No injured players back for Arsenal – Coquelin in crutches!

There is nothing but bad news and bad luck for Arsenal and their fans at the moment. The injuries are piling up, and now that Francis Coquelin and Mikel Arteta have joined the ranks of the walking wounded we really are down to the bare bones of the squad.

Other than those two, the Gunners are also missing Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Danny Welbeck, Tomas Rosicky and Jack Wilshere,and according to Wenger none of those are going to be ready to play tomorrow evening. “It looks difficult to have players come back Tuesday night,” he said yesterday. “I can rotate a bit within the squad but Ramsey will be short and Chamberlain will be short and they are the two closest.

“Honestly I don’t know (about Coquelin). I have to wait, maybe Monday, to see how big the damage is, at the moment he is on crutches.”

Well Monday is here, and there are already rumours that Le Coq could be out for up to three months. I will take that with a pinch of salt until we get confirmation of the scans this afternoon. Arsene Wenger will be having his pre-match press conference at 12.30 this lunchtime and we will all be desperately waiting for the latest news on Coquelin.

We all know it’s going to be bad news, but let’s hope it’s not tooooooo bad!

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  1. our worst fears have happened,
    as we the fans and just about everyone in the footballing world suspected it in the summer when the transfer window was open to reinforce DM and we are down to one striker god forbid something happens to OG, no good having money in the bank if there is no one left on the pitch to play,

    Pls Arsen your an intelligent man when it comes to everything else but why not when it comes to buying decent ready made players WHY?

      1. Doesn’t matter, seasons finished. Flamini in the middle means about every team in the league will have a field say through our midfield. Flamini is good enough to start for Aston Villa, maybe Bournemouth. Now he will be an automatic starter for 3-4 months.

        It’s finished guys.

        1. Don’t be so dismissive. We need to grind out results until january. Be there within range of the first position. Flamini is anyway a short term solution. Good thing is that the injury was picked during play, these normally are not long term (hamstring, groin etc). Not much to do now but to fight for it.

          1. we have NINE GAMES until the window starts an we could actually bring someone in and your assuming wenger will buy a established dm !

            now everyone knows we are desperate for a dm- the prices will be hugely inflated
            great business there from le prof, he failed that window an will fail in jan- he has never bought what we needed in a window.
            u seem to forget prior to spurs game, flamini was an absolute mess for us when he came on as sub
            how is 3 months out a good thing?!

            1. All our targets have reasonable clauses. If we really need someone in January I do believe there won’t be a problem to spend the money. But regardless of who Arsenal may buy it will not have a real impact until March, maybe April.

                1. we have to start somewhere and at some time to buy the players we need for January it will be wise to buy DM from the EPL if possible

          2. i agree Budd i think we can drag it out until January but my fear is that once again we wont buy anyone decent and the EPL has gone crazy this season there are no easy games left,
            only one way to secure top place is to have depth in your team after Christmas when all players are tired and injured

      1. I see now you happy after giving him stick for playing on the right. You and many other here. I said it three years ago, I will say it now : people like you don’t deserve players like Ramsey, let alone Sanchez or Ozil (also the amount of badmouthing he got on this site is easily forgoten ).

        1. Budd get your head out of your ass we have no one else to play in the team im just happy we have a senior player back after injury, and yes if your asking i don’t like Rambo on the wing he holds up play and slows down our attack but i do love him playing central midfield

          1. Budd and another thing i never slate players so i don’t know where you get the idea that i was giving him stick???

  2. Sign gregorz krychowiak and an inform striker like vardy or aubameyang… Wenger is always one or two players short for the title shot he must have had signed kondogbia or Schneiderlin to backup coquelin now we are in trouble hope coquelin’s injury is not serious one otherwise its curtins for us… Coyg!! A fan from Pakistan

  3. Now who plays centre with Santi is going to be very essential. For tomorrow its flamini because Ramsey isn’t back, but he will be by this week (fingers crossed). I don’t expect much from the duo of Santi and flamini, but Santi and Ramsey still sounds okay. A lot depends on girouds finishing tomorrow. If we manage to get a decent lead tomorrow, I would like to throw in Jeff Rene Adelaide in last mins and see how he does!

    1. Flamini now and I can bet you that Wilshere when fit will take this position as he said he likes to play deep as he does for England.

    2. Relying on Giroud’s finishing doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Finishing is not one of his strengths.

  4. We might finish the season with 14 fit senior players at this rate! There’s no DM out on loan to recall either so Wenger will have no excuse to refrain from signing a new DM in January (IF Le Coq is really out for 3 months). I’d rather test Chambers or Bielik at this point, knowing Flamini can’t hack a 90 min game in the league and I don’t really trust a Ramsey-Cazorla pairing.

  5. Almost every pundit/ fan (except ‘The Analyzer’) saw this coming. What’s the use having money in the bank…and no players on the field?
    Our seasons are always “So close…yet, So far”. Imagine we got a striker, a DM and backup full-back. Imagine how many points above we would be now?
    Our season is always littered with WHAT IF’S.
    I wish all the injured players good and quick recoveries.

