“No idea up top. So slow” Reporter lambasts Arsenal after woeful display

Alex Batt has slammed Arsenal for their horrible performances in recent weeks after another goalless match.

Mikel Arteta’s side has not scored in any of their last four matches, and they have been eliminated from the various cup competitions.

Their poor performances, even against clubs like Nottingham Forest, have cost them their momentum.

Batt watched as the Clarets defended for their life against the Gunners and gave Sean Dyche’s men credit.

However, he insists Arsenal is to blame for the lost points because they were simply not good enough for the club.

He tweeted: “Burnley defended superbly, so credit to them for that, but that’s all Arsenal’s own shortcomings. No idea up top. So slow. Sideways then backwards. Miserable.”

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After our impressive run of form which pushed us inside the top four, Arsenal’s stars have struggled for points and wins.

The match against Burnley showed how badly out of form we have become in recent weeks.

The team will not play again until the 10th of February, and the players should have rested enough before that fixture.

It would be smart to sign a top player, especially an attacker this month. However, if we cannot do that, then we need to get our current options in good shape and ready to fire the club to a Champions League spot.

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    1. Top 6 is the goal nothing else.
      The Carabao Cup and the FA Cup are meaningless distractions.
      We are in 6th place .
      Right on our expected target.
      We are currently one point behind Westham in 5th. If Westham lose to United we will be just one point behind them with 3 games in hand.
      We are presently two points off 4th with a game in hand so we are actually over achieving from out top 6 season goal.
      Great days for Arsenal
      COYG 🙂

      1. Fairfan, when did we all sat together to agree on 6th position being the target? I’m for 3rd or 4th position. Ffs, this is Arsenal FC not Aston Villa or Leicester. If Arteta can’t get us to the top, then he should give way for who can

  1. It’s complete scandalous. Arteta must be out of his mind to aim at top 4 when his team can’t beat bottom team at home. It’s another issue ignored that Arteta has no tactical idea. He stand and shout on the pitchside and deliver his message to his players oblivious that opponents know what he said to his players. We need a new manager ASAP.

  2. frankly it’s difficult to even remember the last time we made a decisive direct pass through the middle of the pitch…you simply can’t do the same things ad nauseum then act surprised when it hasn’t worked as you had hoped

    in many respects our offensive output is analogous to our organizational managerial missteps…round pegs, square holes…from Wenger’s latter years, when it was clear for several years that he was no longer part of the solution, to the Emery experiment, which gave him no say yet he’s clearly a “system-dependent” coach, to our present predicament, when we somehow felt it best to bring in the least experienced candidate possible to undertake the most complicated of tasks…the amount of utter stupidity on display over the last decade is absolutely mindboggling

    so when you aim your arrows of disdain in my general direction, due to my supposedly “negative” predilections, make sure you come correct, as what you see as anti-Arsenal sentiment, couldn’t be further from the truth…I would like nothing more than for us to finally raise the bar and return to some sort of relevance, but for me Arteta as just the latest in a series of longtime organizational f*** ups

  3. please keep in mind that as I’m writing these words I’m watching Mr. Kroenke’s LA Rams play a post-season game with a team constructed to WIN NOW, sparing no expense, even though he just completed the WORLD’S most expensive stadium!!! food for thought

    1. @TRVL4e
      Not defending Kroeber. But the stadium was subsidised by a large chunk of tax payer money from the state. That’s why he moved the team. The promise of jobs created and the influx of revenue from the venue. Unbeknownst to many, the NFL is registered as a “tax exempt”entity, somewhat like a church…IJS

      1. you’re wrong, once again, on both counts…not surprising whatsoever…Kroenke is financially responsible for the $5 billion SoFi Stadium, but has been given a couple of loans from the NFL worth between 500 and700M…of course, all projects of this magnitude will receive some subsidies of some shape or fashion, but this stadium was in no way tied directly to taxpayer funding…he left St. Louis when the government wouldn’t fund a new stadium, but this LA project was a completely different undertaking due to the massive tv market, which the NFL clearly coveted, and the potential to develop the surrounding area, which he owned…btw you’re likewise wrong about the tax exemption gig too, as that was something that ended in 2015, which only applied to the League office and it’s Management Council, who since 1942 had filed as a 501(c) (6) non-profit entity…stay in your lane muppet

          1. not sure why you have posted this link Pat? it doesn’t really have anything to do with the two points in question…I’m well-aware of the now settled lawsuit, due to his weaselly actions regarding relocating the team to Inglewood…is there a specific point to this posting?

  4. No surprise with our results. Put someone in charge to manage and rebuild who has never managed or built anything in his life.

    Our play is crab personified; we play as a team how Arteta played in midfield as an Arsenal player.

    Slow, sideways, static, no directness to be seen.

  5. Arsenal should have signed Abraham. He has at Roma scored 12 goas in 12 app. I mentioned Abraham to be a good striker target for us, but nobody in here wanted him .

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