No more excuses left for Arsene Wenger

Wenger – weak, incapable, exposed, beaten again, immortal‏ by KM

I don’t know how much more proof you need that Wenger is not good enough. I mean what sort of defeat will it take for people to understand that? He is just s#@# and needs to be replaced. I cannot believe there are still people that want him in charge.

Who takes the blame for this one? The players? I heard massive boos when Campbell was subbed and it just showed what the fans think of the situation. Is that not game over? Or you want to wait till we die at the Lane?

The empty seats at the Emirates showed exactly what the fans think of the situation. You don’t win the title even if everybody else is terrible when you are Wenger, because you are simply a deluded old man that doesn’t know what to do, but gets paid incredible money.

I believe nothing more is to be said. I’ve said it all. The Wenger Out banners have to fly high at the Emirates. He is finished! Dead and buried, his ultimate demise. You cannot give me an excuse that I will take for losing that game.

I’m all out for Leicester to win this league. They truly deserve it. They have spirit and desire. They prove money can be compensated with character and belief. They are proof that Wenger cannot do it no matter what circumstances he is given.

He is a shame to this football club. And the defeat awaiting at the Lane might just be the boiling point! Man United are closing in on us, and they’ll be in just a points reach after the next round when we lose to the Spuds. And then it’ll all be over for him. Everything is falling apart in the space of two weeks against some of the weakest opponents ever.

Good job Arsene, I mean case closed. If he doesn’t leave this season I just will not understand why we start the season… Enjoy though. Sometimes defeats make you learn. I hope the board learns, cause Arsene is incapable of that and I was proved again today. I said it before the game, a win would be just a papering over the cracks!

Turns out a draw was too much as well.


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  1. Excuses! His method of play is antiquated, his decisions are bewildering and his team selections are beyond comprehension. Wenger just go before Saturday.

    1. Spot on KM;
      No matter what you and all other Arsenal fans say, he is safe until the action is taken inside and outside of the Emirate.
      Fans should sit outside the stadium 2 hours before the game, and take banners inside the stadium and loudly ask for his resignation. How many managers came and gone while he is in charge of Arsenal.
      He is shameless, clueless, and outdated manager. His team selection is worse in the league, and his subs are even worse. He still prefers Flamini over Campbell. No matter what players like Campbell do still he doesn’t like him. Look at other teams, how many sensational new young talents were introduced in the past few years including this year like Marcus Ashford by MU, Inehacho by MC, Maharez by LC, Del Alli of Spurs and list goes on and on. Yet the sensational new starlets like Jeff Adelaide is sitting on the bench watching the master piece of Kicking Mesi’s leg by Flamini in his first touch. What a shameful manager !!!!! He has to go and go fast.

      1. I want to see carlito at arsenal. Wenger out if he finishes anywhere behind first spot..I’m devastated from last night, I didn’t go to work today. Can’t eat, didn’t sleep well and feel like a freaking zombie.the only thing that can calm me a little would be a win at spurs.and that would only be nice if Leicester get beaten by Watford

        1. Keep anticipating Leicester’s Loss to Watford

          we have bigger problems on our hands (WENGER and NLD)

          it would be interesting to see if the spuds would enjoy Losing twice to westham and again the Bottlers (Arsenal)

          didn’t i say same bout the swans?

          1. Yes we have a huge problem at spurs. If we had beaten Swansea comfortably then we would be going to spurs with good confidence. But now we are fked…who knows it might end in our favour.. The players might want to make a statement for the fans.and only a win would do that.

        2. Now that it is very obvious that we are very weak, Leicester or Tottenham loose will not solve our problem, this is our chance to get rid of that Old Demon, with how it is going now, I want to see the words that remain in his dictionary to defend his 14 years failure.
          Meanwhile what is the exact purpose of this type of site, The situation at hand go beyond making a textbooks on an ordinary platform, whoever have an opportunity to mobilize fans should please do it and protest, by doing so you will be representing millions of fans all over the world pls.

