, while hundreds are dying daily, I will be FINISHED FOREVER WITH FOOTBALL.

    I will not condone evil and never will. I will have no part of it and will never watch a match ever again or even care about the result. If anyone imagines I am the only one thinking this way then they need their head examining.

    FORTUNATELY FOR ME AND OTHERS, IT HAS NOT A CAT IN HELLS CHANCE OF HAPPENING, despite the ludicrous so called discussions taking place. The moment that wanting sport back matters to you more than does humanity itself, is the day you are morally dead!Think on!

  4. I really really cant see football being so irresponsible and i cant see the Government letting them. Non starter

  5. Well said, Dan… and congrats on becoming an uncle.. I hope you’re able to hold them soon, so precious. It’s horrible not being able to see family.

    1. Thanks Sue
      Very close to my brothers who are in unique situation of having life changing moment but can’t share it
      Lots of face time going on
      As soon as I can I’ll hold these babies and my brothers( and sisters in laws )and go out for a break
      First time they will look foreward to me visiting lol

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