No Man City offer tabled for Arsenal’s Alexis!

According to a number of reports, Manchester City are close to landing a deal which will see Alexis Sanchez move from Arsenal, but Sky Sources claim otherwise.

The Gunners have been bracing themselves as they expect a flurry of offers to come in for their star player as he enters the final 12 months of his contract, and bookmakers have even moved odds-on for him to be at Man City by the end of the transfer window.

Alexis is claimed to be ready to join his former manager Pep Guardiola at the Etihad, but the speculation appears to be unfounded, with no bid having been tabled as of yet.

We’re not saying an offer won’t be made, as who can read into the future, but I don’t see how he can be close to completing a move if no approach has even been made…

Sky Sources also ruled out any interest in selling to a Premier League rival even if such enquiries were to come in.

That doesn’t quite tell us if there have been any concrete offers, with Bayern Munich also strongly linked with an interest in signing the Chilean international, but the player himself will be distracted from his future currently.

Alexis is currently with his Chile side as they prepare for the Confederations Cup in Russia, and we all know how much effort he puts into propelling his country into the spotlight.

Sanchez has refused to accept being injured on a number of occasions so he can play for his country, and he will most certainly be concentrating on smooth preparation for the tournament.

Could our club really sell Alexis to City? Could he even end up staying put?

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    1. Franck Kessie too. 63 points and 6th position last year. Roma is already getting weakened with Salah, Lazio is weaker too, Conti to be bought in news, easily top 4 finish next year, may be top 3

  1. Good as long he doesn’t end up at City or Chelsea i’m not bothered.If he doesn’t want to stay and is hell bent on leaving then sell him abroad.

    1. Ozil is quality when provided a rigid support. Shouldn’t we be playing to bring the best out of our stars?
      We need more great players, not sell the few we have.

  2. Personally i believe Sanchez is waiting to see who we buy. He is loved here and is regarded as the best. My worry is Wenger is doing his usual pis£%@ about.

    Wenger who ever you want go and get them and lets learn from the last few windows.

  3. i think wenger should buy quickly and learn from the pass if he wants to keep his top players together..

  4. I think Sanchez and his agent are waiting for the offers (if there hasn’t been interest and not a formal offer yet.

    Hope it’s not the case of course but when you think about what he has said in terms of his desire to win things in the biggest competitions you have to conclude he has his eye on the exit.

    It would take a lot of convincing (££££££££) and re-assuring for him to stay IMO.

    1. Agreed. I really want him to stay but if I were him hell id be out the door to Bayern or Mancity..

  5. If he goes he goes. No one is bigger than the club- no one.

    I will wish him well but there will be others, there are always others throughout the years. Someone will step up.

    1. I have heard this many times before. But it seems we have one who is bigger than the club and he just got extended! The line is well put when players leave being arrogant and asking for more than club can give, Alexis never did that. AW, on the other hand, has too much control and not using it well

      1. Dude Sanchez wants to join City, how arrogant is that? Hate or love AW, the club is not stupid as to fire a manager when they did not plan well for the successor. It is not AW’s arrogance rather poor planning at the top

    2. We have to ask ourselves how big this club wants to be. If we want to compare oursleves with the big clubs we can not pay like penny pinchers. We pay the likes of Theo 140k per week and are not willing to pay Sanchez what he is worth. Aguero has been on 250 per week for a few seasons now and so has Rooney, Ibra and Pogba are way beyond those salaries. Sanchez was on 160 per week. Strange he wants to leave.

      We over pay our squad players and underpay our great players.

      Kroenke is bigger than the club that’s why we are going down to hell in a hand basket.

  6. Finally someone who feels the same. If he wants to go, let him go. Then let’s get someone who can actually pass and doesn’t look off his team mates. He is a great player but no one is above the club. And there was times thru out the season were Sanchez played like ass and still got treated like a God. That’s not good for team chemistry or the coach’s scheme buy in

  7. He looks more likely to stay at Arsenal, Bayern just signed Gnabry, And city want to give him £275k weekly £15k less than what we offered him. The news around him his silent now, He’s probably waiting for Wenger the 2-3 World class signings he promised, For me Both Mbappe and Cesc Fabregass would be fine by me formation
    Sanchez, Mbappe
    Kolasonic,Xhaka, Fabregas, OX/Bellerin
    Holding, Koscenly, Mustafi

    Sanchez, Ozil
    Kolasoniac, Xhaka, Febregas, OX/Bellerin
    Holding, Koscenly, Mustafi

  8. We should sell him to the highest bidder! Bayern is trying to screw us over. First, they take the best young prospect we have produced in a long time in Gnarby and now I read in a German article that Bayern will offer 35 million because they think Arsenal will not want to sell to a PL team. That would be stupid IMO.

    If City is willing to pay 50 or more against Bayern’s 35 million I would sell to City.

    This whole idea that somehow selling to City harms us would only be valid if we would be dumb enough to believe we can win the PL but that has not happened in 13+ year (not even close) and that is not going to happen in the next 4 years at least.

    So why get screwed again by Bayern?

    1. I’d rather Arsenal take a hit and sell him abroad than be subjected to the very very embarrassing banter by rival fans.FFS it’s bad enough when they sing “ARSENE WENGER WE WANT YOU TO STAY” in the grounds.Can you imagine the torture from them if Sanchez goes to City or Chelsea and he wins the title with them.

      1. Once upon a time Arsenal had hard men who would have told Sanchez as he went out the door to join Man City “you won’t see out the season, once you play us!”

  9. Imagine a front 2 of Costa, Sanchez


    Behind them
    Ox, Xhaka, top Dm Moreal

    Kos, Mustafi. Holding

  10. I have really enjoyed Coldzero’s comment above. Indeed nobody is bigger than the Club. That aside, I highly doubt that Arsenal would sell to a direct rival in EPL. The worst that could happen is to sell Sanchez abroad. After the strong fan discontent at Arsenal I doubt that Wenger or any other person in the running of Arsenal’s day to day affairs would have the guts to sell Sanchez to an EPL rival.
    I am even at pains to understand two rather puzzling issues: why Man City would want Sanchez when they have an array of attacking options; why Sanchez would want to join City when there is no guarantee that City will win EPL next season. If Guardiola does not address the defensive frailties of his team they will not win EPL. In fact I can state with some degree of confidence that if Arsenal add about three quality players we might win EPL before Man City. If it’s the issue of money I don’t see a big gap between what City is reported to be willing to offer and what Arsenal has offered. So what would be the compelling reason for Sanchez to move to Man City? I honestly don’t see it.

  11. Perhaps those who gave me thumbs down had better read a headline story from the Daily Mail where Arsenal has ruled out selling Sanchez to a direct rival. I didn’t know this but my earlier article was based on mere analysis of the situation but now the Daily Mail has vindicated me.

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