    2. We are actually fed up wid Ozil.
      Giroud & ramsey wer all there and not performing to our satisfaction thats why Ozil & Sanchez wer brought and they were massively expensive to help us move forward, so if they come and play like they don’t care and we don’t improve , don’t u think they are the liabilities including the manager who blindly bought dem , cos to my knowledge our top 2 most expensive players wer outcast from la liga , a league we confidently boast to be inferior to our league ???

      CECH – I had my doubts but he is the Second best Goal Keeper in the World if not on par wid Neuer..

    3. I can’t believe we are not going to win the title this year. A win last night would have put us right back in there.just furious with Wenger but still think he should be given the chance to end the season. There is a 1% chance of us winning the title now…great job last night, when Joel scored all I wanted was a second to close the match. It was a really unlucky night.. Now if Watford beat Leicester and we somehow get our sht together and beat spurs we will be right back in the race. Are Leicester going to slip at Watford???

    4. LOOOOOOOL Arsenal fan bumps into Özil on the road and begs him to stay one more season.
      — Mike Sanz (@mikesanz19) March 2,

      If i were OziL, It will be ME or WENGER….

    5. Nah, he should finish the season, then pack his stuff and leave. What he should do before saturday is announce his leave

      1. Why would he do that when arsenal can still win the league and the fa cup? Where do some people’s logic come from?

        1. But he hasn’t for an awfully long time! If had won the double 2 years ago or he had reached the semis of the ECl and won the EPL a couple of times in the last 10 years. He hasn’t taken Arsenal forwards for a very very long time.

        2. This is a grim comparison, but every single person commiting suicide could win the lottery, become a millionaire and live a comfortable life. However, what are the odds?

          1. A lot worse than Arsenal winning the Premier League!
            If you were comparing that to Aston Villa’s chances I would probably agree (about 14 million to 1). But Villa are not only 6 points behind the leader with ten games to go. In fact it is a ridiculous comparison….

            1. According to the bookies Arsenal are 4/1 to win it. West brom are 4500/1. Aston villa are not on the betting so maybe 14 million could be right.

            2. There’s no indication in the team right now that we’re going to win the league, nor in wenger (trends last ten+ years). Yesterday right after second half started, Swansea had 12.75 in odds of winning, and Arsenal somewhere around 1.4. Still Swans won, so I wouldn’t base my resonating on odds from bookies, but trends and experience coming from having been an Arsenal supporter almost all my life. Put your feelings aside and you know what’s most likely to happen.

    6. @BUR

      Solid assessment! From a points perspective, we’ve still got a good chance of winning the league, but not with Wenger in charge. He needs to be removed asap thus removing the shackles our entire club has been in for years. It’s crazy to think that we’re near the end of the season with Chelsea, ManU and ManC below us, and we’re still not in the top two.

      Arsenal have become an embarrassment!

  2. If there is at least a speck of a human being left in him, he will resign by the end of this season. This whole season is on him. He doesn’t know how to motivate players, he is just way too focused on balancing the books for his good master Satan K.
    Please leave, Arsene, there is no making this better, just worse. Leave while there are still fans out there respecting you for what you did in the past.

  3. Wengers method of bluffing the board & fans to keep him for a further season…
    > We loose enough games to take us completely off winning the league, then say it wasn’t in our control, we then fight till the end and win last few games so we look good and like we worked hard to earn the 4th place trophy.He then links us with awesome transfers (which we all know wont happen), and finally while Man U/City and Chelsea organise pre-season friendlies against top clubs, we play the weak ones, win and look all good to go next season without any additions…
    AND THEN REALITY STRIKES..We get a tough group in CL and arent good enough, a few injuries and another excuse for the poor performances..

  4. Wenger is more of a grandpa to our players than a manager. He sees them as kids and treats them with kids gloves. Because of this, our players gradually become soft and lack character to succeed at the big stage. No wonder most players that have left the club do not really do well elsewhere. Please count the number of players that have left Arsenal and identify how many of the actually did well outside.