    1. Same pundits singed praise until now. It is easy to predict doom because in the end this will happen. Last season I told you Chelsea will be $hyte and look where they are now. I did that just as an exercise to show that doom prediction is the easiest. If you don’t see any way out from this now then is good it is not up to you to make this work.

      1. My opinion might never count…and so will yours. The best we can do is voice it.
        I am always the first to praise Wenger when he does something right…But we should be bold to say the truth when he does wrong.
        Even when the pundits sang Arsenal’s praises, they ALL said we were at least 2 players short of the title (aside from our injury history). We’ve always been at least 2 players short of a season title for the past 3 years….and we keep repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again. If you REALLY can’t see that, then I’m REALLY sorry.

        1. Arsenal007

          i think you will find just about everyone apart from one or two agree with you and it makes no sense why for the past 5 or 6 transfer window we have not spent to our financial ability,

          i believe if we had bought the players we needed we would of won the EPL couple of years ago and would of won it again this season, its slipping away again and for what so we can have cash in the bank collecting dust instead of collecting glory

              1. That’s the problem. Some moan, some look for solutions where there’s no hope. And even if they come out of it they don’t get the recognition. Same old story, year in, year out.

        2. Why? Because of a WC DM? Why would Khrikowiak come here? To sit on the bench? And then what will you do? Stop Coquelin development when you already bet on future with Bielik and Chambers (not to mention Flamini and even Areta or Wilshere).
          I think we will see how short are we. Will you and the pundits come here and tell that you have been wrong? Maybe you will but the pundits will just shut their pie holes and cash the check. No appology, no remorse for stupid comments.

          1. …If Bielik is good enough, then he should play. We would never have known how good Coquelin was…if he didn’t play. Just know that with our injury history, we will NEVER win the title without good back-ups. We will always be close, yet so far.
            That’s been our story for about 3 years now.

            Are you saying Wenger is right not to have gotten quality additions during last summer…and should not get quality additions this winter? (yes or no)

            1. @ Bud

              So according to you, we only sign players to come and sit on the bench?

              Maybe you really are wenger in disguise,
              Which would explain why all our players are overplayed!

              The simple solution for having two class player’s fighting for the same position is to give them a half each, that way they both get to play on matchdays and they both remain fitter by not having to play the full 90 minutes!

              The end result will keep all the players happy and fitter as rotations are done during the game.

              We saw the difference in Giroud when he was replacing Walcott as a sub.

          2. Are you suggesting Wenger can not manage two DM of high quality? As far as I am concerned we only have one at the moment and he just got injured.

            If Wenger has other players up his sleeve be it Bielik or Chambers, he should play them now over Flamini. If he does not think they are ready for the highest level, we should not even talk about these players as viable options IMO.

  6. Now, Wenger must sign players in January
    If he doesn’t, it will be sheer stupidity and incompetence

    Coquelin will be injured for three months so Wenger must get a minimum of a DM. If we have other injuries by January he must get more.

    Enough is enough

    1. Hahahaha, the amount of people who praised Wenger and the team just two weeks ago and come and moan when time is harsh is just staggering on this site. You people really need to look for a hobby or maybe a team like Bayern (watch out, that can also be dangerous but hey, they always win the title). Would just please have faith, believe in the team? Is that so hard?

      1. I’m sure that you had a little fanny fit after the WBA game,
        One of your toys cracked my Screen ?

        And you were also moaning, whilst packing your suitcase,
        “Im off to sidney” blah blah blah.. #$#@#!!


        By the way, How is Sidney? …..
        I’m glad that he claimed you down ?

  7. Look on the bright side you gooners.In the new year the shareholders will gain fat dividends, the owner will be rubbing his hands thinking of his holding value increasing and the board will receive extra bonuses along with good old Arsene. Us mugs will still support the Arsenal and pay top dollar watching the walking wounded limp through another 90 minutes.
    THERE,feel much better now.

  8. Supporting the ‘Gun’ is not for the faint of heart,that much I know and it’s very real.As someone once said,’one swallow does make not a summer’,the injuries happening this season may or may not mean the season is done for the Arse,but the frustrating thing is that this Crockedness soap opera is beginning to sound like a broken record that’s even worn out! I dont know what happens behind the scenes but could the staff concerned not review the state of the playing surfaces no matter how immaculate they may look from the outside,for instance? Something’s not adding up from where I stand.

    All said though,let’s all stick by this Band of Brothers till the end,they may just pull through who knows.Then again this is supposed to be a top top top club,some things shouldn’t be happening to us! COYG!

    1. From the look on his face beside Wenger man,he looks like some wise old chap that knows a trick or two about management of a team like Arsenal.

      Maybe he has the steeliness that was once associated with the Arsenal of yore,of which we may direly need in times like these.A man who was a backbone of the Invincibles,I wouldnt be surprised if he became highly-sought-after-hot-management-material were he to usurp the reins after SirAW!

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