“No matter how you do it” Alan Smith praises Arsenal for their win against Brentford

Alan Smith is impressed with Arsenal’s performance as they ground out a 2-1 win against a very organised Brentford side this evening.

Mikel Arteta’s side knew they would go top of the Premier League with a win as Liverpool do not play until tomorrow. However, they faced a Brentford side that is used to causing trouble for the top Premier League sides.

The Bees lived up to expectations for most of the game as they nearly earned a draw. However, Arsenal never settled for just a point, and they got their deserved result at the end of the game.

It was a performance that certifies they want to be champions because, in a different situation, Arteta’s side could have lost that game. Arsenal fans are delighted with how their team performed, and Smith said they had to win, and they did.

He said on Sky Sports:

“No matter how you do it, you stay in the title race and that is what Arsenal have done here. It was not always pretty but they held their nerve and it has paid off.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

This game was one of those fixtures that test if we are champion material and fortunately, we passed.

Brentford are a very stubborn team and defeating them in the manner we did shows we can beat anyone, which is a great attribute to have.

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  1. We should expect a similar kind of game on Tuesday night and prepare for it. It will be another nail-biting time. The Porto coach would have been watching this game and licking his lips!
    But I think we’d be fine; the Canon will be in the draw hat on Friday.
    Can’t wait!

    1. CM
      We looked as though we would score today, whereas in Portugal, we had possession but no bite.

      Whilst having several outstanding wins recently, a tricky match that needed a fair degree of resolve, was an extremely useful exercise today, for what is in store for us midweek

  2. I think Arteta will be happier than the Porto manager as Brentford played the same spoiling game that Porto did.

    Bear in mind we had a lot if easy wins before and after Porto so this was a great wake up call

  3. I would be a nervous wreck if my feet was in the shoes of the Portuguese and not saying this because am an Arsenal fan.

    Arsenal seems to have the bit between their teeth, you could tell they smell blood with the constant wave upon wave of attack, they are creating quality chances too, there is not much the Portuguese can take from this game, remember the officiating was as well.

    The best I could advise the Portuguese outfit is to come and play their own game, I think the Portuguese would have been in a better frame of mind coming to the Emirates if the previous score was nil all, one nil to defend is a very dangerous game, the whole game could be over in half an hour, if they are not careful.

    The fact Arsenal came out of that game injury free with a few rusty players getting a bite at the cherry, the away side is going to need nerves of a bundle of steel

  4. I read elsewhere that this game lasted less than fifty minutes, and that was taken up by Brentford’s sh*thousery of simulating head injuries and just dropping to the ground at every opportunity. Good practice for Tuesday.
    I did however think that Havertz was lucky to still be on the pitch to score that goal, as he could so easily have got a second yellow in that “penalty” incident.

    1. Just to clarify. The ball was in play for less than fifty minutes.
      I’ve now watched MoD where even Ian Wright agreed that Havertz dived, so was lucky to stay on, but also pointed out that Trossard should have got a penalty, so poor refs work in both directions sometimes.

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