    1. Nasri, Fabregas and RVP did well because they had the mentality of winners. Something the manager finds intimidating and negative. Notice how the players were made to seem arrogant and selfish when in reality they had the courage to challenge their boss’s ambition like every top player in the world does. They didn’t join the club to live and comfort and feel loved, they wanted to make a name for themselves by winning trophies. These three players would have fit in our invincible squad, the likes of Theo, Flamini and Ox would’ve been sold a long time ago. Wenger has changed too much from being under budget for more than a decade, unfortunately it has cost him his ability to adapt to the modern game and it’s blatantly obvious, he should simply retire at the end of this season and and give his job to someone who knows how to challenge for the top spot in this modern era.

  5. I haven’t been this Pessimistic in a long time. I know we have been here before but considering the fact that other big teams are struggling. You expect us to win the league or don’t bottle things up after starting the season well with some decent performance. Wish we had a good 2nd half of the season like we had last season…

    We’ll lose again on Saturday. Even if we manage to win’ Wenger should step down. The man I always defend has gotten to mi. Goooo wenger. Argh!

  6. at last we have someone to give us the truth but am afraid we still have those wenger knows best characters who cant’t shout WENGEROUT no matter howmuch he hurts us or the club reputation with his sturbon favouritism.!

    1. There’s a famous saying “you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

      1. Wenger was the sun that brought this club new light but he’s slowly turning into a dying star.

      2. Wenger’s been the villain of Arsenal for quite a few years now. To me, it looks like the AKB’s are still letting Wenger live on his glorious 10 first years in Arsenal, excusing him with the Emirates move holding the club in economical shackles (which no longer is the thing)

  7. Gents I have always in my heart Wenger to stay for at least one more season..I have even stated on here if we win the league give him his remaining year on his contract and let him bow out…But enough is enough…

    We as fans need to take a not from Liverpool and our rival fans..We do not like the way the club is been run..we do not like the amount we pay for tickets…We as fans worldwide need to grow a pair ourselves… During the next game at White Hart Lane winning or a certain time we should stage a walk out an leave in protest..and do this for the next few matches…Supporters should go and ask for a refund of their Arsenal Kits this season…..

    We need to make a stand against this disgraces that is happening because we complain but do not take action….

    At the end of this season if Wenger truly misses his chance at the league we give Arsenal and him an ultimatum…Get a a signed petition for Wenger to leave because at this rate there will be nothing left of us… If he stays then he must sign players and we should have a fan on the board as a voice of the people…..We need to try everything and anything because it looks like we care more than the board, the players and the manager

  8. Yes we had a bad loss but
    luckily so did Spurs and City.
    Nothings changed.
    So stop whining and grizzling.
    10 games to go anything could happen.

    1. Heaven will have to Open wide and a salvational beam of Light reaching you………..before u are saved from the jaws and shackles of mediocrity

      keep dining and wining with the deviL!

    2. @david your comments have become highlights on this site for me. they are like sunshine in the dark.
      keep up the good mood
      and hope that you prove us all wrong come end of season.

      1. @arsenalvienna
        He is one of the few out here making sense. The rest are just following a negative wave of bs…

        1. @ny-gunner tbh, a good friend of mine yesterday said to me that i am talking same stuff every year by this time (was many bad words for wenger). i know you are one of the defenders of wengers crown. been on justarsenal for 6 years.
          please give me good answer on why subbing campbell yesterday. (just one ting out of thousands i cant understand wenger is doing)

          1. @arsenalvienna
            I got no problem with AW or the team as a whole. But at the moment they are very disappointing to watch. I don’t know why he makes the decisions he makes, only he does.
            I just won’t hold him solely to blame for our current form or lack of.

            1. ok the team performance as a whole is bad in the last games. but isn’t this maybe because wenger makes the wrong decisions constantly? what must a player under aw think. always decisions no one except our manager by grace of god can understand. and 9 of 10 prove wrong. that is no motivation for players.

