No More Red is a positive Arsenal initiative to increase awareness

Arsenal will wear a one-off all white kit this Sunday to help spread awareness of knife crime and youth violence in London, as part of the club’s ‘No More Red’ initiative along with Adidas.

It comes after last week’s haunting figures from 2021 that there was a record 30 teenage knife crime fatalities in England’s Capital City.

Approx. 10,000 knife crimes were reported last year in England.

Due to natural concern about COVID it’s easy for these figures to be overlooked.

Arsenal’s timing makes sense, choosing early in a brand-new Year to put a spotlight on the cause.

Wherever you live, you should never have to accept having to grow up not feeling safe.

It’s embarrassing for my country to need to have this kind of scheme in place, but credit to Arsenal for trying something.

This is not a marketing ploy; you won’t be able to buy these shirts. Instead it’s to encourage conversation. If one youngster asks why the Gunners have removed red from their kit this weekend, and that prompts that person being educated, then the campaign has been a success.

If it brings awareness on the safe spaces and mentorship schemes Arsenal have invested in within the Community, that could also be beneficial to a youngster’s life.

Through academy graduates Saka and Smith Rowe to legends like Ian Wright, Arsenal have role models who prove with the correct support your dreams can come true.

‘No More Red’ work goes beyond the sport though, they have set up opportunities for youngsters in the music and art industry as well.

The 10 outfield shirts will be donated to other charities and organisers dedicated to making London a safer place.

We can’t solve this issue overnight, but if this helps one young person, then it’s been a weekend of positive work.

Dan Smith


  1. Many teenagers wanted to be doctors and engineers in the past, but today many of them want to be gangsters, rappers and footballers. Nowadays many people want to be feared and to get rich fast by all means necessary, be it with guns in the US or with knives in the UK

  2. Ther is a school of thought to which many , though not me , belong , which says that sport should be avbovde poliical and social matters and should ignore all such matters .I say thank goodness that more and more footballers from Rashford, Sterling and many, many others have fronted up on all sorts of social and politicallyimportant matters and nailed their colours to the mast of standing up for what is right and proper.
    It is vital to recognise that important life matters which affect all of us, either directly or indirectly, are far more VITAL than ANY mere football match or football club.

    I personally rejoice that this welcome trend is increasing quickly and will go on doing so. Whatever our work role in life , first and foremost we are citizens and human beings and should get our life priorities in good order.

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