              1. @arsenalvienna
                Don’t know what you’re looking for dude. but I ain’t got it for ya…

            2. @NY Gunner
              Trouble is that Wenger buys the players and does nothing to either replace or motivate the players when they are NOT doing well.
              The sole responsibility lays with Wenger and noone else.
              some of the players are just NOT good enough to make up an EPL winning side, others are but are running low on motivation and energy and as manager he needs to have alternatives and games plans to change the mood in the team, and he has none.
              to keep hearing the same excuse season in season out and then see NOTHING done to remedy these problems is the main casue of everyones vitriol.
              I worry about seeing the back of wenger as noone knows what we will get as a replacement but its certainly clear to almost all that something needs to change and quickly or else its a long drop towards the mid table mediocrity that we all fear so much.

                1. AW needs Dein back, and he needs DB 10 back in his face again on the training ground. He’s not being challenged, and he’s not decisive like Dein. DD did ourtransfer business…….. DB10 was the JC disciple who knew how to get what AW wanted to work for footballers. He doesn’t have those people around him to tell him off or support him anymore.

        2. If this had not happend time and time and time again perhaps there would be a more positive feel to many of the comments, however upbeat or optimistic any of us may or may not feel do you honestly think without a shadow of doubt that we

    3. Nothings changed, Wenger is still proving he’s miles away from being an adequate manager at this level. 10 games to go, let’s see how many points we will lose because of Wenger.

    4. I bet spuds fans aren’t moaning and trying to get rid of pochettino. Why are arsenal fans so bloody fickle? I bet when we beat spurs at the weekend everyone here will still want to sack Wenger.

      1. @admin Ponchettino has only been at Spurs for less than a year. ?.. Seriously that isn’t a good argument from you. Also Spurs have won 7 of there last 10 games plus they were away to a top 6 team.

        1. So you want to sack the manager right now with ten games to go? I can’t think of anything more ridiculous. Everyone loses games. Leicester have won 16 games so far. Arsenal and Tottenham have won 15. Man City 14. Man United 13. And thats just at the top. It goes down….
          Why is it always Arsenal fans want to sack the manager after EVERY SINGLE loss. Get a bloody grip man

          1. but the problem is the manner of how we lose them, remember last season when Moyes’ Man U was losing to everyone? we drew one with them and they beat us in one, even Everton did beat them home and away. why dont we capitalise on anything that can push us to the title? only one answer, the team is lead by the specialist in failure

            I dont know what language Ranieri is using to motivate his players coz they seem to play their hearts out in every of their games, something Wenger has failed to do for many years now

            1. @admin an over reaction to what I said, but AW is a shadow of what he was. He is destroying his own legacy bit by bit. He has lost objectivity, believing that he is right regardless. Unless he snaps out of it the sooner he goes the better because all he does is damage to his legacy and the club. Arsenal needs to win to move forwards constantly to improve. It has fallen behind the likes of Barcelona and Bayern in recent years and I don’t think AW has the ability to take the club to that level anymore. The Knig is dead long live a new King.

              1. Hi Colin. This believing he is right regardless stuff. Does that apply to most of the people on here? The difference is that Wenger actually works a watches and trains with the players every single day. Don’t you think he is in a better position to know if Campbell tires after an hour or if flaming is more solid than coquelin at the moment? Don’t you think he may be on a better position to judge than someone on the other side of the world that watches highlight and think they know everything?

                  1. Well lets see, why did the crowd boo last night when Joel was hooked, dya think it was because he rubbish? No, it wasa bad ddecision. Did it loose us the game? Well it didn’t help coz lets be honest he was our best player om the night. btw we haven’t lost 3x in a row sinse 2010. So I’m glad you think Wenger knows what he is doing, coz 10+ years on I’m starting to have some pretty big doubts.

                  2. Then he needs to either get rid of players that are constantly under performing, (Walcott), stop playing players who are clearly past thier best, Arteta Flamini, Rosickey) and buy in strikers and the like to replace those who just are not talented enough, (Giroud and Wellbeck)
                    if its broken FIX IT!!! only the manager can do that he has the power and the means but point blank refuses to do so.There is a reason for this but he also point blank refuses to explain to the fans why even thoiugh its not working he wont do anything to fix it.
                    He;s the manager for christs sake Manage !!!!!

                    1. that’s my point @Ozzy AFC has his management of AFC been too long, it’s like we can no longer see the wood for the trees at Arsenal. What should the ambition of AFC be, fro some here it seems that they are content with carrying on with this stale mediocrity, or should we have the ambition to strive to be as good if not better than Barca and Bayern.

                    2. Walcott believed he was a striker and Wenger gave him his chance. It didn’t work out that’s life.

            1. @G-Rude Also please remember that Arsene’s great teams were filled with great players blessed with both technical ability and intelligence who have gone on to be great coaches in their own right. Arsene was never a good footballer or really a great coach, he allowed these brilliant guys to do their thing..

      2. @admin
        AW could win the treble 3 seasons in a row, and many on here would still want him sacked…Some on here just ain’t got no love for the “Frenchman”…

        1. @NY_Gunner the treble for three season 9 trophies dya think, dya really think we can do it? My favourite comment last night wasan email on Arsenal Player which promised if Danny scored twice he would do the humanly impossible and have Wlebz’s babies. At this moment in time I would just like to beat Spurs on Saturday. Sadly, that one heck of a tall order and you all damn well know it.

      3. Considering how Pochettino is lifting spuds up with little funds available, he’s got no reason to be sacked. Wenger has a shitton of money to spend, but doesn’t want to use it, he thinks business and profit for owners who in turn won’t fire him for bringing in profit. As a result, Wenger is a big factor to blame for the squads condition. We have players with chronic bad luck with injuries you say? Then why doesn’t Wenger replace them with players that doesn’t injure themselves for half a season, every season?

        All creds to wenger for keeping us inside top4 every year with a strict economy, but those days are over. We can spend, yet we dont. Do you think Pochettino would hold back if he had the funds for bringing in world class stars? Would he hesitate bringing in Griezmann or Vela back when Griezmann went to Atletico, and Real Sociedad bought out the buy-back clausule on Vela? Only Wenger would cash out on Vela when he had Real Sociedad in such a ballgrip. He’s pathetic.

  9. Wenger is abusing fans he should be charge for emotional abuse, the man is going all out his way to make sure that Arsenal lose e.g. Campbell substitution

  10. I spoke to a friend ‘An Arsenal Fan’ about Arsenal bad result so far and he said ‘He trust Wenger’ and that we will bounce back.

    Dude sounded so much like Wenger. I discontinue our conversation. That’s what Wenger has turned most of us into. We have been brainwashed for a long time and fail to see the truth. Life will go on after Wenger leaves. Sir Alex left manu’ Manu haven’t been the same but it’s only for a while. That’s what we need @ Arsenal.. Wenger should step down’ let’s struggle for a while and be better.

    1. The courage to Let go……….could go a long way in saving our beloved club

      I would Let wenger go in a Heartbeat……..i already did many years ago

    2. The big difference between wenger and ferguson leaving their clubs is that when ferguson left, manchester united lost the best manager in the world (still was at that point), whereas when wenger leaves, Arsenal will be freed from the shackles of a bad manager. He should’ve left the year before Ferguson. That way, RVP would maybe still be in Arsenal (keeping manu’s top scorer away from that season, not winning the league for them), and who knows how well (or bad, of course) we could have been doing now.

  11. I think you are right AW has to go. We sold football out in this country to rich Russian, American and any othe foreign oligarch who wanted a play thing, and AW has embraced that and run with it for his master. TV scheduling around the World and the money that brings matter to clubs now. Fans are customers, viewed as means of making more money from merchandise. The big problem for the EPL is that it’s not looking like the best league in the World anymore. Our clubs aren’t performing well in Europe. The Bundesliga and La Liga are becoming more even and popular with players and tv audiences. Time for a change in England (and Wales) we hope with fans once again having more say. I can dream…. viva la revolution

    1. Nice to know that Stan reads this wesite and cares to put a red thumb down, coz you have to be a serious sycophantic kiss a0se if you are happy that your football team is owned by someonenwho doesn’t give a damn apart from a business asset. At some point it wil stop giving the right return and pft he’ll be off and will take a sht load of our cash with him.

  12. Does wenger have no shame? Does he think that Arsenal fans are brainless? Does he think that Arsenal fans can be bluffed by a lot of mumbo-jumb? Let me tell you wenger your days are limited and the power of the fans will prove that. P45 for wenger!

  13. And its Aaaarr-sen-aaaaal… Arsenal… FC..
    By Far The Greatest Bottlers. .. The World has ever Seen!


  14. Diego Simeone, Diego Simeone, Diego Simeone is the man to take Arsenal forward,
    this is painful i cant take it, i cant even watch football shows cause i dont want to be reminded of how bad is Arsenal, God deliver us from Wenger

    1. That should be our prayer request from now hence forth


  15. ELeven green bottLes standing on the wall….make it 12 (bLack bottle)

    who’s in for a drink?

    Alot of teams come here for a sip…we flow with milk and honey

  16. OT:
    As much as I’d want to vent at the whole Arsenal team, manager or the board, I must voice my disappointment at the English fans out there. You guys are the ones who are holding the torch for all the Gooners worldwide. Being an Indian Gooner I find it baffling that there wasn’t even a single person in on the stands yesterday who held a banner demanding change even after the horror show at Trafford. They were all getting cosy and hoping that the team would show up. Then guess what they erupt outside the stadium after the loss. As a dedicated fan I can only ever hope to effect a change by using the social media but the fans in England should really use their advantage of being able to directly visit these games and demonstrate their vexation. I mean c’mon guys grow a pair and show the management that we are not pansies here getting whacked off our money and dreams for over decades now.

  17. “SPECIALSTIN FAILURE”..we felt bad at 1st coz it was coming from da mouth of mouhren but as bad as we hate him he had seen the reality b4 us..#THANX 4 DA MEMORIES AW# Dear spuds we are camng wd ua 3 points GK,no BOSS no mngr.!

  18. Wenger shows no passion look at klopps celebration after scoring against city and his animation along the line. Simeone has to be restrained on the line. hammers manager shows so much aggression, even Neville gets involved but do we have? The reverend mother!

  19. I am not an AKB but be fair, how on earth can you blame Wenger for this defeat.
    Is it his fault that both Swansea goals should have been disallowed?
    Is it his fault we hit the woodwork 3 times?
    Is it his fault that Czech got injured and misses the next couple of games?
    is it his fault that your darling Bellerin has forgotten how to make the final pass or cross?
    Looks like Davidnz is the only other fair minded fan on here.

    1. YES!!! it is his fault Bolly from Borehamwood
      He gets paid in excess of eight million a year to have alternatives when things go bad, to motivate players when the run of play is against them, to buy players who are capable and good enough to NOT hit the woodwork time and time again, to sell players who are off form and who fail to deliver on thier promised talent, in effect TO MANAGE the team.
      Giroud misses more than he hits, Walcott has NEVER delivered his expected talent, Welbeck will NEVER be the striker to score 20 goals a season Coqellin will NOT go a whole season injury or suspension free, Sanchez and Ozil WILL have down period during the season, all teams have these problems to a greater or lesser degree but most of the top teams will address these problems and players either inprove or are sold and replaced with better or at least more consistant players, NOT Wenger he keeps doing the same thing over and over with the same players and he expects a different result but gets the same outvome time and time again, yet its ALWAYS someone else’s fault be it the Ref or the linesman or the opposition or bad luck or whatever and whoever and its NEVER the fact that HE has done nothing to change the situation and LOOKS LIKELY to not change it next time around.
      who else can be blamed?? .

  20. lord banter, just to let you know why no banners are shown, its because they are banned and you get ejected if caught. We cannot even fly the cross of St George for effs sake!

  21. Wenger, I can’t shout oooooo.
    Would you prefer to end up more of an enemy than a friend to Arsenal FC?
    If not, please leave, with the little respect and honour, if any that you command.
    And please when you do leave, remember to go with your unambitious lots – Ramsey, Thoe, Gibbs, Flamini, Arterta, and other dead woods you nurture at our belove club. Thanks for your achievements at the club but they all have been subdued with your failures of recent times.
    Sleepy Arsene.

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